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Title: Season finale.

6:35 pm.

Rogue searched inside the first cabinet, among the cereal boxes and syrup bottles, but nothing. The second one was filled with more cornflakes; it was like every person in the house had his own personal favourite cereal, because there were at least ten boxes there.

"Ah can't believe it" she grumbled, rummaging through the items in another cabinet.

"Y' missed somethin', chere?" she suddenly heard his voice; as usual, the swamp rat had just appeared out of nowhere.

"Well, yeah," she slammed the cabinet's door shut to meet his face; there was a grin on it, and a package of popcorn in his hands. She wasn't done narrowing her eyes at him, when he was already dropping the last few pieces inside his mouth: "Excuse me, sir: that was MAH popcorn."

"Really? I didn't see yer name on it" he said, checking every side of the yellow and blue bag.

Fists on her hips, she shot back: "Didn't we all agree, last week, that we wouldn't take stuff from the kitchen if we didn't buy it?"

"Desolé" he placed a hand on his heart: "Guess it's Remy's ol' habits of just… takin' what he wants." He said this last sentence so close to her ear, in such a low, charming voice, that it almost made her shiver.

"Well, yah better keep those habits of yours away from mah things" she moved away: "Now I've gotta go out and get mahself some more, thanks to yah."

"But why's popcorn so important t'day, hein? Anythin' good on the TV?" he crumpled the bag.

"Actually, yeah." He stared at her waiting for an answer; she sighed, wondering if those eyes of him were manipulating her into speaking, without her knowing: "It's Lost's season finale."

"Ah, oui, dose people wanderin' around some island, right?"

"They're not just wanderin' around, they're…" For a moment she thought about giving him a little lecture about the series, but that'd take too long and she only had an hour and a half to go get some popcorn, make herself comfortable and enjoy the best two hours of the whole year; well, that, and a movie she was dying to see that would be open in May. Damn: May! It was too long 'til then. "It doesn't matter, yah wouldn't understand."

"Ah, non? Come on chere, try me. We can watch it together, how 'bout dat?"

"Ah don't think so; yah gotta watch it from the very beginnin' to really figure it out, an'…" she glimpsed at the clock in the wall; it was getting late: "Anyway, bye."

She exited the kitchen right then, leaving Remy there, his back rested against the silver fridge and his brow raised in a mischievous way.


7:42 pm.

"Finally…" she sighed, letting herself fall on her bed, a big bowl of popcorn resting between her arms like a baby. She had her pyjamas on, her beloved popcorn, a lemon tea glass and her TV. Pressing the on button, she waited until the image would appear.

But it didn't.

"What the heck?" she changed channels, turned it off and on again, but it didn't work; the screen was orange, and no matter how many cables she moved or how much she complained, it just didn't get any better.

Tossing the TV control against a corner of the room, she had no choice but putting her gloves on and grabbing her popcorn.


7:46 pm.

Making her way down the stairs, she got to the lounge; there was a huge TV right there, but where else would a thirteen years old kid want to play some video game, if not in the biggest TV in the house?

"Hey, Jamie, listen…" she hinted, sitting besides him on the couch. Of course he didn't even look at her; he was too busy for that, so he only raised his brows and kept playing: "All right, Ah'll give yah ten bucks if yah lend me the TV for a while."

The kid shook his head, his shoulders moving from side to side like the gun shots in the game were to come out of the screen and reach him:

"Okay" Rogue insisted: "How 'bout twenty?"

"I can't… go, go, go!" he only mumbled, still hypnotized.

Rogue took a deep breathe, trying to dismiss those evil thoughts about absorbing his little geek's mind for a while, so he'd go to sleep earlier than expected and she could use the TV.


7:51 pm

"Yes?!" Kitty's face appeared through the door: "Oh, hi Rogue! It's so cool that you come up, you know, I'm just starting to watch Lindsay Lohan's new movie, have you seen it? I bet you haven't; you totally have to, it's really, really cool! Come in!!"

"Hi, eh, thanks but Ah came to ask yah a little favour."

"Oh, okay! Tell me, but hurry up, I invited some girlfriends and we've got like a pyjama party going on."

"Really?" Rogue's face fell: "Well… don't worry, Ah'll talk to yah tomorrow."

"You sure?"

"Actually, Ah…"

"Okay, bye!" Kitty disappeared behind the door, living a frustrated Rogue on the other side.

7:55 pm.

The living room was crowded, and everyone who was older than 18 was making a circle around the TV. It seemed there were some important news about the mutant issues.

"Hey…" Rogue tried to make her voice heard, but she only received a Shhhhh… as an answer.

"Aghh, never mind."


7:57 pm.

As she went up the stairs again, she could almost hear the hands of some imaginary clock inside her head, counting the seconds with malevolent quickness. This is the last thing she'd have wanted to do, but desperate times call for desperate measures, right? So she walked down the hallway, still holding her popcorn and trying to coat herself with all the dignity she could find.

She sighed before knocking on the door, and waited a few seconds until it was open and a Cajun and puzzled face appeared.

"Cherie?! How come y' come visit dis Cajun's humble place?"

"Hello" she narrowed her eyes and saying no more, walked in.

Remy shrugged in contentment and watched her making her way towards his bed and sitting on it in Indian position.

"Can I ask what did I possibly do so well, to deserve dis? An' in pyjamas! Guess dis be my lucky day."

"Yah deserve nothin' so far, sugah. Yah watchin' this?" she pointed at the TV with the control.

"Non, I was just zappin'."

"Good, 'cause mah TV's screwed for some reason, an' Ah came here not 'cause Ah wanted to, but 'cause the other TVs are busy…" She'd seen cocky expressions in his face, but this was too much: "What?"

"Y' wanted Remy's company chere, accept it."

"Nah, Ah wanted to watch mah… see, it's 'bout to begin. Hey, if yah've got to get out or somethin', don't worry, Ah'll be fine; Ah won't touch anythin'."

"An' to miss sharin' my bed with y'?" he let himself fall on the bed, causing some popcorns to fall out of the bowl.

"We're not sharin' any bed, we're just watchin' TV, all right? Oh mah Gawd, here it comes."

"Who's dat?"



2:15 am.

She had that strange sensation you have when you've just got conscience of yourself after you've been seeping, and you kinda think you're in your bedroom, in your bed, as usual. But then you open your eyes and nothing is where it's supposed to be: neither the door, or the windows or closet or anything, and then you panic for a second and wonder where the hell you are.

But what Rogue saw wasn't only a different bedroom: it was Remy's face, only a few inches from hers.

"Aaaahhh!!" she yelled, and jumped off the bed immediately. "What're yah doin' here?! What… am Ah doin' here…?"

"Uh?" he opened his eyes lazily: "Dieu chere, y' could wake up the entire house with dat."

"Gawd, Ah can't believe Ah fell asleep here! Why didn't yah wake me up?"

"Fell asleep too…" he mumbled, stretching his nicely built arms.

"Ah gotta get outta here."

"I think last week we all agreed t' accept de Wolverine's curfew, didn't we? Midniiii…" he yawned with no regrets: "Midnight. Right?"

After a few moments of considering her situation, she sighed:


"But don't worry, cherie: my bed is yer bed. Now get back t' sleep."

"All right" she rolled her eyes, lying again besides him: "But Ah don't want your dirty thoughts inside mah head, so move away a little."


6: 50 pm (7 hours and 25 minutes earlier.)

"Do you have it? Do you, do you?" Jamie's pleading eyes looked up at Remy.

"BIen sûr" he nodded, handing the kid the newest video game he was dying to have. His eyes widened and sparkled when he had it between his hands, like some kind of ray lights were striking his face.

"Wow… thank you! How much is it? Was it too expensive?"

"Non, don't worry 'bout it." Scott will, when he sees his credit card bill: "But if I were y', I'd use the biggest TV in de house, y' know, de one in the lounge."

"Yeah!" the kid shrieked and left running.


6:58 pm (7 hours and 17 minutes earlier.)

"Oh… my… God…! You totally rock!!" Kitty screamed in excitement, when Remy handed her the CD. "But wait, the movie is not yet in the cinema; isn't this, like… a pirate CD? You could, like, go to jail for this or something."

"Ah, so y' don't want it?" Moi, goin' t' jail? Dat's funny.

"No, no!" she hugged the small box: "Of course I do. Thanks!!"


7:08 pm (7 hours and 7 minutes earlier.)

With the tip of his finger, Remy charged one of the sockets in the back part of the TV; it turned red and exploded a few moments later. Then, he plugged the wire back on and turned the TV on: an orange screen was everything that could be seen.

"Bien" he grinned to himself, exiting Rogue's bedroom: "Dat should do it."

END (of the first one shot)

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