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Title: What would Remy do?

Remy enters Rogue's bedroom without knocking first. Usually this would result in a shoe, pillow, or any other object at hand being thrown in his direction, but tonight, let's say she's not exactly in the mood for that. Probably didn't even notice he was gone for some moments.

"Remy's back, missed 'im?"

He places the things on the nightstand, making room among the books and other stuff there.

"What y' say there? Course Remy missed y' too, he miss y' all the time we're apart."

He sits in the other side of the bed, while on this side, she's lying on her stomach looking like hell.

"No Gatorade in the house, sorry 'bout that" he starts to pour water from a bottle into a glass: "They must have finished it off after today's training. Ridicule, I know. Work out? Not what it was made for. Drunkenness and hangovers? Now we're talking."

She grunts something similar to a word and shifts a bit.

"Allons cherie, gotta drink some of this."

She finally opens up her eyes and sees him from the other side of a mess of auburn and white hair.


"Gotta dilute all of that alcohol that's rushing inside that pretty lil' body of yours, tu sais?"

"Hm?" She rolls over and attempts to tame her hair. In vain.

"Bon, let Remy help y' up."

Even though he pulls her up gently, the sudden change makes everything around (and inside) of her, twist like a pretzel.

"Gawd, what the… Ah don't want that, Ah want the other thing Ah had, what did yah do with it?"

"The other thing is history, chere, y' drank it all, remember?"

"Allons, have some." He passes the glass and she hesitates but then finally takes a sip. Then another one. It feels fresh and cold, while her body is warm and swarming.

"See? Wasn't so bad. Maybe not the best remedy but it helps, I'd know. Non, non, non, cherie, y' gotta keep drinking more of it!"

She puts the glass away, on the other nightstand, and turns back to see him. It's true that alcohol sends inhibitions down the drain.

"Rem…" She has always wanted to touch his face, there: jaw and cheek, all rough because of the stubble. She loves that.

"Oui?" He places his hand on hers and then, a kiss on her palm. All right, this wasn't common at all. But he was sure glad. "Got anything to say to Remy?"

She smiles widely, losing herself in one of those dizziness waves again, for few seconds.

"Why the fuck do yah have to talk like that? Remy this, Remy that, what's that for?"

"Well cherie, the thing's that-"

"Ah really like yah though."

"Can't blame y', Remy's irresistible and I think we all know that." She laughed again. He was holding her hand between his: "I like y' too cherie, y' know that, maybe 'cause I've told y' 'bout a dozen times. I like y', a lot." A kiss in the back of her hand, while her eyes gleamed all the way.

"Good". Then, out of the blue, she leaned in and kissed him.

He had imagined this moment many times, been close to it quite a few as well, but she'd always pull away. Now it was here, her lips on and between his, just like it should have always been.

And boy, was this night full of surprises for Gambit.

She started to get closer, way closer. Next thing he knew, she was on top of him.

"Hey chere, what y' doing?"

She stopped to think for a moment, then giggled:

"Ah have no idea! But Ah like it."

"Oui, me too." Why was his luck so shitty? Of all of the nights in the world, nights and days, of all of the ways this could have happened, why like this? Willpower, focus, come on. He knew what he had to do. "But Remy think it'd be best if we leave this for 'nother day, when y're not, y' know, wasted?"

"Ah'm not wasted, don't be stupid."

It was a monumental task, to push away the woman he wanted to stay glued to for the next couple of centuries and more. To reject these kisses and the way her body felt on his… no, it was ridiculous. But anything else would be just unthinkable. He couldn't… could he? No. He didn't just like her, he… loved her?

He did. He knew it. He just had never put it into words inside his head and right now he saw it clearer than ever.

"Listen, listen cherie, hein? Look at me" he cupped her face between his hands: "As much as I'd love to…" he swallowed hard when taking a glimpse down at her: "…continue, and trust me, I'd not only just love to, I'd be more than thrilled, y' don't know how I'm struggling here, mais, thing is: don't want y' to regret this later on. Don't want y' to feel bad about it when y're back to your senses, 'kay? Also, wouldn't want y' having no memory of such an amazing experience, y' know?" he winked at her.

"Ah…" she started speaking, but for a second there it looked like she forgot what she was going to say. Then, she seemed to remember: "Ah've never done it. Ah mean, sex. Ah've never done it. Made it. Had it?"

"I figured cherie, and there y' have it, yet more reasons to take it easy today, and pick it up right where we left it, when y're sober, that sound good?"



"All right".

"'Kay. Now it'd be good if y' maybe get off, 'cause otherwise it gonna be really hard… to stop ourselves."

At last, she pretty much let herself fall to the side, then hugged a pillow.

"Mon Dieu!" he jumped out of the bed: "Why y' have to make poor ol' Remy go through this torture, Rogue?" He took a well needed large gulp directly from the water bottle. Next, pulled a chair closer and sat there; it was safer that way. "I tell y', not fair at all. First y' make Remy fall in love with y' like a lil' kid, then y' don't want him around, and when y' finally want him around, y'… y' make him think with his brain for once, and not with his-"

She rolled over again, facing him now.

"Mais non. It wasn't my brain." He approached to her ear and whispered: "'Twas Remy's heart. What? Yeah, that's an actual thing, it exists, believe it or not."

He stayed there staring at her for a while, partly because he just liked to but also because he wanted to be sure she wouldn't suddenly throw up and choke to death.

"Hey, where y' going?"

"Bathroom" she literally crawled out of bed.

Remy lies back on the chair and rests his feet on the bed. And of course he'd want to pick it up where they left it the next day if possible, but even dreaming of it would be unrealistic. But he doesn't complain: now he knows (for sure) she has feelings for him as well, all it'll take is a little more work here and there so they could get to that part for real. He wouldn't tell her about this little incident, though; he leaves that to her currently alcohol soaked memory and what it decides to keep or not.

Then he hears the bathroom's door opening up.

"Y' should have some more watlord have mercy!" The air around became so dense he had to take a deep breath, because, fuck his life, she was in a black bra and black panties.

However, she didn't pay attention to him at all, just taking irregular steps towards the closet area. She stumbled against something and was about to fall, so…

"Watch it there, cherie! Got y'."

"Ah thought my PJs were in there but they're not, now Ah can't find them, have yah seen them?"

"Non, not really, I don't think y' need them, NO, OUI, y' need them, let's find them, here? Alright, this one? Non? 'kay, mon Dieu chere, why y' do this to a poor soul? This one? Merde!"

Like a tree that's just been chopped, she starts falling to the side. He holds her again while she laughs her head off:

"Ah just think… everything's really bright."

"Oui, bright." She doesn't seem capable to stay standing right now, so he manages to reach for the first piece of clothing that was hanging out of the closet, then carries her up. "Ah'm telling y' chere, y'r testing Remy in a very mean way-"

He lays her on the bed again but the closeness, all of that exposed, perfect skin and the way she looks at him are too much for him to pull away. Another kiss, she wraps her arms around his neck and for a second, he forgets everything, he's about to grab her by that waist he's already memorized, when…

"Dieu, gimme the strength, Rogue, this ain't no good idea."

"Ah want mah PJs."

"OUI, PJs, see, that's a good idea." It's no difficult business to free himself from her grasp (that sentence didn't even make sense in his mind) as she just goes sort of limp and just lets herself fall on the pillows. "Got y' this."

"Those aren't mah PJs."

"Not important chere, just wear it, allons".

Usually, he liked to collaborate in the undressing part, not in the opposite thing, but who's not to say with Rogue everything has been and is different. So he wouldn't know how, but he manages to help her put that t-shirt on.

"Don't know if y' agree, cherie" he says, once she's at least half dressed: "But Remy thinks he deserve a Nobel for this."

She's all tucked in and covered with a blanket now. It's almost getting clear out there, so he lets himself fall on the chair again.

No, he can't tell her about this; she'd be too embarrassed. At least not right then, maybe later on when they're already… together, whatever that is? Yeah, but for now, she's passed out and he's gulping down what's left of water.

It would look really bad if someone in the mansion realized he spent the night in a drunken girl's bedroom. But it didn't matter. What matters is what really happened.


NOTE: Hi guys! This one shot suddenly came to my head last night. Now, I do know that in this Bedtime Stories series there's another one in which Rogue's drunk too. I don't mean to say she's an alcoholic (neither am I, lol). I just wondered why I have come up with several stories that explore this, and I think it's because I like the idea of the things that could happen to her and Gambit in this situation. And another thing: I hope Remy didn't say anything that could be considered an a-hole thing to say; I hope not, I just wanted to put it kind of from his point of view and like all the things he could think in this situation, in a realistic way. Also, I wanted to show how our dear Remy would react to this, like, being a gentleman, right? Being a man, because this is what a real man would do. Anyways! Thanks for reading and please tell me what you guys think of this! Have a nice week, too :-)