Her eyes burn. She can barely focus on her work and yet she is too exhilarated, too wired, to even attempt going to sleep. She can feel the familiar hunger deep down in her stomach, pleading for food it will not receive for probably a few more hours and she is light-headed. Her surroundings are surreal, otherworldly. She is dreaming while she is awake.

She runs her tongue over her lips and brushes a strand of hair behind her left ear.

The pen on the tabletop in front of her blurs into an unrecognisable object. Frowning, she lowers her hand, picks it up. After a few seconds, she forgets that she's holding it.

Mac is in the doorway and the scent of coffee is strong.

"Coffee?" he smiles, entering and holding out a cup.

She nods and takes it gratefully, dropping the pen in the process. "Thanks."

"How long have you been here? Have you slept?"

"Aren't those my questions?"

"Not today."

She sighs. "Okay, fine. I'll be out of here to get some sleep in a few minutes." She knows when it's time to give up and take a break. By the time a few minutes have passed, she'll be ready to throw it all in. Her lack of concentration has been astounding, even for a sleepless night of paperwork. And with Mac around now...

Mac tilts his head, studies her. He allows a soft smile to surface once again. "I'll hold you to that. Sleep well."

"I will," she replies. "I most definitely will."