A Perfect Moment

He takes her hand in his and leads her out to the dance floor without speaking a word. Her hand is soft against his rougher skin and he smiles. The moment is perfect.

When they've found an empty space to stand in, he reluctantly releases her hand to place his hands on her waist. He is gentle and exact and doesn't fumble, even as his heart speeds up and beats furiously against his chest.

He can't stop the grin that appears when she wraps her arms around his neck in response and fingers the short hair there. It feels so right. He buries his head in the crook of her neck, inhaling the scent of her hair. Flowers.

His senses are on alert for the entirety of the song, soft and almost magical to his ears, and then it's all ending and he's pulling back and his eyes are meeting hers.

What he sees in her eyes sends a warm shiver through his body. It's the same look of love that is in his expression.

He silently lowers his head to hers and kisses her. She is smiling back at him when it's over and he is suddenly floating. He isn't scared to realise he doesn't ever want to feel the ground beneath his feet again. He wants the moment to last.