Sadly, the end is here my friends…This is the final chapter of Sewn and I feel it has been a good run. I am really proud of this story and I hope you all have enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it! So, without further adieu:

Love You Too - The Beatles (George Harrison - I know it doesn't fit all together perfectly, but I love this song and I think it's a good ending note - listen to it!)

Each day just goes so fast
I turn around, it's past
You don't get time to hang a sign on me

Love me while you can
Or I'll get a plan

A lifetime is so short
A new one can't be bought
But what you've got means such a lot to me

Make love all day long
Make love singing songs

Make love all day long
Make love singing songs

There's people standing round
Who screw you in the ground
They'll fill you in with all the things you see

I'll make love to you
If you want me to

There have been many moments in her life where Bella felt truly alive – but all those moments, Bella realized as she looked back over them, happened with Edward around. It was true that there had been moments with her father that had been truly wonderful – but Edward made her heart pound in a way that made her feel like she was more alive than ever – like a newborn's heart, beating for the first time, hard and fast.

Edward's hands, Edward's smile, Edward's laugh, Edward's skin in sunlight, Edward's gaze on her – and all these things were only the tip of the iceberg of a long list of things that made her blood flow swift through her veins, made her head feel light, made her weak-kneed.

He celebrated her existence with every movement of his body – as if he were made for that purpose, with every word that fell from his lips – as if every lesson of the English language, every book he'd ever read was a preparation for just that purpose. And he loved every moment of it. He loved her.

There were many moments in his life that Edward felt like quitting – quitting his pursuits, quitting his family, quitting…life – and all those moments existed in succession when he thought he would never see Bella again.

There had been times, after the Cullens had been removed to Castle Hale, no, not just times, but a constancy in which he had felt so black inside, so depressed – as if his life were nothing without the angel there beside him. It became apparent, every single one of those days – spent in self-induced solitary confinement, brooding – that he had forged an attachment with a girl – a girl that he had known since childhood and, most assuredly, had loved just as long. He had made an attachment with Bella, the two of them together – exchanges of lips, of words, of love, of soul…

There could never be woman to replace her, there could never be a mend to his heart except for Bella in his life – and oh what a depressing thought! To think that he would never be free ever for the rest of his life! He would never see Bella again! Or so he had believed in those days – so he had been assured of by the very existence he was eking out in the Castle Hale – and then…

He had sworn himself to heaven the moment his eyes had taken in her form again after all those years in that garden courtyard outside his old home – he had sworn that he would never let her outside of his life again – he finally had her back, he could finally breath again!

And so much had happened since then! So much pain, torment – suffering! Mind, body, soul all twisted and set to bleeding – yet it had finally come, the day had finally come that all blackness was vanquished and he had her for his own:

His wife: Bella Cullen. She loved him.

What else can be told? What else need be said? Let lovers live in their own peace, as Princess Bella Swan – now Queen Bella Cullen and her husband and lover King Edward Cullen now live. Theirs was a story of torment, tragedy, and pain, but now is one of love, happiness, and eternal light. Let no more tears be shed for they are the happy ones, set to live out their life forever in peace and love. Let them to it, for they have suffered enough.

As for the other players of this story, all had their own happy ending – King Jasper and his wife Queen Alice life in their own castle near their friends and family, King Emmett and Queen Rosalie the same. King Carlisle and his wife, Esme, retired back to their old home to live the rest of their lives in happiness, surrounded by their family. The Hales, too, saw their own happiness finally established. All kingdoms rejoiced the benifecence of such a noble family as the Cullens and it is forever to be known that their story is one for the ages. Thank you, noble listeners – this tale has been unfolded and you now hold the pieces – do with their story as you may, but never forget – there was never a love so pure, so innocent as that of Princess Bella and her Edward.


Well….what did you think? I'm sorry for ending the story, but there is nothing more to be told – and I am not one to string a story along. The ending was meant to be sweet and sure – you know the heroes have their loves and their lives, what more can be said? I did not want to mar the story with useless dribble. So, that is all and thank you for reading! Cheers and review!!!