Step out the door and it feels like rain

That's the sound, that's the sound,

On your windowpane.

"All Fall Down" by One Republic

She can hear the gentle spatter of rain on her windowpane. Every drop echoes through her mind, sharp and metallic and at the same time so very fragile. If she closes her eyes, she can picture each droplet of water on its journey down the glass. She has always loved rain at night.

She pushes back the covers, slides out of bed and makes her way across the darkened room to the window. There, she peers out and lets her thoughts wander.

She recalls her day at work and House's latest attempt to kill a patient – or rather to save his life as it had fortunately for everyone involved turned out.

She remembers that she has a meeting the next day with Dr Wilson, regarding the well being of one of his patients.

She wonders if her dreams will ever come true – that one day she'll have someone to come home to and talk to about all that is running through her mind.

Each time she has that dream, the guy remains faceless. House as in reality always seems to appear before she can get too far in, almost as if he's interrupting her on purpose. She suspects sometimes that he is.

Only once did she dream that it was House who she would spend the rest of her life with and she later convinced herself it was because she'd gotten drunk the night before.

Regardless, she watches the rain fall outside her window and wishes she's not alone. Only the new light of tomorrow will tell her what's in store for her.