Three Little Words

Outside the walls of Cuddy's office, time moved on as usual. Doctors and nurses alike bustled about on their usual duties. Patients flood the waiting rooms, some crying and some celebrating after receiving undoubtedly good news.

Inside her office however, it was an entirely different story.


Dr Gregory House was in her office.

While that in itself was nothing out of the ordinary, the words he had just spoken were as foreign to her as could be. She had heard those words many times before, but coming from him… She wasn't sure if he was being truthful or if he was just yanking her chain to see what she would do. Maybe he was high.

She sure as hell knew that those three little words had never before affected her so. Her stomach felt light, time had ceased to exist and she had a sudden urge to grin, an urge which she buried before she could make a fool of herself.

Instead, she took the safer path. "Excuse me?" It was as if that simple question started everything up again. Time moved on to catch up, if not with the world outside, then to the simple existence of herself and House in her office.

House shrugged and repeated himself.

Cuddy's heart skipped a beat. "Say that again. I'm not sure I heard you right. No. I'm not sure you heard you right. Are you high?"

An eye roll and a mock hurt expression was her response.

"No, really," she said. "House –"

He stepped forward, silencing her with a look. "I'm not going to say this again so you'd better listen up; borrow some ears or something."

Cuddy smirked. "In that case, give me a minute and I'll find a tape recorder."

Leering appreciatively at her comment, House went on. "I," he said, dragging the letter out, "like you."

Yup. She had heard him right the first two times. Damn.

She swallowed, suddenly unsure about herself, and turned to gaze out the window before looking back at him. "House, I –"

"You know where to find me," he cut in. "When you're ready…"

Without another word he was gone, leaving Cuddy to stare after him in disbelief.

Cuddy pulled her arms around her chest and sighed.

It had taken three little words for House to turn her life upside down. And for several minutes the world had dissolved into nothing.