Ah, god. Yes.

Hot, heat. Sweaty bodies sliding against each other. She loved him, she trusted him. She knew that Sado would never do anything to cause her pain. Ahh, but this wasn't pain. This was pleasure. Mind-clouding, soul-breaking, lustful pleasure. Her body arched into his, feeling his hands close around her modest breasts. They were large, when compared to some people, but they were still barely a handful for him. His thumbs swirled around her nipples, and she gasped, head falling back.

Ahn. Ahn, ah, god, god. He's huge. Too big for her. Ripping her apart from the inside. But he's fucking perfect, hard only for her. Wanting only her.

Karin bites back a scream.

Fuck yes.


I just, I was really worked up one night, okay? And I had to write something hot and dirty and just really fucking porntastic. I think I may have a fetish for tall guys stemming out of my psychological need to be taller myself, because my very tall dad always mocks me about being such a shrimp. Or maybe I just like feeling small and protected. Ehn, but enough about my psyche. Review! Or so help me god I will make a sequel featuring Jinta and Yuzu.

Augh, must not want.