Always and Forever -Later-

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The sweet scent of lilies permeated the air of the small shire, as the priest quietly spoke words over the couple before him. Only a select few had been requested to join them for this ceremony, one usually reserved for immediate family, but Ichigo had been adamant, for Orihime's sake, that their close friends be present to stand in for her family.

It was their special day and he didn't want anything to distract her from their happiness for even a moment. So Tatsuki, who was closer than a sister to Orihime and one of Ichigo's oldest friends, along with Chad, and his quiet unfailing support, attended.

Rukia and Renji were there as well, Rukia's slightly rounded stomach testament to her happily married status to Renji. They both watched the proceedings with the slightly superior smiles of ones who had already passed this juncture.

Even Uryuu had consented to be here, although he had sniffed disdainfully at Ichigo when he had made the request before turning to Orihime and bowing, telling her that he would be honored. …Smug bastard.

Also, observing nearby was Ichigo's father, Isshin, who had an exultant grin plastered on his face and his two sisters Karin and Yuzu, who had their work cut out for them restraining their father.

Flexing his shoulders, he drew his attention back to the ceremony, Ichigo was thankful that she had chosen to have a predominately traditional wedding… even if he didn't care for his clothes. Looking down at the black haori and the striped hakama…but, they were his father's wedding clothes and Isshin was pleased that Ichigo had agreed to wear them.

Turning his head slightly, he could see his Dad, rocking on the balls of his feet, still beaming proudly off to the side. Rolling his eyes, his family had been ecstatic when they had announced their engagement, almost … relieved.

Glancing back at his beautiful bride, he was stunned anew by how exquisite she looked in her pure white kimono, how it draped her curvaceous body to perfection, her silky mass of russet hair piled on top of her head and secured with golden combs, along with her flower hair pins, in place as always.

…She looked like a princess, growling low in his throat…his princess. Openly admiring her, Ichigo almost missed his cue to speak his words of commitment; flushing slightly… he had already let his mind drift during the purification…

Caught off guard, he stammered out "Hai, Chikaimasu". Gazing down into Orihime's laughing eyes, inwardly groaning… she knew him so well. She would be sure to tease him later for not paying attention… during their wedding of all times.

Barely containing her laughter… and he picks on me for daydreaming, Orihime smiled softly as she looked up into his deep brown eyes… eyes that clearly expressed his chagrin that he had been caught woolgathering. Her smile widened as she listened intently as the priest recited her vows.

Orihime, do you marry this man and become his partner.

Will you in peaceful times and through sickness,

Love this person… respect this person… comfort this person

Help this person until death… do you so promise to fulfill?

She gazed up at Ichigo, beaming brightly, her eyes clearly expressing her love and devotion. She fervently stated "Hai, Chikaimasu." He smiled down at her, his own eyes returning her promise of love and constant devotion.

Someone clearing their throat nearby had them both swinging their gazes to the priest, blushing when he raised a brow as he observed the two of them patiently. The rings- Orihime's eyes snapped to Ichigo's in dismay… did he have them… ahh…his eyes were telling her he didn't have them either.

Renji stepped up quietly and handed a small paper crane bearing the rings to the priest, blowing out a relieved breath, Ichigo sent a grateful nod in his direction, only to roll his eyes when Renji sent back a smug superior smirk.

Speaking words of blessing over the rings, the priest handed the smaller of the two to Ichigo. He lifted Orihime's left hand in his and gently slipped the delicate gold band on her finger until it was seated next to her sparkling engagement ring.

Sighing softly, she let herself sink into memories… memories of… Ichigo walking her home after his family's Christmas party, a light snow falling gently to earth. He had teased her for childishly playing in the fresh powder, before pulling her to a stop under a heavily snow laden tree, his muscled body pressing her smaller frame against the trunk. Lightly kissing her, taking his time nibbling on her lips, Ichigo had pulled back, his eyes serious, and asked her to marry him.

After pinching herself…hard, she had given him an ecstatic 'yes'. He had pulled off her glove and tenderly slipped on that beautiful ring. His following kisses were no longer light and teasing but forceful… possessive… masterful, hot enough to melt the surround snow… it surprised her that by morning there was any snow left at all.

Ichigo squeezing the tips of her fingers brought her back to awareness, chewing on her lip; she lifted her dazed eyes to meet his. He grinned unrepentantly down at her… easily reading her mind, Orihime blushed slightly… he knew her so well.

Shaking those thoughts from her mind, she turned to the priest and took the second ring from him, taking Ichigo's warm callused hand in her; she slid the matching gold band on his finger, caressing the palm of his hand with her fingertips as she did so.

Grin fading, Ichigo watched her intently, his eyes heating as she pulled her hands away. Facing forward, a small secret smile gracing her lips, Orihime watched Ichigo out of the corner of her eye, a shiver running through her at his slightly predatory expression …so, he knew she was watching him. Lightly running the tip of her tongue over the fullness of her bottom lip, testing him… teasing him.

His quiet chuckle made her smile as did his strong warm fingers threading through hers, squeezing her hand, he leaned towards her "Minx" he whispered as he faced the priest, an arrogant grin on his face.

The two then made ceremonial offerings of twigs to kami and after that a young miko held out a lacquered tray bearing the traditional San San Ku Do, or sake toasting ceremony. Picking up the first cup, Ichigo took the required three sips before holding it up to Orihime's lips. She lifted her hands and gently turned the cup so she would be able to lay her lips at the same spot his had recently touched. Smiling down at her while she took her sips, his eyes softened; after all this time he still felt undeserving of the profound love she had for him.

Placing the cup back on the tray, he lifted the second, repeating the process, including Orihime turning the cup, and then taking the third and final cup, Ichigo took his three sips and turned the cup on his own before offering it to his brightly smiling bride. Shaking his head at her, she sipped her sake and smiled up at him in a self-satisfied manner as he replaced the cup on the tray.

Other miko priestesses approached his family and their friends with similar trays bearing cups of sake for the toast to include them all… a joining, not only of the couple but two families. Well, in their case, Ichigo thought, scowling as he looked over the group …maybe not.

"You may take your bride." Ichigo looked up at those words, glancing at the priest, he saw him nod meaningfully at Orihime before stepping back.

Grinning wickedly down at her, he arched a brow "He said that I get to take you." Taking her small hands in his, Ichigo pulled her close.

Laughing gaily, she smiled up at him "Later… now you just get to kiss me." Orihime scolded him, as she waited for her first kiss from her new husband.

Uncomfortable under the press of so many eyes, Ichigo lightly brushed their lips together, shaking his head at her pout, his eyes promised more… later.

Ichigo stood alone in a small room down the hall from where their reception would be held, Renji, Chad, and Uryuu's voices carrying clearly through the open door. He knew he could join them while he waited for Orihime to change, but Ichigo savored the quiet for the time being. He contemplated the incomprehensible love she had for him, while deep inside he asked the same question that always plagued him.

"You holding up alright?"

Looking up to see his dad walk in through the sliding side door, giving him a small nod, Ichigo leaned against the nearby wall, crossing his arms over his chest.

Grinning openly, Isshin tilted his head at him "You seem mighty tense for a newly married man… unless-"

"No Dad… don't start that." Ichigo commanded, letting his head fall back "I'm not tense… it's just that…" running his fingers through his hair "after all this time I still don't understand why?"

Isshin arched a brow in question "Why what?"

Blowing out a breath, Ichigo straightened "Why me?" shaking his head in confusion "Out of all the people in the world… why would someone as cheerful and lovely as Orihime pick me?"

Walking slowly toward his son, Isshin shrugged his shoulders "Love is funny that way, no rhyme or reason to it, the heart leads and the body follows. You can't choose who you will fall in love with… it just happens." Reaching out to clasp Ichigo's shoulder "I could never understand what your mother seen in me either, I sure didn't do anything to deserve the love she gave me."

He nodded his head at his son, grinning "But I found out, that it's a lucky man who gets more than he thinks he deserves… that kind of love is precious. I had that with Masaki and now I'm delighted to see you experiencing it with Orihime."

Letting loose a harsh breath "Thanks Dad." Ichigo replied sincerely, as his dad squeezed his shoulder affectionately.

They both turned at the sound of feminine voices and Ichigo felt his breath seize in his chest at the sight before him. Barely registering his father's murmured "Lucky man indeed", he stepped forward toward his stunning wife, when it hit him like a ton of bricks… she was his wife; this beautiful generous kindhearted woman was his wife.

He passed by Rukia and Tatsuki without even acknowledging them or their mocking laughter, his eyes were focused on Orihime's form swathed in a sea foam green formal uchikake kimono, lavishly decorated with silver cranes and golden mums, a red and cream obi belt spanned her narrow waist. …She looked amazing.

Paying no notice to the others leaving the room, granting them a moment of privacy, Ichigo stopped before her, wordless in face of Orihime's elegant magnificence. In a state of awe "You belong to me." He breathed out in wonder, his eyes devouring her.

Smiling serenely up at him, Orihime slid her hands under the loose sleeves of his haori, running them up the muscled length of his arms "Silly, I've always belonged to you." Tilting her head at him, she teased "Now you have a piece of paper to prove it."

Pulling a hand from his sleeve, she playfully walked her fingers up his chest. While her other hand slid down and twisted the newly placed ring on his finger "And you, my love, belong to me." Wrapping her small hand around his neck, she pulled him to her.

"I'm yours… always and forever, my Hime." He whispered over her lips before closing the gap between them. Brushing his lips over hers gently before taking control of her mouth, tilting her head, he sealed his mouth over her lips. A tremor wracked her slender frame when his tongue plunged between her lips, sinking her fingers into his hair, Orihime held on tight.

Taking her mouth roughly, his hands bracketing her face, Ichigo kissed her deeply with increasing desperation. Restraining himself from sinking his fingers into her hair…damn, there was nothing he loved better than her hair flowing over his hands like liquid silk… that is unless it was spilling over other parts instead.

Sliding his hands around her waist, Ichigo pressed her body closer, his tongue glided deeper, tangling with hers… searching… hungry. Small mewls escaping her throat brought him back to awareness… damn, they couldn't do this right now. They had the rest of their lives to indulge in illicit interludes, but now was not the time. They had guests waiting and his dad was right outside the room… damn.

Forcefully pulling back, passion blazing in his eyes, nostrils flaring, clearly irritated… he was a man who liked to finish what he started. His voice low and gravelly "Sweetheart …" taking a deep breath "I promise… you can do whatever you want… later."

Staring up at him, her mind pleasantly befuddled, Ichigo felt himself drawn back to her delightfully swollen lips, he swooped in for another hard kiss. "Hime, help me here …my dad…" lips met and clung again, he breathed out over her flushed cheek "Please, have mercy… I don't want to give him any ammunition to use against me."

Inhaling her perfume, he followed it to the source, running the tip of his tongue along the shell of her ear… his hot breath brushing over the wetness left behind. A shiver passed through her and her eyes darkened with desire, taking a shuddering breath, she asked "How much longer is later?"

Breathing heavily, Ichigo thought fast… he could take her against the wall right now; the state he was in it would be an embarrassing quick endeavor anyway. She would let him; probably gleefully urging him on … his Hime had an unpredictable adventurous side.

Groaning, Ichigo ran his fingers through his hair, before drawing in a deep breath. Watching his fidgeting restless wife, he forcefully reined in his hunger. He would not show such disrespect by taking her against a wall … not for the first time as his wife anyway; grinning wickedly …he'd save that for later.

Who invited all these people? rolling his eyes as he painfully watched Jushiro and Shunsui perform what he believed to be an enthusiastic rendition of the Highland fling. Glancing over at Orihime, smiling brightly and clapping along with the others, obviously… it was her doing.

Inwardly groaning, didn't she realize the more guests there were, the longer the reception would go on? Blowing out a breath Ichigo gazed at her smiling face and it reminded him that her happiness was all that really mattered …although, scowling out at the assembled crowd, this had already been going on for over two hours already.

Between friends congratulating them and others, like the two drunken soul reapers currently whirling like dervishes, performed some song or dance in celebration, no one could say that it was boring. A party, soul reapers, and plenty of sake never equal boring… scary… terrifying… and sometimes quite creepy, like Kenpachi crooning Love Me Tender…Ichigo shivered at the memory, he would have nightmares for weeks over that one.

Tatsuki had given the usual threats of death, disembowelment, and dismemberment; it was truly a gift that she could make bloody mayhem sound like genuine loving affection. Chad and Uryuu both had wished them the best, happiness and long life… although the Quincy had directed his comments to Orihime alone...Jerk.

Standing behind his petite wife, Renji had followed along with Rukia's bossy 'what not to do in marriage' talk, mainly just nodding his head in agreement… pfft, like he would do anything else… if Rukia didn't eviscerate him… Byakuya would.

In a heavily embroidered blue furisode, Karin spoke loving words of him finally finding someone… someone who would put up with him and his crappy moods… thanking Orihime for taking him off their hands and fervently telling her… we're in your debt.

Yuzu had been kinder and much more eloquent, reciting Shakespeare's 105th sonnet … Let not my love be called idolatry, her eyes closed and a soft dreamy smile on her face… arching a brow in question at Orihime… did Yuzu have a new boyfriend? Then,his father, Yuroichi, Soi Fon, and Urahara had danced their version of the Hare Hare Yukia… badly …very badly… enough said.

Between laughing along with Orihime over the antics of some their friendsandwarning her that if she mixed those two things together and ate them, he would not be kissing her later. Ikkaku, Yumachika, Hisagi, and Kira had done a routine of how the mighty had fallen, mourning his lost bachelorhood.

The Shinigami Women's Association, forced by the pink haired one, had sang 'On the good ship lollypop', which in and of itself was hilarious because no one, least of all Yachiru, knew the words.Then Hitsugya and Momo recited a pleasant haiku about spring flowers following winters cold …hmm, an interesting choice.

Probably the most surprising and memorable of all would be Matsumoto, who sang a western love ballad, Ichigo had no idea she could sing so well, but that wasn't the most unexpected part… when she finished to a round of applause, Byakuya had smiled at her appreciatively, holding out a hand to assist her on retaking her seat, causing Rangiku to blush…

Rangiku blushing… blushing Rangiku, did those two words even belong in the same sentence? Ichigo had been frozen in a state of horrified shock while Orihime had laughed gaily over her friend's embarrassment and Rukia… Rukia would have to pick her jaw up from the floor, Renji couldn't help her…he was too busy muttering no way… no freaking way.

Orihime squeezing his thigh under their table grabbed his attention… quickly. Smiling brightly at him as he threaded their fingers together, she leaned toward him "I'm going to go change before we cut the cake." Grinning self depreciatively "I've worn this kimono as long as I dare, I'm afraid I'll get something on it."

Shaking his head at her "It's yours" Ichigo stated, shrugging his shoulders "so it doesn't matter if you spill something or not."

"But you paid so much for it, I couldn't-"

Sighing at her stubbornness "It's a gift Orihime, cost doesn't matter." Tilting his head at her "By the way… you look gorgeous in it."

Licking her lips, she sent him a sultry smile "Yes… you showed your ardent appreciation earlier."

Chuckling at her playfulness, Ichigo slid his eyes over her with heated intent "So …do you need any help getting undressed?"

"Back off lover-boy"

Looking up into Tatsuki's disapproving face, sighing, Ichigo shook his head …well, it was worth a try. Standing, he helped Orihime to her feet "So, does this mean I get to change as well?" he pleaded, raising his eyebrows at Orihime.

Running her eyes over him appreciatively, her slender fingers traced his family's crest on his haori "I haven't told you yet how handsome you look" gazing up at him through her lashes "now have I?" she whispered.

Giving her a small smile "You can tell me later." smirking suddenly when he realized what he said "Hell yes, tell me …later."

"Enough, you two are going to make me ill." Tatsuki rolled her eyes at them, crossing her arms over her chest, bunching the long sleeves of her dark pink furisode "What ever happened to my shy, blushing, stammering friend?" Cocking her head at them "…Well, I guess I could say that for either one of you. The years sure have changed you both." Smirking at them "And I'm not sure if it was for the better."

"Thanks for those kind words…" Ichigo drawled out sarcastically, rolling his eyes at his longtime friend "your thoughtful sentiments amaze me as always."

"Yeah whatever… I doubt anything I could say would dent that enormous ego of yours anyway." Tatsuki replied, planting a fist on her hip "I am going to help your wife change now." Arching a brow at him "you're a big boy… you can go dress yourself."

"Fine… spoilsport" reaching out he squeezed Orihime's fingers "I'll see you in a bit." Taking her hands, he held them away from her body, giving him an unimpeded view of her kimono clad body. One side of his mouth curled up as he whispered "I'm a lucky man indeed." Shaking his head at her questioning glance, he simply mouthed the word… "Later."

"Ahh… thank you so much, Tatsuki." Orihime groaned as the heavy kimono was pulled from her shoulders. Rotating her neck "I never realized just how much those things weigh."

Grinning over Orihime's comments, Tatsuki hung the kimono on its wooden rod and placed it on the stand. "Well then it's a good thing that you won't have to wear it again, hmm, being a married woman and all that."

"It seems a shame though," running her fingers over the luxuriant material "Ichigo spent so much money on this and I only wore it for a few hours." She replied with a pensive look on her face.

Shaking her head, Tatsuki loosened the belt around Orihime's middle, helping remove yet another kimono "You know that doesn't matter to him." Grinning wickedly "Besides... I believe he thought it was money well spent when he first saw you in it."

Tilting her head at the delicious memory, a wide smile on her face "Yes, he was quite… complimentary."

"Is that what it was called?" Tatsuki laughed loudly, laying Orihime's white wedding kimono on the bed. "I wouldn't mind receiving some compliments like that." She responded, wiggling her brows.

Gasping in surprise "You watched?" her mouth hanging open.

"Hell yes… all of us." Laughing over her friend's acute embarrassment, she smirked "There was even a bet to see if he would be able to wait until the honeymoon." Tilting her head "The final verdict was up in the air for awhile." Hooting over her double entendre.

Suppressing a smile, Orihime scolded her "You're terrible. Ichigo would hate to know that you all were watching us." She blushed lightly as she sat on the bed "He's very private about those things."

"Pfft, he may be private about some things, but the looks… glances… touches he sends your way are just plain explicit. Hot enough to peel paint my friend." Nodding her head at Orihime while lifting the kimono from the bed "You would think that after all the years you two have been together, that he might have… I don't know… mellowed some."

Folding her hands in her lap, she watched Tatsuki hang her clothes "He has eased up some. He used to be so tense and worried that something would happen." Laughing softly "Well, I guess he had good reason… it was pretty hectic there for awhile."

Looking at her in disbelief "You call your kidnapping, war, and utter chaos, pretty hectic? That's a serious understatement Hime." Shaking her head "I'm surprised that he didn't lock you up somewhere, like a padded room in a tower."

"That could be fun." Bouncing on the bed, Orihime tilted her head in thought "Especially if he was to lock himself in as well." She laughed delightedly.

Sighing in amusement "Orihime, you are incorrigible. You probably have changed the most though." Turning to the closet and pulling out Orihime's dress "Little things mostly… your blushing shyness, the way you used to daydream all the time, and even what you eat" wrinkling her nose "… kind of."

Smoothing her hands over the bed covers, she shrugged her shoulders "I'm already living my fantasy and I can say that I'm definitely more confident now." She smiled softly "I know that no matter what I say or do or trip over, Ichigo will still love me… he'll probably laugh along with me over it too." Pulling her dress over her head, while Tatsuki guided it over her hair "When I'm with him nothing can harm me, I'm safe, protected," arching a delicate brow at her friend, she grinned "and warm."

Grinning at her best friend, Tatsuki pulled her into a rough hug "I'm so happy for you… both of you actually." Stepping back, she smiled self consciously as she wiped her eye "All your dreams came true."

"Yes" Orihime whispered, her eyes staring blindly at the wall. Blinking rapidly, she turned toward Tatsuki "Thank you." She stated simply, no other word were necessary between such old friend.

Tossing her shoes at her, Tatsuki laughed "Well come on… you have a cake to cut."

The icing encrusted confection before him surely wasn't edible, tilting his head in wonder… was it? His teeth ached just looking at it, turning questioning eyes to his joyfully laughing wife; he was going to have to eat some of that?

Orihime grinned at Ichigo's horrified look, leaning her head against his shoulder "Don't worry… it's chocolate cake."

Raising his brows at her in disbelief "You mean there is an actual cake under all that goop?"

"Uh hun… you said you wanted chocolate." She nodded excitedly.

Rubbing the back of his neck "I was with you when you ordered this? Or was I in a wedding planning induced coma?" grinning at her "You know… where I followed you mindlessly all over creation… not having a blessed clue what you were doing."

Tapping her finger against her chin "Yeah… that was it … kind of like how you were during today's ceremony."

Groaning, he hung his head, gazing at her from the corner of his eye "So… how long are you going to hold that over me?"

Running her eyes over him speculatively, her mouth curling upward "Oh, I imagine I'll torment you with it for a good long time."

…damn, the look she was giving him could melt steel, blowing out a breath, Ichigo pulled at the collar of his shirt, were they about finished here? "How much longer is this reception going to last?" he asked her desperately.

"It could go on most of the night; I reserved the room for the full time." Orihime smiled up at him innocently, batting her lashes as a grin tried to escape.

A barely contained growl echoed in his chest "I should have been more specific… when can we leave?"

Taking pity on her tightly strung husband "We can cut the cake, thank everyone for coming and go if you want."

"Hell yes" Ichigo straightened, glancing at her in question "What are you waiting for… start cutting."

Laughing gaily over his normal impatience for niceties and social gatherings… even if it was his own wedding, she would have to talk to him about that … later.

The best laid plans are sure to be foiled, Ichigo thought as he walked alone through the hotels' hallways. After cutting the cake and making small talk with their guests, Ichigo, with Orihime at his side, had stood before everyone and, under the sweetest duress, politely thanked everyone for coming and helping them celebrate.

Her hand in his, they had been about to make their escape, when Yuzu had broken into tears… wailing really, if you wanted to be precise about it. Clinging to her "Ichi-nii" as she bawled out her distress over him leaving them, where the hell was he going, they were all staying at the same hotel and would probably even see each other tomorrow.

Smelling alcohol on her, well that explained it; he had tried to pass her off to Karin. Not even her twin could help with the unrestrained sobbing, groaning at his luck, Ichigo had met Orihime's eyes and shrugged his shoulders. Her soft answering smile soothed his fraying nerves, she motioned that she would wait for him in their room. Looking over her shoulder at him as she departed, she had winked at him. Then Orihime, with Karin, the traitor, escorting her, left… without him.

Opening the door to their room, his eyes on the bottle of French wine a drunken Kisuke had shoved into his hands in the elevator, arching a brow at the label, a 2005 Bordeaux Grand Cru Chateau, hmm, good choice. Ichigo lost all interest in wine, France, and practically everything else when he lifted his eyes to take in the vision wrapped in blue silk before him. …Damn.

Mindlessly shutting and locking the door, he set the bottle and his key card on the small table near the entry, his gaze never straying from Orihime's luscious form. Her patterned silk robe plunged into a deep vee, putting her generous cleavage on display, she was a tempting feast and he was definitely the definition of a starving man.

She had taken her glorious hair down from the ornate combs and it lay in delightful waves over her shoulders. Closing his eyes and drawing in a deep breath, trying to rein himself in, Ichigo opened his eyes to see her smile that soft secret smile of hers as she stepped toward him. A long slim leg parted her robe as she glided forward, his eyes devouring her.

Moving to meet her, no words were necessary; Ichigo sunk his hands into her luxurious hair, arching her neck. His lips covered hers with unrestrained hunger; their teasing throughout the day was demanding its due. His grip on her hair gentled enough for him to tilt her head, allowing his tongue deeper access to her mouth.

Orihime softened against him, clinging to his shoulders and gave herself over to the dizzying sensations. He crushed her body against his as he worshipped her lips, his hands slipping through her hair, following it down her back.

She kissed him back eagerly and fiercely, taking his tongue into her mouth as deeply as he knew she would welcome him into her body. Raising her leg, Orihime wrapped it around his thigh, panting softly against his lips. Her body straining closer as her arms twined around his neck, sinking her fingers into his hair.

Caressing her, he groaned against her lips when his hand found the soft skin of her thigh, his fingers kneading her supple skin. He took her mouth with the same single minded intensity and focus he used when he fought… striving to dominate and conquer, just as she sought to seize and subdue.

Orihime matched him kiss for kiss, her hands buried in his hair, holding him steady for her hot kisses, the probe of her tongue. Need crashed over him as his hands found her breasts and he palmed her generous curves. Breathing harshly, he needed more than her lips… he wanted to taste her lush body.

"I can't get enough of you." Ichigo breathed over her lips, as he backed her to the bed. His hands catching her breasts again, finding her peaked nipples, he tugged them gently through the fabric of her robe. Swallowing her gasping cry, he pressing her down, guiding her down onto the bed, he slowly opened her robe, pulling the sides apart, displaying her luscious form.

Gazing down at Orihime, her legs moving restlessly on the mattress, she was his princess… his goddess… his wife, his mind growled possessively, pulling his shirt over his head, Ichigo sank into her waiting arms. Pressing his body to hers, infusing her with his warmth as he savored her silky smooth skin.

Lowering his mouth to her breast, he teased her with his hot breath, before closing his lips over her pebbled nipple. His hands sliding over her smooth skin, firmly caressing every inch he could reach. Ichigo's strong hands wrapped around her rounded backside, pulling her closer as he turned his attention to her other plump mound. Gasping and squirming beneath him; she whipped his need into frenzy.

Grinning wolfishly down at her, he climbed from the bed and removed his remaining clothing, never removing his eyes from her tantalizing frame. He needed her …damn, it was truly humbling how much he needed her. Closing his eyes with a groan… he would take his time and savor her …later

Crawling over her, sliding her arms from her robe, he pressed himself against her heat. Orihime slid her hands up his muscled arms and over his powerful shoulders. Kneading the tensely muscled expanse, she loved touching his body and loved the way he loved her. She curved her body closer as her legs wrapped around his, her toes digging into his muscular calf.

Palming her generous mounds, with a deep husky groan he buried his face in her breasts, before drawing a nipple deep into his mouth. …damn, he loved her breasts, breathing in her scent as he scattered scorching kisses over her breasts … all of her actually. He continued to torment her as Orihime panted out her desires.

Lifting his face from her curves, grinning at her with wicked intent, he kissed her deeply, plundering her mouth. She arched her back, rubbing her aching breasts against the solid wall of his chest. Clutching his head in her hands, she grazed his scalp with her nails, feeling him tremble, Orihime grinned against his hungry mouth.

Pressing firmly into the vee of her thighs, groaning into her mouth as she twisted under him, rubbing and thrusting against his length, she was wreaking havoc with his dwindling control. Pulling back, his eyes dark and hooded, he gazed at her restless body; he loved seeing her like this… completely free from all her inhibitions…almost feral.

Running his hands up the inside of her thighs, he lingered over her slick center, arching her hips beneath his hands, straining, her breathing frantic. "Please Ichi… please" Her pleading cries echoed around the room and broke his tenuous control.

She lay beneath him trembling with desire, her lips wet from his kisses, Ichigo pulled her leg around his waist as he thrust inside her welcoming heat. Back bowing, Orihime's eyes flared at the exquisite friction. She moved against him urgently as she breathed out his name, her hips rising to meet each thrust.

Burying his hand in her hair, he continued to rock against her straining body. Drowning in sensation, Orihime tried to catch her breath, eyes closing, her fingers digging into his back, she cried out unrestrainedly.

Ichigo silenced her with a hard kiss, his mind following the rhythm his body set, forcefully repeating with each plunging motion… my wife… my wife. Gazing down at her with possessive pride, he stilled his movements; his body suspended above hers "Hime… say it." He growled out.

Arching her back, her breathing erratic, Orihime tried to force him to move, to save her from this delicious torment. His fingers curled into her hip firmly, holding her down, limiting her movement. Ichigo watched her intently, gasping, her hair tangled from tossing back and forth on the pillow, sweat beading on her forehead, her fingers clenched tightly in the sheets, straining against his unyielding hold.

Her desperate eyes met his, licking her parched lips, she sobbed out what he wanted to hear "I'm yours Ichigo… always and forever." Whimpering in relief as he sank forcefully back into her heat "I love you… I love you" her breathless chant continued until it slipped seamlessly into a keening cry of release.

"Yes" he breathed out in pure male triumph, as her body shattered under his. Moaning loudly as her shuddering bucking body pulled him in, it was more than he could resist, throwing back his head, muscles tense, he exploded with a groan inside her.

Holding her trembling body close, lying in contented silence as their bodies cooled, Ichigo was reluctant to move from her warm embrace. Leaning on his elbows, he gazed down at her precious face before kissing her tenderly. He spoke softly against her lips "I don't believe that five lifetimes will be nearly long enough."

Sighing softly, Orihime gently caressing his cheek, she smiled serenely up at him as her fingers brushing his hair off his damp forehead. "I love you, Ichigo…always and forever."

Kissing her deeply, he slid his hand through her silky mass of hair. "I love you, Hime" Ichigo breathed over her kiss bruised lips "always and forever."

Letting her lips curl upward, Orihime pressed a hand to his shoulder, pushing him to his back, running her small hands over his well defined chest, tracing the ridges and scars. Sliding her thigh over his waist, she slowly straddled his eager body, her hair sweeping over his skin.

Leaning forward, her breasts brushing his chest as her hands shackled his wrists, pressing against him, she took his mouth enthusiastically. Playfully sucking on his bottom lip as she pulled back; arching a delicate brow at her willing captive "So… is it later yet?"

Moonlight streamed through the nearby windows, gently bathing the rumpled bed with soft light. Orihime lay on her side, watching Ichigo sleep, his face relaxed and still wearing that cocky grin of his. Smiling tenderly at him as her hand gently stroked her still flat stomach…she wondered if she should tell him about their surprising new development.

Warm brown eyes opened slowly as Ichigo turned on his side. His hand gliding up her thigh and over her hip, he pulled her closer with a sensual smile.

Hmm, she purred out, sinking into his demanding kiss… she'd tell him later.

I hope that was an acceptable birthday gift… better than cookies maybe? Anyway…Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great one.

Get better soon… that's an order :D

A/N: Yes, I did play around with the Shinto wedding ceremony a bit and I used the vows that would be used in a western type wedding. If you thought Ichigo and Orihime were out of character, just remember that by this point they would be in their early twenties and in my version, been together for many years. So, yes they would be more mature and confident of themselves and comfortable with the love and affection (lust) that they have for each other. :D

If you noticed… I didn't put this out as complete…I might continue this if there is enough interest. Don't worry; I won't abandon TCBtD, possible update this weekend. Thanks for reading, as always, I am grateful. –Rairakku Hana