Straight from the Textbooks
by ahhelga

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight in any way, shape, or form, so please don't sue for my sad manipulation of these characters!

Chapter 1 - Lovers

All my focus seemed to be concentrated intently on the view of the entrance of the library, with an attempt to ignore the sounds of my heels that Alice forced me to wear clacking against the pavement. In hopes of not jinxing my luck, I briefly thought how I was miraculously not wobbly, or, much more, falling, in these ridiculous heels. Maybe it was because I was forcing myself to focus on moving quickly; I was in a hurry to get into the library. Knowing I was late, I was hurrying my way now to the check in area for my usual time slot for my study room. But here I was, stumbling and bumping into people as I hurriedly rushed over. Actually, knowing how clumsy I was, and considering the fact that I definitely jinxed myself by now, it was only a matter of time before I—oof. There it was.

Immediately, I started apologizing to the person I knocked over (and, consequently, knocked me over). I was positive my face was red and that my apologizing was at a point of babbling now, so I wasn't too surprised when my blathering had elicited a deep chuckle from the other person. What was surprising was how familiar that chuckle was. My head instantly snapped forward.

"Mr. Cullen?!" I gasped, my voice incredulous. I forced my mouth shut from its previous hanging.

I was blessed with hearing his deep, musical laughter once more. It had been way too long. "Well this is a pleasant surprise. It's nice to see you again, Bella."

I tried to stop the blush from rising in my cheeks, so I attempted to cover it up by saying something strong, however I knew my voice ended up shy. "It's nice to see you too, Mr. Cullen."

"Please, Bella," he said, holding his hand out to help me up. "It's Edward. I'm no longer your teacher; there's no need to use formalities."

"Okay... Edward..." Biting my lip lightly - a terrible habit of any woman in my family - I was surprised I managed to choke that out. It felt odd to call him by his first name, though I had a sudden thrill of it. But I ignored it, and ignored all my past memories (more importantly, fantasies), as I realized that he had a lot more important things to do. "Sorry to keep you from your business, Mr—Edward. I'll get out of your way; it was nice seeing you again."

He smiled, and my heart made a very familiar skip. "Nonsense. I just came here to study. I have plenty of time to catch up with you."

I liked the idea immensely, but I was suddenly reminded of my own work. I glanced horrifyingly at the clock at the top of library's entrance. My usual room would be occupied by now. "Great, that reminds me that I missed my time slot for my study room."

"Oh, I have an idea," he said good-naturedly. "How about you study in the study room I signed up for? You know, that way we'd be together."

Trying desperately to ignore the double entendre of his words, I nodded silently, though gratefully (and hopefully not too eagerly). I almost argued against it, since he probably wouldn't want me grumbling over trigonometry while he was working. However, I needed to study badly, and I couldn't ever focus on studying out in the open with even the little noise amongst others. I was surprised I'd even be fine with his company while studying; I'd sure be distracted. In fact, he would be sure to get distracted too, what with my pointless complaints I was most likely going to make about my math.

Though, his mood seemed to lighten up when I had agreed, and he surprised me by gently grabbing hold of my hand to bring me inside the library towards his study room. He was not helping my trying to ignore my attraction to him, with the way his hand sent me a shocking current up my arm and the way he would turn slightly to me with that damn crooked smile I remembered I would swoon at instead of taking notes. This was near insane - much more insane than my crush on him in high school. He had been at his first year ever of teaching: AP Biology for seniors. I just so happened to be in that class. He was so devilishly handsome even then. I would sometimes get so distracted that I'd lose focus on my schoolwork. Thank goodness Biology came naturally to me or I would have failed. But the risk didn't stop my fantasies.

I had to admit, he was the reason why I started to explore my body in the first place. I would imagine his big hands stroking me everywhere, my very being penetrated by his piercing green eyes, among other things, in class nonetheless. It was almost sad; I had only started touching myself in senior year when other girls were doing the real thing since fifteen. And I was fantasizing about my own goddamn teacher nonetheless!

However, I sure as heck wasn't the only one who thought of him in that way. I heard how Jessica bragged whenever he talked to her, thinking he was showing favoritism, or Lauren's proclamations about how she would seduce the hot, young teacher after school. Then she'd come the next day complaining that Mr. Cullen didn't know what he was missing out on and that hadn't had any taste in girls, girls like her.

'No shit,' I remember thinking. After all, Lauren was a snob in every sense of the word, along with other names. Any self respecting man wouldn't put up with her, unless it was just for the ass, which I guess I wouldn't have doubted with the boys in my grade. Plus, he was their teacher. Not only was that illegal, but why would he want to go with students six years his junior?

Students like me...

The thought had reminded me that I shouldn't look for anything further in his tender touch as he held my hand... even if it was the first sign of anything remotely resembling affinity I had seen coming from him—toward anyone, in fact. But hey, that could have changed. He could have changed. After all, it had been years. People change in three years; hell, I changed in three years. I still may have been shy, and more reserved than most people, but Alice had really brought me out of my shell (or rather, she forced me out of it). That, and I wasn't a virgin anymore. Which was a plus. Though, I hadn't had the thrill of having an orgasm yet. A spasm rippled through me as I briefly imagined my ex-teacher being the one to bring me to those heights.

"Well, this is the room I usually occupy," he said, bringing me out of my thoughts.

I bit my lip as I realized how... secluded this room was. It was the only study room in the whole library to not have a window for people to look in, and vice versa. The window it did have gave a view of the garden of the library, but it was tinted so that no one could see inside. Oh God, did he just lock the door? And since all the study rooms were sound proof... No! Stop that, Bella! You're here to study, for that midterm, remember?

"Guess we should get to work then," I muttered. All of this was not helping my control.

As I got situated across from him, I noticed he wasn't taking out any graded work or syllabi for his classes as I would have expected. Instead, all I saw were medical text books and specialized dictionaries. Wow, they must have really changed AP Bio into a more advanced class. How intimidating. I must have looked ridiculously stupid to these advanced new students.

I let out a low whistle. "Kids these days so smart that they have to be taught medical science in high school?"

He laughed then, catching me off guard, and curiously looking nervous. "Yeah, well... I wouldn't know..." He ran his hand through his hair in an unintentionally sexy manner. "I quit teaching."

"You what?!" I exclaimed incredulously, letting my mouth hang agape. "But... you were my favorite teacher! You were great at it, even if you were new! Why stop?" I inwardly cringed. It was not my place to question him. Though, he didn't seem to mind.

He took in a slight breath. "After teaching that one year with your class, I decided it was for the best to leave," he said sheepishly, almost as if admitting something highly embarrassing. "I couldn't handle some of the... distractions... and I realized after a year of teaching that my heart wasn't in it anyway. So now I'm following my father's footsteps and becoming a doctor." He paused, looking too cute with his expression ponderous from thought as he stared up. "Funny, I go from being a biology teacher to a doctor."

To tell the truth, I was still stunned from the fact that he wasn't teaching anymore. For some reason, that made my attraction to him just a little more pronounced now. Besides, he was aiming to be a doctor? How incredibly hot was that? Mm, you can take me any time Dr. Cullen... Ugh. Stop, Bella.

He cleared his throat now, as if he knew that he needed to distract my thoughts. "So, what about you? Still at University of Washington?"

I sighed almost wearily. Sadly, my life was hardly entertaining to keep him interested. "Yeah, still at U-Dub. Yeah, still majoring in English. Yeah, still don't have much of a social life, except for when I'm with my roommate Alice. She's just a ball of energy and she goes a little nuts. I mean, for my 21st birthday, she took me to a strip club and made me the stripper! As if anyone would want to watch me dance seductively up there... Though, I guess I did get a good tip."

His eyes widened and I suddenly was horrified by what I had just rambled on about. Me as a stripper. His old student. Wow, way to make a conversation awkward, Bella. I'd have to remember next time I run into a super hot teacher I had in senior year to tell them, "Hey! Remember me? Bella Swan? Unimportant, boring student extraordinaire? Yeah, well, I became a stripper for my twenty-first birthday, and I just thought you should know what I've been up to." Yeah, great conversation. I wish I hadn't had said that, especially considering how I never even wanted to think of that night again. I chewed on the inside of my cheek, wondering how the silence and tension was going to be broken, and if I should just walk out now.

"I—uh, I," he stammered, making me feel guilt all around. "...So you're twenty-one then?"

I nodded shyly, grateful for the obvious subject change. "Just turned. And I think you're twenty-seven, if I remember correctly, right?"

"Yeah..." his voice was much more subdued now, and I tried to ignore it, because even in this toned-down state, his voice rang like bells. I hated the power that he had on me. Though, I could tell that he was uncomfortable with talking with me right now, so I decided to stop talking all together, getting back to work. Forcing myself to focus on getting started on my studying, I had only briefly noticed that Edward was starting to work as well. This helped my own focusing somewhat.

Though, every so often I would notice a shift on his side of the room, which would bring my mind to the Adonis across from me. I didn't want to be so obvious, so I decided just not to look at him. I smelt him from my position just a few feet away from him; he smelled delicious. So delicious, in fact, that I wanted to lick him from top to bottom to see if he tasted as well as he smelled. I blushed from my thoughts, but the curtain of hair I hid behind would have prevented him from noticing. I heard his pen move along his paper on the desk, at times noticing that he'd scribble something out furiously. I heard him flipping the pages of his books, referring to what he was reading moments before. But what I loved to hear was his sigh. I couldn't help that my mind was in overdrive when I heard it. His breath brought bad thoughts out of my mind, wondering if he would ever be breathless enough to say my name. Again, I was glad for the shield I had created. It was also a good thing he couldn't read minds... or at the very least, my mind.

However, when he stayed still enough, or didn't do anything to spark my interest for a while, the numbers on the text book would stop blurring, and I'd be able to get some problems done. Eventually I was submerged completely in my work, focusing on the trigonometry problems that had my brain racking. Some of these were so frustrating! They took me forever, too, as I realized after ten problems that nearly an hour had passed.

The time brought me back to my surroundings as I realized yet again that I was alone in a secluded room with Mr. Cullen—Edward, I mentally corrected. It made my heart frantic as I realized he considered me close enough to a first name basis. I frowned as I concluded that technically we would have been at this point for a long time now. After all, him being my favorite teacher, and consequently my constant spacing out, had me coming to his classroom many a time during lunch time for "extra help". This was around the time I drifted from Jessica's group of friends because Mike started to be a little more... persistent.

My staying in his class led to our many conversations. Sure, they were all student-teacher appropriate, and we didn't even go with in each other's direct three-feet-perimeter, but just these little conversations gave me a little satisfaction that I was ahead of the other girls in his eyes just by that little amount. I realize now that that was hypocritical of me to think like that, but I was just so... hopeful. Of course, I had no reason be hopeful. He was so much... more than me. I slumped in my seat, letting my mind roam around that.

As I slouched, my foot accidentally brushed up against something. My face flared up as I realized that it was Mr—Edward's foot that I had accidentally touched. I couldn't move my foot, because my whole leg was numb. I willed myself to look up, with surely wide eyes. His eyes didn't hold as much embarrassment or shock, if at all, instead they were staring straight at me, not wavering, with an unreadable expression. I bit my lip, mumbling a quiet apology, but still not moving. Instead, he brought his other foot to rest alongside my other foot. I didn't know what to think of the gesture.

So, all I did was ignore the fire that was spreading up my legs, and stare at my trigonometry work once more. Because I was trying so hard to focus, I actually had gotten three more problems done. I was on a roll, but eventually I was stuck. I don't know how long I was working on that problem, but it must have been a long time because Edward had closed all his books and started to put away his things.

"Done?" I tried to ask casually and light. I knew that this would be the end of our reunion if he really was done. The thought upset me greatly.

"Yeah," he said as I felt my stomach drop. Though, I noticed anything other than his arms hadn't made an effort to move an inch, meaning his feet were still touching mine. "How long are you going to be working on that?"

"Oh, don't worry, it's just some trig work I'm having trouble with," I hurriedly said. "You don't have to stay because of me. I wouldn't want to keep you from whatever you're doing. I mean, this could take a while. I've never been good at math."

"Well then let me help you," he said suddenly. My eyes snapped to his, which were almost penetrating my very being. I bit my lip as I remembered how I wanted him to penetrate my very being.

"You really don't have to do that, Mr. Cullen," I said. "I'm so bad."

He smiled slightly. "Again, it's Edward, Bella. And I've been known to get an A or two in math in the past. I think I'm qualified. Plus, as your teacher, I'm obligated to help."

Before I could protest, he was out of his seat from across from me and into the one right next to mine. I was frozen at his actions that I almost didn't notice him leaning in to look at my work. He was so close; I was surrounded by his scent that I had only sampled earlier. My body was on overdrive, and already I had a tightening in my lower half. This reminded me all too much of my fantasies I had in the late nights during my senior year of high school.

"Oh, this is simple stuff, Bella," he said teasingly. As much as I loved his voice, I couldn't concentrate enough to register that he was making fun of me. Then his voice dropped an octave, catching my full attention. "Know I'll help you easily with anything here you need."

Save me, God. Did he have to go and say that? Did he have to say it like that? Did he have to make my heart beat frantically? I tried to hide my blush, but it only got intensified as he leaned in even further. At this point, his face was directly next to mine, his nose tracing along the outline of my jaw, only, without touching. I just wanted him so badly to just close the gap and have skin to skin contact. I just wanted him so badly to just ignore pretenses, ignore everything. I just wanted him so badly.

"Edward," I breathed out, feeling comfortable with his first name now.

He pulled back slightly, with a faint frown on his face. Did he not like me saying his name? Did he not want to do this? Had I misinterpreted his intimate actions? Yet again, I found a reason why I should just keep my mouth shut. Instead, all I could do was analyze his face. It was contorted into an unreadable expression - disgust? With me, probably. I was his old student, and the idea was too surreal and crazy for him most likely.

Then he did something I couldn't have predicted. He touched me. His fingers glided along my cheekbone, all the way down to my lips. I shivered under his touch, which made him pause, but he resumed to what he was doing. He slowly brought the tips of his fingertips to my lower lip, sliding them along, getting a feel of my mouth. It felt electrifying, and when he lost contact with my lips, it immediately died. I was amazed that he had brought those same fingertips to his own mouth, gliding all along his own bottom lip. I couldn't help but lick my lips, my attempt to bring back that magic touch of his being futile. Never in my life had I been so engulfed in a moment, and so turned on.

I hated that he didn't make any other move after that, because I longed for that wonderful touch once more. I craved for it. So I couldn't be blamed when I reached out for his face. My palm cupped his cheek, and though he was frozen for a moment, he leaned into my hand. Elation was all I could feel, along with disbelief and lust. I breathed out his name once more.

"I'd like to try something," he said breathlessly, and so softly that if we weren't alone in a sound proof room, I probably wouldn't have heard it. Those words, along with the hazy feel of the room had my brain reeling, what could it be?

Slowly, and very, very carefully, he leaned in. The anticipation build up was almost painful as I knew his lips were aiming for my own, but I felt a wave of relaxation as our mouths pressed together. If I thought his fingers were electrifying, this had got to be a whole lightning storm. So soft were his lips, and so tender as they only lightly pressed; it felt amazing, but the slight pressure wasn't enough. I immediately pushed back with all my might, prying his lips to move with mine.

Apparently he wasn't as enthused as I was about kissing.

Almost instantly, he backed up as far as his seat could allow. I sat stunned. I thought he wanted this. After all, he initiated the kiss. Oh God, maybe I was a terrible kisser? I mean, the people I have kissed in the past were almost as inexperienced or uninvolved as I was. Edward probably had had women with far more talent for kissing than I had. I tried not to make the pain evident of my rejection, but I was sure it was showing through, seeing as how my tears of self-anger were starting to build up. I couldn't even look at him.

"I knew it," I couldn't help myself from whispering. My next words were frantic in soft tones. "I knew it was too good to be true. You probably hate me now. I can't even kiss. I'm not good enough."

"God, Bella," he groaned loudly.

I tried my hardest to keep my eyes glued to my knees, but I couldn't help but look up at him. Edward's beautiful face was contorted in pain, though I knew this pain was a lot different from my own. I knew he regretted it. I knew it. He was just too wonderful to—

"Bella, stop thinking like that." Just like that. As if he could read and control my mind. "That was... amazing. You don't know how much I've wanted to do that. And not just today, not just after seeing you again."

He groaned, even louder than before, as he buried his face in his hands. His voice was muddled in his palms. "Every day when I was teaching, I'd come to school, dreading what was to come. Not because I didn't love teaching... oh no, I loved to teach... but because everyday I'd see you in class. Bella, you were such... a temptation that I was afraid I'd lose control. And if I lost control, I'd lose credibility as a teacher and as a gentleman." His hands dropped from his face so that now I was hearing him clearly, even if his voice became more frantic. "Who on earth would like it if they were molested by their goddamn teacher?! Just like how I've taken advantage of you today. If I had been your teacher for any longer, I would have probably committed a felony. All those years ago, imagine if I had given into temptation? I'd be on the streets by now. Bella, you have to understand that you were the distraction that made me quit teaching. I don't want to take advantage of you; I don't think I'd be able to live with myself..."

I was near hyperventilating now. His speech rendered me speechless. He was saying that I had been the reason he left? Because I was some sort of temptation? I would never have viewed myself as any sort of temptation, but maybe that was because I wouldn't have so much as tempted him as I would have offered myself wholeheartedly. I knew I felt the same way as he said he did, only not in so many words.

"Edward," I said. "You can take advantage of me any time."

If my words were surprising to me, I could only imagine what he would feel about them. His eyes met mine with a smoldering look, a look that made a tingle go down my spine. And though I felt his eyes bore deep into me, he made no move, probably due to all his worries that he had just expressed. I couldn't help but dispel his worries.

"Edward, I was the one coming to your classroom everyday during lunch, almost to torture myself," I ranted hurriedly. "To be in such close proximity to you was agony for me, because I would never be able to be close to you in the way that I wanted. I was young and inexperienced, much too immature for your taste. And even though I'm twenty-one now, I'm not much more experienced than I was then. I'm not even that appealing to be worth any temptation, which still has me confused as to why—"

He shut me up with a rough kiss. His lips, heavily pressed on mine enticed me to open my mouth and deepen. Whatever pessimistic thoughts I had previously flew out the window. Our lips were now syncing together, and were only being interrupted whenever he'd back up briefly to breathe and whisper words against my lips in between our kisses. "Bella... if anything... you were... innocent... NOT... inexperienced..." Then he pulled back to breathe into my ear, making me freeze momentarily. "I just didn't want to corrupt you..."

My breath caught in my throat, but I wanted to have the same effect on him, so I pulled myself together to lean into his ear. I moved my lips against his earlobe, "But you've already corrupted me just by being in my thoughts."

I could have sworn I heard him growl, but I wouldn't have had any time to dwell on it, because soon his lips were on mine again. This time it was a firmer kind of kiss, almost as if neither of us wanted to pull back. At least, I know I didn't want to any time soon. This single-minded act of ours was all that was going in my head, all that was running through me, that I didn't mind that we were going from one step to another at an alarming rate.

With our tongues already massaging one another, I brought my hands to his hair, which made him bring me closer to him. His arms automatically wrapped around my body, closing any space we had between us. Now I could feel every bit of his hard chest, with my breasts almost painfully pressed against him. But it was a good kind of pain, because the pressure of his body anywhere on mine was relieving. With one set of fingers entwined with his hair, I allowed my other hand to grip at his neck, and slowly make its way down his shoulder and along his chest.

His body responded stiffly, or at least, stiff in a certain area. It only made my legs spread open so that I was now sitting on his lap, both of my legs wrapping around him. With his groin pressing into mine, I felt my panties getting wet underneath my skirt. I mentally reminded myself to thank Alice for making me wear this ensemble, even if the heels were annoying. I swiftly kicked them off, not breaking contact with his mouth, and then proceeded to grind against him as soon as my feet were free from their restraints.

My grinding was putting him on edge, and I could feel it as his hardness bulged directly against my heat. I felt proud of myself almost; this was the best I had ever done at turning someone on. Though, my pride was cut off quickly as he pulled back. He placed his hands on my waist, pushing me a little further from his groin.

"Bella, you couldn't possibly want this," he said, looking almost regretful.

My eyebrows raised high into my hairline. Was he kidding? I was straddling his lap, with my panties drenched all the way through, ready for him, ready for every bit of him. I didn't want to voice my thoughts, in fear of sounding like an asshole, so instead I roughly grabbed his hand and placed it right at my crotch, pressing his palm right at my mound. I started to pool once more at the contact.

"Edward..." my voice came out huskily, "do you feel that? That's me getting so wet for you, it's soaking through my clothes. I've wanted you so badly for so long. I want you so badly, it hurts."

That must have been reassurance enough because he gave me a sexy smile and immediately started to move his fingers along my slit just above the fabric. We simultaneously groaned. His slow, sensuous fingers were sending shock waves all throughout my body, making me shiver especially as he reached my clit. Then he'd tortuously slide down my slit once more before reaching again to my bundle of nerves. He was making me feel so much like jelly that I just embarrassingly fell against him.

"Oh, God, Edward," I moaned against his shoulder. "You—you're torturing me."

"Bella, you don't know how long I've dreamed of doing this. I want to take it in slowly..." His voice was rough with emotion and constraint. And as if his voice wasn't deep enough, it dropped an octave as he continued. "Besides, we'll have plenty of time to take this hard and fast."

I would have gulped and anticipated his words if I wasn't so irritable from being so turned on. With his fingers still working their magic along my panties, I forced a kiss on him before grabbing his shirt roughly. I wanted to do this hard and fast NOW. With a sensory overload, between his lips and his fingers, I found it difficult to get his buttons on his shirt undone quickly. He smiled against my mouth as he realized what I was doing, but all I could do was growl in return.

This must have struck a nerve in him because he immediately pulled his hand back from my crotch to his shirt, working quickly at getting the buttons undone. As soon as his chest was unrestrained, I pushed the sleeves off of him, letting it fall to the floor. I ogled at the sight. Edward was better than any dream or fantasy I had ever conjured up. His tight abs suggested he worked out every day.

I found myself wanting to lick all along the ridges—so I did just that. Of course, it was a slightly awkward position to bend and run my tongue all along his chest while I was still sitting on his lap, but he finished that by picking me up by the ass and placing me onto the table. He and I hastily pushed all of our stuff onto the floor, not caring for any of it, and then he stood in between my legs.

He was on my lips all over again. This new position had our bodies completely pressed into one another now, his groin at perfect alignment with my own. Then he started tugging at my blouse. With my hands caressing his sculpted body, I found it fair that he would want the same in return, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to offer much. However his eyes gave my breasts a smoldering look as soon as I was free of a shirt.

"Beautiful," he murmured as he had started to peel off my bra. Once it was off, he stared unabashedly, but my own blush had reddened everything from breasts up, sharing my embarrassment openly. He then looked me straight in the eyes. "Oh God, you are better than any fantasy I had ever conjured up."

"You too..." I shyly whispered as he gently leaned in for a sweet kiss. But this sweet kiss turned into something more as he moved his lips down my neck, creating a blazing trail all the way down to my chest. It made my breath ragged and my heart pump ten times harder as I brought my hands to his mussed up hair.

His mouth made contact with my nipples. They were painfully hard under his wonderful... sensuous... talented lips. Then there was his tongue. Oh God. It swirled all around my areola as he sucked. Oh fuck. Oh God, fuck. He nipped at the tip of my nipple then, which made me moan loudly. He groaned in response, now bringing his hand up to massage my other breast.

I couldn't help myself from bringing my hands down, reaching his belt buckle and undoing the thing right then. As soon as I unbuckled it, I leaned back so that his lips broke off of my chest. He looked up at me dazedly and slightly curious. I grinned devilishly before I pulled the belt from the loops. The belt landed with a whip-snap at the side of me. I got the exact reaction I was looking for as he growled and pulled his pants down in one swift motion. Edward in his undies was completely different from anything I had imagined; it was better. His cut abs led to a 'v' that reached his extended hard on that was protruding from the boxers. I licked my lips at the sight.

"I'm afraid we'll have to get even now," he said in a voice laced with lust. I was so distracted by his tone of voice that I didn't realize what he had meant until his unzipped my skirt, sliding it down achingly slow. He lifted me by the ass so that he could maneuver it all the way down, so that when it reached my calves, it pooled to the floor under the desk. We were almost completely exposed to each other. The only barriers were covering up what we wanted to reach most.

"Bella, I've wanted to evaluate you like this for so long," he said. I was so turned on that I couldn't even find what he said cheesy, but I knew this was some sort of foreplay, and I internally moaned at the thought.

"Well, I hope I'm getting a good grade, because I've been working for you, Mr. Cullen," I said breathlessly, playing along.

I was caught off guard as he shoved his hand down my panties and yanked them away from me. A shudder went through me as I was now sitting completely exposed to him, but a whole new tingle overcame my body as he brought his mouth to my ear. "Silly Bella... It's Dr. Cullen now."

With that, he shoved two fingers up my pussy. I was already so drenched that he slicked in easily, but he stilled, allowing the loud, long moan to escape my throat. Edward picked up his pace, his fingers thrusting in and out in steady movement. I was seeing stars by the time his thumb reached my clit just like earlier. Between the nerves and his rapidly quickening pace, my whole lower half of my body was ready to combust.

"Yes... Yes!" I cried out. His fingers were pumping even harder now. "Edward, I—"

And my walls clenched around his fingers. I felt a wave of warmth spill out, dripping to my shaky thighs. His pace slowed down before he pulled his fingers out. I had never even climaxed properly before Edward, I realized. He must have seen my satisfaction, because he grinned happily for me.

"Mm, Bella," he said breathily. "You're more amazing than I could ever have thought of." He surprised me further by bringing the fingers that were covered in my juices up to his mouth and stuck it in. "You taste better too."

I licked my lips. "Well, I'll have to taste for myself." With that, I thrust a finger in myself, briefly making me shudder, then brought the finger up to taste it. My lips wrapped around my fingers slowly as I let my tongue take in odd, unfamiliar taste. I drew out the action, moaning slowly as I lapped up the coated fingers. But he snatched my wrist to stop me.

Completely surprised by his quick action, I was a little scared what he'd do next. But when I looked into his eyes, all I saw was that same penetrating stare, giving me a heavy lusted look. I almost came again right then. He finally broke our staring contest by glancing down at his enormous erection. The tent of his boxers slightly intimidated me, but intrigued me more so. Without any hint, I quickly grabbed onto the elastic band and yanked it down. Still sitting on the table, however, he had to take it down the rest of the way.

We were now completely naked, and I had never been more turned on in my entire life.

"Screw taking it slow..." he said almost to himself. Then he looked in my eyes with that glint again. "I need to be in you!"

I couldn't help but to let out a scream as he had thrust his cock completely inside of me. The motion was so fast and surprising, I almost winced in pain. After all, I had never had sex with anyone as well endowed as Edward. But this proved to be perfect to my advantage because it immediately brought an intense pleasure as he stretched out my tightness. To have him fully in me was more than I had ever dreamed of. But he wasn't moving at all.

"Shit," he muttered softly. "I didn't put on protection."

I growled, cursing something like this to ruin our spontaneity. But I answered back hurriedly, "I'm on the pill. Now, please, fuck me, Edward."

He paused for a split second, but then licked his lips. "Anything for you."

And he pounded into me. His swift movements in and out made me cry out his name over and over again. The only thing in the air rivaling my cries was the sound of our skin slapping. I couldn't help myself, with the speed he was going, I came instantly, almost embarrassingly. I felt myself milk him to his thighs completely, and I thought he'd cum after me, but he didn't. If anything, it had driven him to go faster.

"Ohh, Edward," I moaned loudly as he wrapped an arm around my lower back. He pushed my body harder into him, syncing us together in perfect harmony. Then he took me by surprise my pulling us down onto the table. Goosebumps arose with the coldness of the tabletop as he pinned me down with his chest. I was sufficiently sandwiched between the table and him, but he was still pounding into me. He lifted up both my legs roughly and I automatically wrapped them around his neck. This laid down position helped his cock hit a place it wasn't previously hitting. Every time he'd hit it, I had throbbed and clenched around his very sturdy dick.

"Yes, yes, that's the spot," I chanted. "God, keep going. It feels so good, God, yes!" In turn, his dick twitched inside of me, creating a wild feel within me.

"Bella—" he grunted. "You feel so fucking good... You're so goddamn tight that..." he breathed, "I don't think I'll ever let you go."

His words brought a new orgasm to me. I felt it rising, and I screamed in pleasure. "Oh, yes! You feel so perfect, I... don't want you t'go! Ah!" He hit that spot again. "Shit! I'm—I'm so close, Edward!"

I came heavily onto him, my juices overflowing onto the table. This seemed to be his end as I felt him give a last, wild lash out in my pussy. I felt his own orgasm fill me up in juices and engorgement, and his face was beautiful as he yelled, "Fuck, Bella!"

We slowly brought ourselves to a relaxing stop. He was still in me, and I could feel every bit of sweat that was dripping onto me from him. I never felt to so connected to anyone, and the realization calmed me. As our breaths evened out, Edward started to rub the sides of my legs. Though the gesture was completely sweet, it started to turn me on more, so I bit my lip in consternation of not dwelling on it.

"Bella, if you don't stop biting your lip like that, I don't think I'd be able to stop a round two happening," he growled lightly.

"Edward, if you don't stop rubbing my legs like this, I don't think I'd be able to stop a round three, four, and five happening," I replied back, a little tiredly.

He pulled out of me quickly, and I immediately felt the loss. However, I didn't need to feel like that for long because he crawled above me, his palms at the sides of my head. My breath started to get shallow as I looked above at him hovering over me.

"I really hope this means we'll be seeing more of each other?" His cool breath hit my face directly, and I reveled in it.

The effects of his breath had me my voice shaky. "A-as long as you want it..."

"Oh Bella, I've always wanted it," he said as his eyes softened.

He leaned in for a sweet, loving kiss. Our mouths moved in complete synchronization, and even if it wasn't as urgent as our kisses before, it was more passionate and filled with feeling. I felt emotions risen up in me ten times stronger than what I had felt as an eighteen-year-old student. This felt more mature, more powerful, more everything. This was everything I wanted. This was Edward... Mr. Cullen, who I had wanted even before I met him. And even if I would never get to see him again, or if he was lying about everything he'd said, I would still have this afternoon to look back on, when my emotions were bared and his seemed to reciprocate mine.

Then a loud, impatient rap at the door brought the world outside of this room known to us. For a brief moment, I thought we were caught, but I had remembered that the walls were soundproof and that he had locked the door. He pulled back to stand up and helped me up, before glancing up the clock overhead. Apparently, our time in the study room was up.

We put on our clothes, albeit hastily and messily, considering that we were sneaking in kisses between every shuffle. Needless to say, our appearances screamed 'we-had-sex-so-what?'. It was a look I hardly, if ever, wore. I wondered if he ever had as I collected my things. Of course he had, I berated to myself, but I thought it best to have this mental conversation later on, and hopefully one day I'll work the chance to ask him for real.

My thoughts were immediately put on halt as he wrapped his arm around my waist and gave me a quick peck before unlocking and opening the door. I briefly felt bad about the person on the other side of the door because we were taking so long (and when they realized what we were doing in here), but that feeling didn't last too long as soon as the door was wide open.

In front of us was a huge, muscled man seemingly eating the face off in a heavy kiss of a voluptuous, blonde woman... when I realized I recognized this woman's distinct characterizing blonde hair.


"Oh God! Bella!" My friend immediately broke off her make-out session, her mouth swollen and red from her public display. I had no time to worry about my own proximity to Edward, because she was caught red-handed. But while her expression read deer-in-the-headlights, the big man had a wide grin as he simply pulled Rose tighter into his side. He was cute, definitely Rose's type, and I couldn't help but like the... mischievous smile he had on his face. He looked at Edward, then at me, then Edward again.

"My, my, Edward, I never knew you would use your sanctuary for something so vulgar," the man said loudly with laughter in his voice.

"Shut up, Emmett!" Edward retorted, red-faced, immediately pulling me away by the waist from Rosalie and this new boy toy she had. We were walking away now, but I knew if I turned around I would see this man and Rosalie staring us down, because I could feel their eyes boring into our backs. I was completely confused.

"What the hell is going on, Emmett?" I heard Rose say from behind us.

"Well, it seems my roommate has finally released all that sexual frustration he's been having for the last few years!" The man boomed, which wasn't a good idea with what he had just said, especially considering that we were in a library. Edward groaned in response, quickening his pace away from the library.

As soon as we were a good walking distance away, I heard Rose yell back at me, "I expect details, Bella!" And with that, I made it so that we were sprinting from the library.

Author's Note:
So… that was my first Twilight fanfic I had ever posted on a public site. I find it almost funny that it would be a one-shot (now short story), lemon, and inspired by (and originally written for) Jayeliwood's Sexy Eddie Contest. It would have been a Teacher/Doctor Edward. But eh. What can I do? Just please understand that my normal writings aren't very flufftacular (okay, maybe some of them are), and hopefully I'll have the readiness (and not to mention courage) to post my other things here soon—not just one-shot lemons. :)

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