Have fun reading. x3

It was beautiful, and so sleek, so smooth.

An ebony black cover, and pearly white pages with black lines, and every line was spaced so perfectly at exactly a quarter of an inch apart, straight as a razor's edge. The writing on the cover was in English and they were such crass words, Death Note, but the ink used to write such ugly words was a subtle mix of white and pearl and it was so perfect that the ugliness of the words didn't matter anymore.

The cover was soft to the touch, in the way that it's current "owner" was soft in his own fleshy way. Perhaps this one was made of the same material as the fleshy one who wrote in its pages, who really knew?

But oh, oh! Even the black ink that marred this book's pages, while dirty and unworthy of the note's greatness when seen on any other surface, was perfect. Each stroke of the pen was slow, deliberate and done so carefully that the words were no longer just names, but instead became a part of the note itself, a part of its beauty.

And its spine! Straight and thin, oh so thin! When opened, the pages laid perfectly flat without even a hint of a curl or tear.

Even the pages torn so ruthlessly from its lovely binding-which was exquisite, really!- were stunning, and it couldn't help but to admire them.

It really was a shame when he shut it in that dark drawer, locked away from sight.

Oh yeah, I went there. ;D

This is actually a joke/joke-based oneshot idea. It was originally supposed to be an omake theater for Utter Nonsense, but it never made it into there, so I decided to pick it up again and write it as a stand-alone shot. And yes, for those of you asking, it really is Death NotexDeath Note. I have an odd fascination with inanimate objects in love with other objects and sometimes people, and I don't know why. It's up there with my love for crackfic.