Disclaimer: The world of Star Wars is George's Lucas' sandbox. I'm simply borrowing time.

Title: Djo-Solo Family Values

Author: JadeMax

Genre: Various - Vignette Series

Time Frame: Post "From Scratch" series - NJO AU

Characters: Jacen, Tenel Ka, Gidden and the triplets (OCs) Layne, Jarid and Tana

Summary: A series of Vignettes about lessons learned in the life of the three Djo-Solo children, their adopted brother and their parents.

Vignette #1 - Share and Share Alike


"Lemme play, Tana!"

"NO!" The little girl with plain brown hair tugged purposely, stubbornly on the toy, refusing to relinquish it. Her gray eyes flashed as she glared at her brother. "It's mine!"

"It's my turn!"

"Can't you two ever share?"

The girl whirled, tugging the stuffed Wampa creature from her brother's grasp as her eyes lit up at the sound of the voice. "Gidden!"

The lanky teenage was standing in the doorway of their play room, his arms crossed over his chest, a gesture reminiscent of their father. He leaned against one wall, compensating unconsciously for the leg that was still slightly longer, though it didn't hinder him. The lightsaber hilt on his belt indicated he was well into his Jedi training. "You should learn to share with Jarid, Tana."

"No!" She shook her head, hugging the small toy close to her chest. "It was a pwesent from Ben!"

Jarid, the middle triplet, stuffed his chubby hands on his small hips. His temper matched his fiery red hair, his brandy brown eyes spitting with indignation. "Present, Tana. And cousin Ben gave it to all of us."

"No! He gave it to me!" She looked on the verge of tears as she clutched the small creature for dear life. "I'll tell mamma on you!"

Jarid didn't look the least bit scared, showing a wisdom for his six years that only manifested sporadically. "Mamma would tell you to share. Right, Gidden?"

Gidden stepped into the room, kneeling beside the youngest of the six year old triplets, casting a glance at Jarid that the little boy had learned to interpret courtesy of their father. The boy blushed before backing off a couple of steps.

Tana sniffled, a large, fat tear sliding down her cheek as she looked imploringly at Gidden. "I don't wanna let him play with Snuggles. Jawid always makes her do bad things."

Gidden reached out to wipe the tear off his littlest sister's face. "Snuggles doesn't mind. She's a Wampa creature, remember? She has to eat too."

"Nuh-huh." Tana shook her head, the braided length almost catching Gidden's hand. "Papa said 'cause she's not weal, she don't."

"She doesn't?"

Tana nodded, glaring as only a sister can at Jarid over Gidden's shoulder. "Jawid wants to make her mean."

"Is she mean when she comes back to you?"

"She doesn't wanna snuggle. Is that mean?"

"I think it just means Snuggles knows that when she plays with Jarid, she can be a little more ferocious than when she plays with you." Gidden wiped a second tear off her face. He'd always had a soft spot for the youngest and smallest of the triplets. Tana was almost identical to the girl that still haunted his dreams on occasion. "Don't you think Snuggles knows that you have to share her with Layne and Jarid?"

"I suppose." Tana's face fell, her grip slackening on the toy.

Gidden grinned, knowing she was softening and then tempted her, dropping his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. "If you let Jarid play with the toy, I'll sneak you into the kitchens later for a sweet treat."

Her eyes widened with delight and she nodded silently, indicating her agreement. She bounced beyond him and thrust the toy at Jarid. "Hewe, Jawid. Snuggles wants to play with you fow a while."

Jarid blinked and then snatched the toy away with a crow of triumph. "You won't get her back for a week!"

Gidden reached out and caught the boy by the shoulder before he could dart away. "Tana did something nice for you Jarid, is that the way you show you appreciate being allowed to play with her favorite toy?"

Jarid blinked. "But, she wasn't going to let me play!"

"And yet you have Snuggles."

The younger boy scuffed his foot on the ground. "So?"

"So, if she's being nice to you, you should-?"

"Be nice back." Jarid sighed exaggeratedly and grimaced. "I'll give Snuggles back when I'm done."

Gidden patted his brother's shoulder and grinned, getting to his feet. "That's my little bro; share and share alike. Now, play nice so I can go back to meditating."

"Yes Gidden!" They chorused.

Tana hopped to the corner of the play room with shelves that lines the walls to look for another toy to play with as Jarid settled down in the corner where he'd already set up his toy soldiers and began using "Snuggles" the Wampa to trash it.

Later that evening, Gidden kept his promise to Tana and managed to help her filch a cookie. Tana, feeling gracious, insisted they take one for Jarid and Layne as well. When Gidden indicated his surprise at her thoughtfulness she shrugged, repeating slowly and deliberately, with proper "r"s the phrase he'd used with Jarid. "Share and share alike. I'll be nice."