At the beginning of the 21st century, the Umbrella Corporation had become the largest commercial entity in the United States. Nine out of every ten homes contain its products. Its political and financial influence is felt everywhere. In public, it is the world's leading supplier of computer technology, medical products, and healthcare. Its massive profits are generated by military technology, genetic experimentation and viral weaponry. It was because of Umbrella that the world was thrown into chaos.

In an underground facility:

Wesker cursed before heaving a thick medical book that lay on the office desk before him across the room, leaving a hole in the otherwise plain white wall. They hadn't found him. He flexed the muscles in his arm, clenching his teeth, and grabbed the back the chair, pulling it towards him. Sitting in it, he leaned back, trying to control his anger. He fixed his concentration on the damaged wallboard, beginning to find satisfaction in his anger.

He was getting stronger; the virus that flowed continuously through his veins allowed him access to power he never thought he'd possess. It gotten to the point where his fiery, cat-like eyes startled him whenever he looked into a mirror, but he had since grown use to it. In fact, he enjoyed the menacing look that he carried, and loved the reaction of the other scientists when he walked into a room. He smiled thinking about destroying the room with his fists before he heard a buzz.

Leaving his thoughts, he spoke up. "What is it?" he asked harshly, seeing a young man garbed in white enter the room.

"Sir, Dr. Isaac would like to see you downstairs," the man said, looking away from Wesker to the damaged wall. "Might I also remind you that these are state of the art facilities that have cost Umbrella millions of dollars in profits and that throwing things about in a careless manner will not be tolerated."

Wesker glared at the man. What an ignorant fool. He couldn't help but laugh at young man's arrogance, as he stood up from the leather chair. Reaching up, he took his sunglasses off, wiping them with the edge of his black suit. "What is your name?" he asked, a sly look covering his face as he looked up at the man.

"Wha-what are you?" he asked, the shock apparent on his face.

Wesker could sense the man's pulse rising, his heart pumping out blood to his organs in a desperate attempt to keep him from losing consciousness. Crossing the room, he was no more than a foot away from the man when he spoke again. "You would do well to remember your place, because if it weren't for you still standing in my office, you would be a dead man."

Wesker left the man scared out of his wits in the doorway of the office, dumbstruck with fear.

Taking the elevator to sector C-4, he walked down a plain hallway before reaching a room filled with stasis tanks. Although most were empty, some contained sample data, which would be used when new variations of the T virus were discovered; for now, they would sit and lay dormant until became of more use.

Seeing a host of scientists working frantically on various tasks, he walked over to where Isaac stood. Not knowing what he was watching through the glass windows, he joined him. Seeing the huge, white empty room, he looked over at him.

"Patience, Wesker, patience. I haven't brought you down here for nothing. They are going to get her as we speak," Isaac assured.

"Who?" Wesker questioned.

"You'll see," he answered.

After a few minutes had passed, two armed security men entered the room, following a scientist who walked before a prisoner. Upon entering the room, the scientist chained the blindfolded her to a metal pole located in the center of the room, and then was escorted from the room by the armed men. The door was then secured.

Wesker studied the girl for a few moments, wondering why she was so familiar, before Isaac spoke up. "I can't believe she is still alive after the raid."

Redfield. Claire mother fucking Redfield.

Twisting his neck slightly, Wesker's blood began to boil with obvious disdain, as he watched her regain consciousness. She managed to remove her blindfold and look around the white room, her eyes coming to rest on the small doors opposite her. Seeing the fear in her eyes as she realized she was no longer armed, he looked down at the computer screen out front of him.

Her stats were becoming erratic and it was obvious that she was frightened. Relishing the feeling, Wesker began typing into the command module before stopping himself. He took a moment to look at her stats, before realizing they were way above normal for a human. By all rights she should've been dead.

"What was she injected with?" he asked, closing the command box.

"They injected her with a vile of T Virus. For the first few hours, she was unaffected by it, so she was given a higher dosage; we are just now beginning to see the effects."

A few hours? And no one told me? Wesker asked himself, before swearing he would kill somebody.

Looking back up, he realized that her body was rocking back and forth with convulsions, a typical prelude of things to come. Within a few minutes, her cells would begin breaking down, and she would physically die, only to be reanimated by the virus a few moments later. It was then they would use her as a test subject.

The only problem was, after a few moments, the convulsions stopped and she stiffened against the pole. Watching closely, Wesker came to realize that she had broken the chain that kept her bound to the pole. Smiling slightly, he entered a command again, this time finishing it.

A door immediately opened on the other side of the room, releasing a mutated dog, which had also felt the effects of the virus. Most of the skin had deteriorated, leaving a sinewy flesh that almost revolted him. Almost.

As it raced across the room towards Claire, he watched in excitement as it lunged hungrily for her throat, before Claire rolled off to the side. Wesker listened as he heard the jaws of the animal clamp shut on open air before its legs were reunited with the ground. It turned quickly and began its new attack as Claire ran towards the opposite side of the room, determined to kill its meal.

Readying the chain in her hands, she waited until the Doberman was within reach and she lashed out at it, using the chain to pummel it towards the wall where it hit hard, creating a snapping sound. It fell lifeless to the ground, the blood from its crushed ribcage spilling onto the floor in a small puddle.

Jesus Christ.

Wesker watched the entire event as if he were dreaming. It hadn't fully sunk it that Claire killed the dog so easily until he heard the door unlock and two security guards entered with guns pointed at her chest. He blinked, ready to watch every move she made. This could be interesting.

She surrendered, though, causing him to curse. " I want all reports done on her by morning," he demanded, walking out of the room.

"LIE DOWN NOW!" one of the men yelled at her.

Claire couldn't quite grasp the situation around her; she could hardly remember the last few moments, let alone the last hours. Who knows how long she had been hereā€¦.

Obliging them, she lay down, careful not to come into contact with the blood that was splattered across the floor.

"Stop." She heard a smooth voice demand. Looking up, she saw a tall, black suited man enter the room. "You're assistance here is no longer required," he announced to the men, who hesitantly opened the door and waited outside the room.

She watched as the blonde haired man took off his sunglasses and glanced around the room. "That was quite impressive."

At a loss for words, she stood up slowly, hoping that she did not offend the man. By the color of his eyes and the presence she felt from him, she knew not to overstep her boundaries. "Wh-who are you?" she asked, daring to look into his sinister eyes.

Ignoring her question, he walked around the room to where the corpse of the animal lay. He examined it, before turning back to her.

"Do you remember anything?"


Eyeing her, he knew she wasn't trying to deceive him. He figured that her mind had been purged so that she could be controlled, which fit perfectly into the scheme forming in his head; He could use Claire to his advantage. In the brief battle she had been faced with, she had destroyed her opposition almost momentarily. Wesker guessed that her strength would grow in time, and she could become Umbrella's next project.

Chuckling slightly he left the room and nodded to the men waiting outside to take care of her. This was going to be interesting.