Liaisons - Part 2

several months later

Kyp Durron shielded his eyes from the glare, staring out across the Hapan oceans as the sun set in the distance. The blues turned brilliant shades of red and orange as the sun slowly sank below the horizon.

He was alone, an unexpected circumstance to be certain, on the beach behind the Fountain Palace, the wind teasing hair that had begun to silver with age. He was getting too old for this stuff. With Tenel Ka and Jacen on holidays, he'd agreed to become their babysitter on short notice until the climate cooled down.

The only downside was that the triplets were a handful and not always one he could handle. He was grateful Gidden was old enough to take on a lot of the responsibilities.


He hit the sand with a thump, barely rolling in time to avoid eating it, as a lean, wiry figure, soft in all the right places, pinned him to the sand. Need and desire slammed into his so quickly he couldn't hide his reaction; didn't try to as the warm heat of the obviously feminine form pinning him down shifted to get comfortable.

He shook his head to get his hair out of his eyes and found himself staring up into the most silver-blue set of orbs he'd ever seen. Familiar silver blue eyes. He blinked, taking a minute to realize that he's just been tackled without warning; he's been surprised by a non-Force sensitive. Regardless of his body's reaction, in spite of it, he couldn't help but stare at her incredulously. "Scruffy?"

"Call me Kayla."

Her voice was low, whispered, a purr of intention and desire he hadn't been expecting. But then, he hadn't been expecting anyone to find him on the beach, or have the nerve to take him down.

Kyp swallowed hard as her head lowered, her lips stopping barely a breath from his own. Her voice was softer, more feminine when she whispered, her breath brushing gently across his cheek. His throat worked; why was she suddenly lying atop him? He fought for normalcy. "Kayla. That's a lovely name."

Her silver-blue eyes sparkled, crinkling at the corners. "You tell anyone and I'll have to hurt you."

"I'd like to see you try."

"Is that a challenge, Master Durron?"

The way she purred his title was almost like a physical caress, so much so that he reacted instantly. He shifted his hands, sliding them up along the tight muscles of her forearms. She was coiled, almost humming with tension as she waited. His grip was tight on her upper arms as he slanted his mouth confidently over hers, rolling in the sand so that she lay under him, no longer pressing down into his body, but supporting it.

She gripped his forearms with equal strength, pleasure in the pain despite the tightness, as she ferociously returned his kiss. He tasted a hint of blood as her teeth cut into his lip and adjusted his head, plunging his tongue into her mouth in a blatantly aggressive move. She had started this; he was going to finish it.

She writhed underneath him, as if attempting to throw him off; he could feel her muscles bunching and shifting, bracing themselves for resistance even as her tongue dueled with his. He pulled back after a moment, gasping for air. "Why?"

She hauled him back down, twisting her body with a sinuous movement so she rolled back atop him, straddling his hips. "Why not?" Her tone was a challenge, filled with need and want, a woman searching for acceptance and companionship.

A one night stand with the second-in-command of Jacen and Tenel Ka's guard? Who was he to complain? "Why not indeed."

His eyes widened as she reached down, tearing his shirt in half with a jerk of her wrists and sending buttons flying across the sand. Her mouth was hot and demanding on his, moving with almost ravenous hunger. The sound of cloth tearing barely registered beyond her kiss as her hands worked between them, baring skin to the sea breeze.

Her hands suddenly plunged into his hair, holding his head with a commanding grip. He reacted instantly, wondering what ever had possessed her to come after him, his hands plunging into her short hair and gripping tightly. She hissed against his mouth and he would have barred his teeth in a grin if she hadn't been so close.

This was fun.

He heaved, tossing her around once more so that she lay beneath him, only this time her legs were spread, still locked around his hips, cradling him more intimately than before as her body molded around his. Flesh to flesh. He tore his mouth away, biting down hard on her shoulder and drawing a surprised spasm from her body. They were out of control, beyond thinking, and neither cared as his cape formed a flimsy barrier between them and the sand as he claimed her in one swift, confident motion.

Her whole body arched as he did, her gasp - almost a scream - of pleasure echoed across the waves. And then, after a brief pause, their gazes locked and Kyp claimed her completely.

Oh yes; he was going to finish it indeed.