Chp. 1: Construction of the Fold Drive Machine

Space, a mysterious yet beautiful place filled with many stars and constellations; vast and seemingly empty of everything else. Planets and other star systems lay, waiting to be found. But you would have to get to the Heavens first to get to the stars and beyond...

The planet Terra Green, a planet lush with life; advancing in the exploration of space and machine technology. A single, large capital stood right in the heart of the beautiful planet called Terak Bay which was surrounded by a enormous sea with train lines connecting to the mainland. The capital, white and silver buildings standing high as if reaching to the sky, bustled with the everyday yet mundane routine of its citizens who traveled to work, school, or simply wanted to get out of the house for the day. At the center of Terak Bay stood an even larger building where a crowd of people, mostly newsreporters, stood at the doors.

"Would Professor Greyhouse come out and speak with us?" a female reporter asked. She wore a black female business suit and had long flowing green hair with green tribal markings on her pale skin.

"I'm sorry," a guard dressed in a full-white/black combat armored suit told the woman, "but Professor Greyhouse and the Terak Bay Government officials are currently in a meeting at the moment." The crowd of reporters began to argue with the guards, ordering to be let inside.

"What is it that the professor and the government officials are speaking about?" another reporter, a male, asked.

"Something that I'm not at liberty to discuss."

The crowd began to complain and argue as the guards stationed at the doors pushed them back. "Stay back, now, or we'll be ordered to use force!" Inside the building, a group of men dressed in business suits sat at a large rectangular table which illuminated the dark room they were in. They watched a holographic monitor where the complaining reporters were at the door.

"Hmph...vultures," a man with thinning hair said. "They always find the next rumor or information that could be used as a cover story." The other men nodded once the monitor had vanished and the room became a bit lighter. "So, let's get down to business. Do you have any updates on your machine's progress?"

"Yes, I do," a man said standing up from his seat on the far wall. He had long white-silver hair tied back in a low ponytail, a pair of blue tinted glasses on her face. His bangs nearly hid his light blue cat-like eyes, an eerie glow coming from them. The man straightened his white labcoat as he chewed on a pink straw. "The progress is going pretty well, considering the fact that we excavated this machine out in the Southern's still in good condition. We're putting the modified Shock armor on right now and installing the Fold Drive in its mainframe."

"But is it operational yet, Prof. Greyhouse?" a woman (the only one) with two red lines under her right eye and crimson hair asked. "And this Fold and your research team came up with this?"

"No, it's not yet operational and I came up with the Fold Drive system." Greyhouse took out a mini-computer and placed a USB cord into the table. At that instant, a holographic monitor showing a diagram popped up. "Here's a question for you, lady and gentlemen: what is the fastest way to Point A to Point B? I'll give ya some time to think about it." The officials looked to one another then back at the white-haired man.

"Could you...explain to us?" one man asked. Greyhouse smirked lightly. "Alright then...theoretically, the fastest way to get from point A to Point B is to bend/fold space and time so that both points exist at the same place at the same time."

"Ah, I've thought this through," the thin-haired man asked leaning back in his chair.

"I want to go out and see what other planets are out there," the white-haired man said. "To be able to find a place where others like ourselves exist on other's the most exciting thing!"

The red-haired woman cleared her throat some as she caught Greyhouse's attention. "So...all that's left to do is find a suitable pilot for this machine of yours along with a name."

"We already have a model number for it, ma'am. It's the GSX-401EX," Greyhouse said pushing up his glasses. "No actual name has been chosen as of yet." The group talked amongst themselves until a soft beeping noise echoed in the room. "My apologies. It must be my wife calling me. May I take the call?"

A round man sat at the head of the table with his hands sitting on his round belly nodded his head to him. "Go ahead." The white-haired man nodded, answering his slim blue phone. "Yes, this is Greyhouse speaking...hey, love...what? she's coming here? When?" Greyhouse glanced back at the officials then nodded. "Alright then. But she'll have to go the backway...yes, we have visitors."

Down the street, a black/white hoverscooter sped down the crowded road, a young woman revving the rather loud engine continuously. She wore a black helmet which was outlined with a dark red and blue goggles over her eyes. The girl wore an open greyish-white jacket; a white blouse along with a green/white tie around her neck. She dodged in and out of the traffic as a wild grin came across her face.

"Hey, watch it, you brat!" a man yelled from a delivery hover truck. The girl raised her gloved hand, her middle finger sticking straight up, making the man growl in response.

"Nothin' but a lil' rebel..." The girl glanced back at the man then sped off down the road and left behind a neon blue streak from its engine. "Always the lil' rebel," she sang to herself. She looked up at the large white building--the Terak Bay Government Offices--with a slight grimace. The girl made a sudden turn towards the entrance of the building's parking lot as she stopped, glancing at the crowd of people and turning the scooter off.

Sheez....again? she thought to herself. She took off her helmet to show locks of pure white-hair, black bangs covering her goggles, black strands on either side of her face. She pushed the goggles up; glowing blue-green eyes looking at the crowd with some interest. Climbing off the scooter, she fixed her black skirt and knee-high green socks. "Dad's gettin' popular now..." The white-haired girl made her way towards the entrance as a guard looked at her then pressed a button on the side of his helmet.

"Chairman, Professor Greyhouse's daughter is here," he said in a soft voice so that the reporters couldn't here.

"Let her in," a gruff-sounding man ordered. The guard nodded. "Alright, make way here!" The crowd parted some to let the white-haired girl walk through them. "Excuse me, miss? Aren't you Professor Greyhouse's daughter?"

"That's for me to know and you to find out," the girl said walking to the door. "If you are his daughter...tell us: what is your father working on?!"

She turned her head to the reporters, a smirk on her face. "Like I said before: that's for me to know and you to find out." The crowd immediately went back to complaining as they watched the white-haired girl walk into the building.

"Seems like your daughter decided to come straight here instead of your hangar, Professor Greyhouse," a rather large man who had an eyepatch over his right eye; his left a dark shade of gold.

"She's just like her mother, really...stubborn and a bad temper when enraged, like a rampaging Dogbeast," the white-haired man replied rubbing the back of his head while the officials chuckled lightly. "But anyway, about the pilot...I will be conducting tests with soldiers whom you have selected or just volunteered, not knowing what the hell they were getting into. But I assume they're like me: they want to see space as well."

The large man chuckled lightly. "And does your daughter know of this project of yours?"

"Of course she does! I've been working on it since she entered middle school. She and my wife have been supporting me through this tough time of mine." Greyhouse decided to pose dramatically with his hand on his head, his face in a look of exhaustion.

"You and your jokes, Professor," the red-haired woman replied. "But continue on with your project. We expect to see results." The white-haired man nodded as he saluted the officials. "Will do, ma'am. Thank you for your time."

**Chapter One: End**

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'I assure you no harm will come to you. But with this machine, it can transcend both the Heavens and the stars above, you know! We'll find others like us!' Greyhouse exclaimed. 'I bet my pretty daughter could handle this mech with ease! Though it's kinda strange that she won't bring home a boyfriend...'

'Geez, Dad...knock it off!'

Now the soldiers were sure of it: Professor Ran Greyhouse was crazy and full of himself.