AN: Man have I fallen head over heels for this series. Naturally, the writer in me wanted to contribute something to this wonderful show. (Both the Novels and Anime.) So here's my take on an SOS Brigade Adventure.

Disclaimer: The Suzumiya Haruhi series of novels and anime are the creations and property of Tanigawa Nagaru. Excellent Work, man!


The Madness of Suzumiya Haruhi



I'd been with the SOS Brigade for a little over half a year so far, and in that short space of time I've had more strange and unexplainable events occur in my life than probably anyone else in the world. You might think, 'man, I envy this guy, being able to experience such amazing things on a daily basis'. Well, if that's your train of thought, then you're probably more insane than Haruhi is. If you'd been in my shoes since the start of the SOS Brigade, then you would clearly see why I'm not a guy you should be envious of. Nearly everyone at North High seems to have made up their mind as such; as one would react when a huge locomotive is speeding right towards you. Yes, they all jumped well clear and stayed that way.

I've asked myself a question since the very beginning, and that was 'How'd I go from a simple side character to the protagonist of such a ridiculous story?' Well that's another story all together, and one that I can't be bothered reciting now, for I seriously feel I'd suffer a nervous breakdown if I tried to remember everything all at once. As such, I'd always deal with crazy events and the like by just not pondering over it too much. I've gotten better and better at taking the insanity that Haruhi brought in stride. It's actually helped me stay alive in a few situations.

A thing that always helped me keep my head, was that no matter how utterly crazy and downright stupid things became, there had always been some form of explanation for it all. After every such event, Nagato would usually explain things in a way that at least made it all make some form of sense. Koizumi was a degree less useful in this regard, as his overly long self-indulgent explanations on the machinations of Haruhi's power were so ambiguous and full of holes that I still ponder why I even listen to him in the first place. Plus, that fake smile he always wears just pisses me off. How am I supposed to take you seriously if you look like everything you say is a stupid joke?

And then there's Asahina-san. Any time I asked her to explain things, she'd just pull one of those cute faces of hers and whisper 'Classified Information.' Ack, it was criminal whenever she did that. It made it impossible to try and coax anything from her.

Anyway, enough of my blabbing. My point of all this is that every one of the disasters that Haruhi caused had some explanation or meaning behind it. A reason that it happened.

But not like that day.

Heh, I know right? That's probably the least imaginative way to start the story, huh? I don't think 'It started like any normal day' or 'It was a dark and stormy night' would fare any better in this case. Something needs to start this thing, or this prologue will go on forever.

Ah, whatever. It was a hot summers day…