I tossed and turned in my sleep, not that I could sleep yet it seemed that I was too restless

Chicago, 1918

I tied my black hair with a ribbon and hurried downstairs to where my father was waiting.

He put on his coat and opened the front door of the house.

"My dear, you look lovely." He said, as he kissed my forehead and lead me outside.

"Thank you father." I replied with a smile.

"Now, remember what I said." He warned, pointing his index finger at me.

I sighed, "Yes father. No running off to wherever and absolutely no boisterous noise."

"Good." He said and his smile faded instantly. "Elise, please don't roam around, I beg of you. If it were not for you being alone at home since your mother went to New York because of your sick aunt, I swear to God, I would never bring you with me."

"Oh hush, father. You're talking like it will be the death of me." I said, waving a hand as we walked briskly to the hospital at least two blocks away from our house.

"I'm not joking Elise. These people are sick and are contagious. I don't want you going near them." He said sternly.

"Now button up your jacket. I don't want you catching a cold. Got it?" He said as he put his hand on the door.

"Yes, father." I said, trying not to roll my eyes at him.

"Dr. Black!" The nurses called after him as he dragged me along the halls of the already crowded hospital. Everybody was in hysterics and it seemed that my father was utterly confused at what was happening at the moment.

"Chrostopher." A smooth voice said from behind us. My father looked his way and nodded in greeting.

"Carlisle. I say, what is happening?" My father said as doctors and nurses passed us by, bumping our shoulders with not a care in the world to say an apology.

"My dear friend, even if I do not like being the giver of bad news, I have no choice but to tell you that this epidemic has worsen immensely overnight." He said, a worried look on his pale, handsome face. And as if he just noticed me beside my father he turned and said, giving me a small smile, "Good morning Elise."

I greeted him as well, yet instead of looking at him, my eye caught a bronzed hair boy at the corner of the room, on his whitewashed bed, his hands in fists as he grabbed unto his sheets as the nurse told him something, his face contorted with anger and sadness. He looked like he was about to thrash the place down in frustration yet was too weak to do anything at all except glare and cough.

"That's Edward Masen." Carlisle told me, as he noticed that I was looking at him. I blushed and glanced at my father. To my surprise, he was gone.

"Your father went with Dr. Easton. It seems there was an emergency. He told me to keep an eye on you." He said, as if he was reading my mind.

"Father still thinks that I'm still a child." I said, shaking my head.

"Nonsense, he's just worried about you." Carlisle said and pressed his hand against my back, urging me to move forward.

"Come on, I'll introduce you to him. He needs a friend. His parents just died." He said, sympathy in his voice.

"Dr. Cullen." Edward said, he didn't smile, he didn't nod in greeting. He just looked at him then he bent down his head and his back began to shake as tears dropped on his white sheets.

"Edward. I'm very sorry. There was nothing I could do. I'm terribly sorry, Edward. Please forgive me." Carlisle said, patting the boy's back, trying to comfort him.

"It's fine, Dr. Cullen. I know it's not your fault. It's this retched flu, killing us all. Some survive, some don't and I always wanted to get through this yet now I don't know what to think." He said, wiping his tears with the back of his hand, his head still bent down.

"Edward, don't ever think that ever again. Now pull yourself together. You're going to get through this."

"Thank you, Doctor." Edward said, finally raising his head and looking at Carlisle.

He smiled, "Good and call me Carlisle, everyone does."

"Oh, and Edward, I want to meet a friend. This is Elise Black."

Edward finally noticed me standing there and I looked into his deep green eyes and smiled.

"Hello Edward."