Tucked beneath the sheets, the couple stayed pressed against each other, their arms intertwined and their eyes closed as the boy's fingers made random circles on her back, trailing her smooth skin against the feel of his hands.

"What do you think they're doing in there?" A voice questioned from the hallway. Both their ears perked up to the conversation that seemed to be at their door. They shared a fleeting glance at each other and looked towards the mahogany door separating the couple from another pair in the hotel corridor.

"Probably something nasty." The other voice countered, somehow Elise and Edward could see the smug look on the boy's face when he said it.

A swat was heard then, "Gross. Not everyone's like you, Emmett."

Elise had to bite her tongue from trying not to snort out a laugh.

"They can probably hear us, Rose." Emmett replied in a fake hush tone.

"And that has ever stopped you, when?"


"Let's leave the two alone, shall we." Rosalie added and called out, "Don't do anything we wouldn't."

Yet, to that statement Emmett chuckled, "On second thought, don't do anything we would."

Suddenly, a slight scream of surprise came over Rosalie as they entered their room.


"Just don't think about it." Edward whispered to Elise when he saw her expression. He gave a small smile of appreciation that they had time alone together despite all the twists and turns that they had encountered.

"I've been scarred for life, Edward, nothing can save me now."

He gave a large grin at her joke and kissed her temple. Looking straight into her eyes, deeper than anyone had ever done, he lightly said, "I love you."

Knowing the last time he had mentioned those three words to Elise, she had grown wide eyed and unapproachable, he waited steadily yet unsure of the answer that she was going to blurt out.

Light passed through his amber eyes however, when she moved closer to him and kissed him. The words of I love you lightly brushing against his lips when she had said them. His lips tugged upward into a smile of his own as he kissed her softly for the hundredth time that day.

They were, however, interrupted with a staggering buzz of Edward's mobile phone on the nightstand. Seeming urgent, Edward gave a sigh of annoyance when he answered the unidentified number.


"Hey Bloodsucker, it's me, your favourite dog! Sorry to interrupt your worthless trip but you need to come back here." A slight thud and a groan of pain was heard from the other line as the voice of Jacob Black was heard once again. "Yeah, well vacation ends early, dude. You need to get back here, NOW."

The line went dead as Edward and Elise exchanged confused looks.


A hundred miles away, however, Jacob Black swiftly slammed a puny looking boy into a bedroom wall once again. His hand on the bloody boy's neck, he hissed, "Could you please explain to me how this little mishap happened again, Mike Newton?"