Author's Notes

First off, I would like to insert here the disclaimer that I just borrowed JK Rowling's characters, and the only thing I stake a claim in are my characters (Keira and Alessander).

Second, I want to thank everyone who read this for reading this, and for those of you who stayed with me since the beginning, thank you for your patience with my erratic updating habits.

Third, there is a sequel in the works. (Hopefully it won't take another two years to finish and post, but no one knows what the future holds.) I'm going to be working on the sequel later, but right now, I am turning my focus onto Marble Serpent. (I am at college, though, and as an English major, I will be doing a lot of writing for my classes. Updates won't be frequent, but they'll be there and hopefully they won't be too horrible.

Fourth (and final), if anyone else is interested in using the prompt list for their own work - fanfiction or otherwise, it's right below this note.

Again, thank you all for reading this.

- Lee

Prompt List

001. Don't sit on the radiator

002. Something falls from the sky

003. Whistling down the street

004. The patient lay quietly

005. The cat rubbed against the fence

006. It was the best and worst day of my life

007. She sits upon the shore

008. The tide washed over his feet

009. Let's make gingerbread!

010. I don't quite understand

011. Speak more slowly

012. I heard the camera shutter go off

013. I could hear someone moaning

014. I think a spider bit me!

015. The world swayed

016. It was a long way to the ground

017. We rolled down the hill

018. I think I'm going to be ill

019. We dare not waste a single drop

020. I thought he was going to shoot me

021. She kicked the ball

022. He looked so fair

023. I was going to have to get used to calling her my wife

024. The young will never be wise

025. Here, have this

026. Waiting at the airport

027. I saw some money on the ground

028. She taught me how to whistle

029. The radio blared

030. I pricked myself on a thistle

031. The tapestry was unfinished

032. I never liked needlework

033. The colors were rich

034. You have chocolate on your chin

035. The water was tepid

036. I couldn't find my notebook

037. He chanted under his breath

038. She always said that

039. They've forgotten too

040. Go to sleep now

041. A lonely death

042. That's a nice umbrella

043. The rain poured down for days

044. I can hardly wait

045. It was a scorching hot Christmas

046. We'll make it fly

047. Picking berries from the bush

048. We used to sneak into the neighbor's garden

049. She had suntanned skin

050. What on earth are you talking about?

051. Say a prayer for me

052. He came from the north

053. I barely recognized you

054. She dropped the knife

055. He flashed his badge

056. It's all too much

057. Let's party!

058. She stirred her martini

059. Dance, dance, dance

060. I'm in the mood for lovin'

061. We reached for the sky

062. Her face was almost hidden behind the fairy floss

063. Can we ride it again, please?

064. The tennis racket had no strings

065. The paint was peeling

066. It was the perfect crime

067. This is the way the world ends

068. Flowers bloomed

069. We loved climbing trees

070. It was all fine, until ...

071. The lights went out

072. Shut your dog up!

073. I see you haven't changed

074. Too late for sympathy

075. I saw a typewriter by the side of the road

076. Of fairies and unseen things

077. It might be worth a bit of cash

078. If you could see me now

079. The duo bowed to tumultuous applause

080. He had a voice like silk

081. In so many words

082. Why don't you get a real job?

083. I pulled my coat tight

084. The sun shone down

085. She reached for a cupcake

086. All that had been left to me was the house

087. I was tongue tied

088. I found myself in another world

089. The arrow flew true

090. The compass needle went wild

091. I laid eyes on what I'd found

092. The airplane roared overhead

093. We went onto the balcony

094. I held her close to me

095. We would be heroes

096. She fluttered like a bird

097. The stars crashed around me

098. The jigsaw puzzle was missing a piece

099. She stared defiantly

100. There was a knock at the door