My Arabian Knight

My Arabian Knight

You have a gentle and kind soul

Your eyes make me feverish

Instead of fighting for some reward

Or recognition

You fight for peace and loved ones

You tell me I am kind

Kinder than you even

But how can I be

After stabbing you with my sword?

You had kindness in your heart all along

I stabbed you, but you say nothing,

but continue to tell me I'm kind.

Why are you so kind to me?

Can peace truly surpass war?

You have an army of Arabian soldiers

To do whatever you tell them.

You are a soldier yourself

I love soldiers

I love war

It's beautiful.

But you shown me the ugliness that hides behind it.

My dear Arabian Knight

Your kindness fills me

You are not like other warriors

You are noble and kind

Thoughtful and strong.

That is what I love about you,

My dear Arabian Knight.