"Hurry Link!"

Link and Zelda ran through the town as the castle way behind them burns. A small white fairy lead the way as they made their way to Hyrule Field. Link had his sword in one hand and Zelda's hand in another. The fairy zoomed off in one direction, "We'll hide in the Village of the Blue Maiden."

Link was after her in seconds as Zelda was right behind him. Screams could be heard echoing from the village they came from. Zelda looked back as she hears the voices of all those dying people. Suddenly an arrow zoomed out of nowhere and buried itself into Link's calf. Link shrieks in pain and drops to the ground. Link tries to stand but another arrow hits him in the back. He looks up at Zelda who was trying to get him to stand up. "Go! Princess! Don't worry about me! Escape!"

"Link, I-I can't! Your my only friend left. I can't!"

Link lifted his hand to her face and wiped away her tears. "You are the only one that can bring a future to Hyrule. Please..."

Zelda stared at him as her tears fell. She brought Link into a big hug as she kissed his cheek. "I'm sorry! Goodbye Link!"

"Goodbye, my friend..."

Zelda then ran off after the white fairy only looking back on last time to get one last glimpse of her best friend since birth. She cried all the way to the village, and even then she mourned.


Link tried to run after her but another arrow hits his shoulder and moblins could be heard not far behind. He pulled his sword and turned to face his death. The results were bloody as he sliced through each one. He received a gash as his side, a cut in his arm, a gash to run up his other leg, and bruises all over his body. Link collapsed right there.

He flashed in and out of consciousness as he loses track of time. How long has he been laying there now? He doesn't know anymore. Footprints could be heard as a shadow approached him. He kneels down next to Link and lifts his head to inspect his face. "Beautiful." The voices was almost like a whisper as it said that. It laid Link back down and began to pull out the arrows. Link whimpered and shout as the first arrow was pulled from his calf. The shadow strokes Links hair to calm him down. He continues until all the arrows are gone. He then turns Link over and lifted him from the ground. The shadow smiled as the boy closed his eyes and began to whimper some more. He turned to the castle and walked towards it as Link finally blacks out.


Link opened his eyes as his whole body ached. He looked around as best as he could. He was in a warm bed with white sheets and blanket, there was a table with a few chairs and food, there was a dresser, a full length mirror, and a single door. He closed his eyes as a breeze entered the room. The breeze became a gust of wind which formed a tornado. The winds subsided to reveal Vaati. Vaati walked over to Link as the boy's eyes widen. He tried to move but the pain only worsened so he could only lay there and stare in fear at the man he was running from. Vaati lifted the blanket to look at his body. He was naked, save for some bandages. Link shivered as he checked the bandages without saying a word. He then lowered the blanket back onto the boy's body and walked over to the table to grab one of the chairs. As he dragged it over to the bed, he looked down at the injured youth. "Your wounds are healing nicely. You should be able to move around soon."

He carries over a plate of food and sits down in the chair. "Hungry?" Link shakes his head. "More for me."

As he began to eat, Link watched as he licked his lips somewhat. It did look yummy. Suddenly his stomach gave a harsh growl, defying its master's wishes. Vaati gave a toothy grin at this while Link looked away. Vaati breaks of a piece of bread and holds it to Link's lips. "Come, you must eat something." Link at first refused but his stomach growled again and finally he opened his mouth enough for Vaati to put the bread in. Link chewed the food and swallowed. He can feel the food travel down his throat. Vaati smiled as he continued to feed Link. Once Link couldn't eat anymore, Vaati ate what was left and puts the now empty plate back at the table.


Vaati turns as the words reach him. He looks at Link. "Why what?" "Why? Why are you helping me? I defeated you when I was eleven, and that was last year. I sealed you away and stopped your evil deeds, yet now you help me. I thought you hate me. Why?"

Vaati smiled. "You really believed all of that? That you single handedly defeated Ganondorf, and that a year later you defeated me? I'm afraid not dear boy. Those dungeons and battles were nothing more than mere tests. Ganondorf underestimated you and never even used his full power. You have yet to see his true power. I on the other hand was testing you and your abilities. You are incredibly strong for someone your age you see. You have much power, wisdom, and courage in you. I've grown fond of you. I will not hurt you, but that does not mean you will be treated as a guest. The door leads to the bathrooms but that is it. There is no way out. Now rest young child. You need your sleep."

Vaati then vanishes from the spot. Link stares at the empty spot for a few more minutes before looking up at the ceiling. He did not know what to do. He suddenly felt sleep overcome him as the food sets in his stomach.