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In castle town, many monsters could be seen looming about. The moblins were grunting stupidly to each other while the stalfols walk as if in a daze. A few dark nuts and iron knuckles look out at the pathetic excuse for an army and snigger jokes to each other. They walk about until a bunch of giant barrels with skulls come rolling into the place. Everyone stares at them and come closer to get a better look. A moblin decides to crack on open with his spear. Bad idea. The barrels explode killing over half the group and sending the survivors flying. Suddenly guards, Gorons, Zoras, Sheikah, and much more were storming the city, drawing many of the guards from the castle. The war has begun.


Inside the castle, fights broke out as some traitors attack those still loyal to the pig-fiend. Vaati looks at Link. as the group hurries down the corridor. Perla was leading Malon out of the castle and to safety while the rest of them were going to confront Ganon. Dark pounces on a guard as they pass and reappears next to Sheik, covered in blood. Sheik decides to not leave a comment. They head to a three way fork. Link points in one direction. "Vaati! Head off to the left and drop the barrier around the castle. Sheik! Dark! Take the right and drop the draw bridge so the others can enter. I'll take care of Pig-face."

The split up and do as their told. Link rushes down the middle path as he could hear Ganon playing on the organ again. He might not have the Master Sword or the Four Sword but he has something better. He was not going to let Ganon get away with things anymore. He was going to kill the man in the most painful and gruesome way possible. He had let that cursed man live and merely sealed him away but that was a mistake. Link cursed his heart for being unable to take the life of a man, especially since it's plainly obvious that Ganon had long acquitted being one, joining the ranks of the demon monsters.

Link rushes up the stairs to the doors and shoves it open and rushes in but he did not draw his sword. Quite the contrary, he wasn't even armed. He only had his pouch. Ganon turns to the boy and smiles. "I see you've caused quite a commotion outside brat. I guess now I have no choice but to destroy you, though I must thank you for bringing Zelda to me."

Link growls but stands his ground. He holds up his hand as the Triforce of Courage glows on it. "This is it Ganon. One of us will walk out of this room with two pieces on the back of his hand while the other will burn in hell. I've killed to many to go to heaven and there is no way the goddesses would allow you, you monster."

Ganon smiles at this. He really couldn't agree more.


Dinofols are thrown out the windows left and right as Vaati sends another wind spell. He rushes past the broken widows to the tower where to power source of the barrier was. When he reaches the top, he saw a goleden pyramid the size of a melon inside a red, cylinder shield. Vaati rolls his eyes. He knew the weak point of this since he helped create it. "You'd think he would set up better defenses than this. Guy's head is bigger than is ego and his ego was huge to begin with."

Vaati chuckles at his little joke before moving to the pyramid and summons up his power. "Starting today, Ganon, I am no longer your slave."

He casts his spell that causes the pyramid to implodes upon itself. As the power source shatters, so does the barrier. Vaati laughs as he hears the groan of the drawbridge falling and the fight coming into the castle. Today will be the fall of Ganon.


Link sidesteps another spell from the frustrated Ganon but he didn't care. He was waiting. He wanted Ganon to fall before the eyes of all who he hurt. He wanted the monster to feel the pain and humiliation he caused to thousands of lives. He was going to hold out 'til then. He had to.

Ganon roars at him as he raises his hands and a giant, glowing, triangle appears on the ground. Link looks down as the thought that this was a new move came into his head. He quickly got out just as a burst of electricity and light began to flow through it. Ganondorf sends another energy orb his way, which hit the wall, bringing it down in the process. Link could only hold out for so long.

Suddenly Ganondorf unleashes a giant wave of energy that knocks down half of the castle. Link felt his feet leave the floor as he smashes into a hunk of rock. Link could feel blood on the back of his head and knew that playtime was over. He could hear people coming, obviously they heard the destruction of half the castle and are coming to investigate. Link gets up as he hears the familiar shout of Vaati but keeps his back turned to them. NOW! He reaches into his pouch and pulls out the one thing that will guarantee Ganon's painful and humiliating end. The Fierce Deity's Mask. Link could feel the demon inside the mask wake up at his touch. He pulls the mask and ask one thing of the demon. Bring an end to the monster Ganon.

Link's body is suddenly enveloped in light. Everyone stares at him as his body becomes taller, older, more powerful. Vaati could feel the power radiate from Link and he is nowhere near him. The power seemed to cause the remaining windows of the castle to shatter and the ground to shake. Soon the light fades as Oni Link takes a stand. Ganon's eyes widen as the demon pulls out a twisted sword that needs two hands to hold, though the demon is only using one. Ganon quickly raise both hands above his head and send a fury of orbs at Oni Link. He merely swats them aside with the hand not holding the sword. He then smiles as he swings his sword at Ganon. Though the sword never made contact, Ganon felt more pain than he could ever imagine. He suddenly hears a deep and menacing voce that sounds both very close yet faraway at the same time. "Did you really think I was going to just let you live and seal you away like I did last time? No! I never took your life because unlike the others, you were a human, but I saw I was wrong. You are not human, you are a cold, heartless, soulless monster who deserves to be slaughtered more than any other monster out there. I'll shall be your judge, jury, and executioner."

Ganon's eyes widen in horror as he desperately call every single spell that come to mind. Oni Link merely swats each spell aside as if there was nothing but dust. Vaati grabs Zelda as she tries to run past and holds her back so she couldn't get hurt. Dark and Sheik stood side-by-side with a shocked look on their faces. Ganon concetrates his power into one giant black orb and tosses it at the demon. Oni Link catches the orb. He then holds it above his own head as he concentrates his own power into it. Oni Link hesitates suddenly then pushes more power into the orb as it grows into a giant mass of swirling colors. He then throws it at Ganon with such force that a blinding light pushes out as the castle threatens to collapse.

When the blinding light faces. They all look up to see that the entire castle was gone as well as those that were loyal to Ganon. The Dark Lord was also gone. Zelda couldn't even sense his presence. Lying face down on the ground was Link. Vaati rushes to him and scoops the unconscious boy into his arms and kisses his forehead as he rocks Link back and forth, whispering to him. "Link, you did it. It's over. Wake up please. Don't die on me. Don't die. I love you. I care for you too much. I can't just let you die."

Zelda walks over and sits down next to Vaati who was still cradling her best friend. She looks Link over until a cough is heard from said boy. Link slowly opens his eyes half way and looks up at Vaati. He looks at Zelda and whispers to her. "Is he dead?"

She smiles and nods and Link then turns his head slowly to Vaati. He wanted to comfort the Wind Mage just like he comforted Link when he was hurt. Link wanted to say so much to this mage but all that came out was, "It hurts. Everything hurts. Help."

Vaati cuddles the boy again and whispers to him lovingly as he strokes Link's hair. "Shh, hush. Don't worry. Just relax and I'll take care of you."


Link wakes up in Lon Lon Ranch. He sits up to see Zelda sitting near him and reading a book. Vaati was slumped in a chair from exhaustion and asleep. He looks back and Zelda and speaks. Zelda jumps in shock before seeing that Link is awake. "How long have I been out?"

Zelda looks at him for a second and smiles. "Three days. Vaati's been caring for you during that time. He is quite tuckered out."

She giggles and motions to the sleeping form in the chair. She then turns back to Link. "That form you were in has taken much of your energy and left you in a vulnerable state when you changed back. A demon is not easy to control."

Link nods before answering, "I know, when I hesitated because of the pain he asked if we should continue. I was more focused on ridding the land of that monster once and for all."

Zelda smiles and she leans over and kisses him. Link smiles at first but then it saddens. "Zelda. I have to say something."

Zelda looks at him and motions for him to continue. "My life has been full of fighting and such, I mean I like adventuring and traveling but not when I am pressured with the lives of thousands on my back. I want it all to stop. On top of that, I have to chose who to spend the rest of my life with. It's a decision I can't make. Some of the choices need me while others have simply become close to me, and there are those who want me simply because I saved their lives. I can't choose but if I had to, I'd choose someone who can travel with me or something like that and well..."

Zelda got the message. He loves her but marrying her would mean giving up the freedom that he has worked his whole life for. He just can't give it up. She smiles and nods. "It's okay Link. We can always be friends. Besides, I think there is already someone here that matches you perfectly."

Link looks at here curiously as she giggles. "I'm talking about those that were with you in the castle. Vaati, Malon, Dark Link, Sheik, and Perla. There are others too. Navi will always follow you and you can always find them and take them with you on your travels. Just promise me one thing."


"Please come back to visit your friends in Hyrule or I'll send the guards after you."

The two stare at each other for a while before bursting into laughter. Link then leans forward and takes Zelda into his embrace. "Thanks Zel, you're the best."


"Link! Hurry up!"

"Coming Vaati!" Link calls as he speeds up his packing. He then throws his pack un rushes out of the house. Out in front of the castle stood Vaati and Sheik as Perla had her arm around Sheik's and Dark Link was chasing Malon around. Navi tsks at the sight before flying to Link. Malon had the horses already to go. Link rushes into Vaati's arms and snuggles into them.

Zelda and the sages were there to wish them luck on their journey. Link gives Zelda a hug as she whispers to him. "Be happy and safe, my friend."

Link jumps onto Epona to lead the group to their next journey. Dark was riding on Dark Epona with Malon who was holding him around the middle. Sheik was riding his own horse with Perla while Vaati took the remaining horse. Link leads them out of Castle Town and on to their next adventure. Perla leans over to Link while still gripping Sheik and asks Link. "Where to first?"

Link smiles as he raises his sword. "To Termina. I have a friend there who I'd made a promise to. Then we go onward from there to see the land."

Perla nods and smiles for the first time as she snuggles up to the now blushing Sheik. Link rides up next to Vaati and takes his hand. "How does it feel Vaati, to be free?"

Vaati looks at the boy and smiles as he kisses his hand. "Like I've been born anew."