Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Four people were in an abandoned building apartment. It wasn't too abandoned; there were still some people who lived there. The four usually stayed in these types of places; they're cheap and prying eyes won't come here. One man sat cross-legged on the floor, still as a tree; his eyes closed. Another man was lying on an old couch, a lit cigarette in his mouth. A woman walked from her chair near the window, the late afternoon sun shining though the glass. She stopped, arms folded, next to a third man who was on another chair. He was staring straight ahead at a dartboard which had four pictures tacked in it. He also juggled four darts in his hands.

"Why won't you let us come with you?" the woman demanded.

"I've been wondering that myself," agreed the cigarette man, albeit resentfully. He gave a sharp look to the woman.

"Humph," she said and looked away.

"I also would like to know why," said the first man. He opened one eye and quickly rose, staring at the third man.

At first, the third man didn't answer. Staring at the dartboard, he gave a plain smile. He chuckled drily and said, "I don't know."

The other three stared at him. The cigarette man sat up on the couch, looking intently at the third man's back. "If you don't know… then that means what you are going to do might be dangerous and you feel you don't want to put us through it." He puffed on his cigarette and blew out smoke. "We know you. And you know that we'll be with you no matter what. So tell us, what are you looking for?"

The woman sat on the third man's lap, rubbing his face. "Are you looking for treasure without us??" She then wined, "Please tell us, pleeeeese." The cigarette man humphed and looked away, annoyed. The first man sighed a little and sat next to the cigarette man; the cigarette man made room for him.

The third man chuckled again. He looked at the woman and the two men. Smiling, he took out a picture and gave it to the woman. Her eyes widened in shock. Kissing the picture lovingly, she rose from the third man's lap and forcefully sat between the two men. Their sudden annoyance vanished upon looking at the picture. The picture contained two glass shoes that wielded large pink diamonds, four each on their toes and heels.

"The Princess Diamonds," announced the third man. "The shoes are cool enough but the real prize is the diamonds. It's gonna be presented in the birthday party of a famous actor, three days from now."

"So what's the problem?" said the cigarette man. He threw his finished cigarette in a nearby trash can. He pointed at the pictures on the dartboard. "Them?"

"Yes and no," said the third man. "I'll actually explain everything in the plane ride to Tokyo."

"Tokyo?" asked the woman.

"Yes, my dear, Tokyo. The party is going to be in Beika City." He turned to his associates. "So, what do you say?"

"I'm in," said the first man.

"I'm in," said the cigarette man. Yet he frowned somewhat.

"So am I!!" cried the woman. She rushed and kissed the third man in the lips. Before it went further, she stopped and added, "More when we get it."

The third man sighed and turned around, his back to the others. "I will find them!" he muttered, too low for anyone to hear. He looked at the four darts in his hand and threw them. They all hit their targets at the same time, the dead center of the foreheads. One picture was that of a middle-aged man with a mustache and a dumbfounded look on his face. The second was a dark-skinned high-school boy with a smug smile. The third was another high-school boy but light-skinned and with a smug smile. The last was an elementary school boy in glasses with strangely similar features to the second high-school boy, deep in thought.