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Broken Hearts

Chapter one

Jasmine was walking in the cold streets of London. Her brown hair was falling in her face as she walked through the people of the Whitechapel district. She put her cloak tighter around her body while looking around for a safe place to sit. She looked up and saw a pub a few feet away from her and she decided to go in. As she passed through the door slurred voices and very loud laughter filled the air. She looked around for a quite place to rest for a few minutes. She finally found a free chair with a small table in a corner of the pub and walked over to it.

She sat down rubbing her hands together trying to warm them up a bit while looking around the pub. Suddenly a loud crash was heard that made her jump. She turned and saw some men fighting while throwing glasses of ale at each other. As she was looking fearfully at them a barmaid walked over to her.

'What can I get you?' she asked in a loud voice.

'Ah…nothing, thank you.' Jasmine said in small voice.

'Nothing? Then what do you want in here?' the barmaid asked.

'I…just wanted to rest for a bit and I can't afford to order anything so…'she said nervously.

'Fine. We are closing in an hour but you can stay until then.' she said looking at her.

'Oh…thank you.' Jasmine said, glad they didn't throw her out like the last she had tried to stay for a while in a place like this. The last time she had stayed in a warm place was two months ago when she had to leave her small room because the owner threw her out. She didn't have enough money to pay the rent and her mother who paid for it had died four months ago. So her only option was to wander around in the streets doing small errands for people like washing clothes or washing dishes in taverns and earn some money. These last few days though nobody would hire her and she had already spent her last money.

The one hour passed very quickly and she had to go out again. As she went out in the streets again the cold air felt like razors on her face. She started walking faster towards a large building. A man approached her .He was probably drunk because he was slurring his words as he talked to her.

'How much for the night?' he asked with a sick smile on his face as she tried to walk past him.

She ignored him and walked even faster than before.

'Hey! Where you going? Bitch.'he said loudly and then walked away.

The last thing that she would was become a could never do that; it was making her sick just by thinking about it.

Finally she reached the building and sat down in a corner on the steps. She was trembling and her stomach was growling, she hadn't eaten for two days. Her eyes felt heavy, she was very tired. She tried to cover herself as much as she could with her dress and cloak but it was not enough to get her warm. Finally she drifted to sleep with her head to the wall and her arms wrapped around her knees.

The next morning a warm hand touched her cold face and she jumped opening her eyes coming face to face with the most beautiful warm brown eyes she'd ever seen in her life. It was a handsome man with brown hair, dressed in a dark coat. The man smiled at her and took his hand of her face.

'What are you doing sleeping out in the cold, darling?' he asked in a soft voice looking down at her.

Jasmine could only stare at him with her eyes wide with amazement and fear.

'You live in the streets?' he asked again trying to get a response from her.

She nodded her head and looked down, suddenly ashamed.

'Here, take these.' he said to her, handing her two pounds.

She took them and looked up to his face.

'Thank you sir, but I can't pay you back. I cannot accept it.' she said trying to put them back in his hands.

'No, no! You don't have to pay me back. Please take them.' he said warmly to her.

'Thank you.' she whispered.

'You have to go now because if someone sees you out here…They would probably make you leave.' he said to her.

'Why? I'm not doing anything.' she said.

'This is the Metropolitan Police , that's why you can't stay.' he said looking at her again.

'Oh! I didn't know that! I'm sorry, it was dark when I came here last night,sir.'she said looking around her while standing up.

'That's alright,love.I won't tell.' he said smiling again.

'Thank you…excuse me sir…are you a police officer?' she asked looking at him curiously.

'As a matter of act I am. An inspector actually.' he answered.

'Really? Oh…that must be nice. Anyway…thank you again!' she said nervously as she started descending down the stairs.

'What's your name?' he shouted after her.

She stopped and turned around.

'Jasmine, sir.'she said softly.

'Pretty name. My name is Fred.' he said putting his hand out for her to shake.

'Nice to meet you, sir.'she said shyly, taking his hand. It was so warm compared to hers.

'You too, Jasmine.'he said, grinning.

'Goodbye, sir.' she whispered, walking away from him.

'Goodbye.'he said watching her walk away.

'Beautiful.' he whispered with a small smile on his face, walking inside the building.

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