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"So, this thing, what's it called again?" Dean took his eyes off the dark, long stretch of road his beloved impala was speeding down, so he could take a glance at his geek boy brother who was currently buried in a pile of printed off documents, their dads journal and Sam's own personal notes.

"A Subsue-" Sam started, looking through the many papers he held in his lap.

"What is that a sandwich?"

"An evil witch actually. The legend goes, she can change her appearance pretty easy, and her most popular choice is a beautiful, young woman, who – get this- hangs around couples and by using her looks, attracts the man away from his girlfriend and then punishes the boyfriend for being unfaithful because he was 'guided off the path of love' and she punishes him by casting a spell on him of course, which usually ends up with the guy dead within 48 hours"

"Wait, wait, wait. So, this hot, voodoo babe drags dudes away from their chicks and then lays some evil mojo on them because they followed her?"

"Pretty much"

"Well, that makes sense..." Dean said, his words dripping with sarcasm "You say that we can kill this bitch with fire? Well, didn't you also say she's been around since the 1600's, how come she wasn't like burnt on a stake or summin"

"According to Dads journal a Subsue is a very clever witch and their spells don't tend to kick in until sun up, giving her time to get away"

"What so she just dooms the guys and then goes her merry way?"

"Nope, she does actually come back after the deed is done, she finds her victims body and pulls his heart out from his chest"

"His heart? What for?" Dean pulled a grossed out face and looked over to Sam in disgust, Sam turned his head to peer at Dean and couldn't help but grin at Deans expression.

"To eat"

"Ergh, thats freaking disgusting, I hate witches!"

The two brothers whizzed down the dark, out back road of some small, haunted town in America, which was just another day on the job for them. The Impala drove the boys to their destination along to the beat of AC/DC's all time hits. After about half an hour more of driving the classic pulled up to a creepy looking, abandoned mansion where the Subsue was spotted last and as Subsue's tended to stick around in the same place until they had a reason to leave, it was most likely that she was still there.

"Huh, think we should call Scooby and the gang?" Dean joked whilst opening the door to his trunk and revealing the arsenal hidden in the secret compartment. Dean pulled out two flare guns, one of which he handed to Sam, and his treasured lighter and a can of something dangerously flammable, which was perfect for the job. "Burn, Witch, Burn"

The boys made their way into the house and begun to carefully tip toe around the rotting floor boards as quietly as they could, straining their ears to hear the slightest movement. After Sam and Dean checked the ground floor was definitely clear, they both nodded their heads at eachother to confirm that the next place to look was upstairs. Sam gingerly stepped on to the creaky step as it let out a squeak that ran through the eerie house. They paused. It was a bit dark to see, but the freaks came out at night and that was just the way it was, cobwebs surrounded the dusty house and graffiti from the local kids covered the walls, but that was it, no Subsue. Sam took another step carefully, this action also consequented in another creak to squeak out, but even louder this time.

"I wasn't expecting guest tonight" A velvet, female voice rang out behind them, both men turned on their heels to face the way they had entered the haunted mansion. The sight they saw would have any other man drooling but both boys had seen too much to separate this witch from any other supernatural thing they had hunted. It was true she was beautiful, not even they could deny that. Her skin was pale and flaw less, surrounded by long, blond flowing hair which moved in unison to her dark red flowing dress which complimented her breasts and curves. Her lips were rosy red and full, in complete proportion to her heart shaped, glowing face, but all this could easily been forgotten by just one look in her big, gleaming green eyes, framed by thick, long, black eyelashes.

"Hunters? Cute." She leaned against the door frame close to her and opened her mouth slightly to show dazzling white teeth as she pushed her breasts out and lifted her dress up slightly.

"Sam, get me a bucket." Dean walked forwards, a mischievous grin stretching over his handsome face "This ancient whore is making me sick"

"Oooh, treat them mean keep them keen" She smiled, standing up straight again "You know, I've heard some things in my time, but I must say, that is a new one"

"Well, surprise" Dean coolly said as he pulled out a flare gun from his pocket and aimed it at the Subsue, but what was coming next he didn't expect. Before Dean could think he was flying through the air, only to come crashing in to the wall that was on the right of him.

"Dean!" Sam shouted, he took a step forward to help his brother but then he was flung similarly by some strong force in to a wadrobe. A searing pain shot through Sams head as it connected with the corner of the furniture, the pounding got too much and the room started spinning, he could feel a darkness surrounding him, he wanted to fight it but the pain was too much and he knew the darkness would make it go away, so he let him self drown in it.

"Sam! Sammy!!" Dean was now back on his feet, he could see the lanky, limp figure of his brother on the other side of the room. "You bitch!" Dean picked up his flare gun off the floor and pointed it towards the Subsue whose was laughing manically, her eyes glowing a vicious purple colour. Without hesitation Dean shot a flare missile at the witch but only to be taken back as she teleported her self from one side of the room to the other. "Son of a-"

"You really think two simple hunters can out smart me?" She cackled. Dean was about to fire another missile when a strong wind rushed through the mansion, blowing cobwebs and dust in Deans direction. This was not a good sign. A purple colour, matching the witches eyes was now glowing from her whole figure as a chant of latin words escaped her soft lips. Covering his eyes with his hands from the blinding light Dean crawled onto the floor in to a place where the witches force wasn't so overwhelming. Then everything was quiet. The Subsue was gone.

Dean carefully opened one eye to notice the house was empty. He slowly set his hands down and picked up his gun looking around for any sign of the witch. But, nothing seemed to be there.

"Perfect!" Dean hissed, he stood up and looked around the room to see his tall, little brother unconscious on the floor, blood matting his shaggy hair. "Sammy!" He rushed over to his sibling and pulled him up into a sitting position and crouched down in front of him. Sam's eyes slowly opened. "Hey Sammy, you okay man?" Dean brushed back his brother bangs to see a large cut on Sam's forehead, Dean sighed in relief, some Tylenol and a few stitches later and his brother would be fine.

"What- What happened?" Sam voice slurred slightly as he started to adjust to his conscious state.

"How many fingers am I holding up, Sammy?" Dean said lifting his hand and stretching out three fingers.


"Gotta check if you've got concussion.."

"Dean, I'm fine, my head just hurts a little"


"Three, now will you tell me what happened?"

"She got away" Dean said, rubbing his hand over his face and looking at the floor.

"What?! What happened?"

"What happened was that we totally underestimated her! Damn bitch escaped."


"She said some freaking latin spell and then there was this bright light and she was gone"

"You don't think...?"

"Think what?"

"She put a spell on you?"

"What? No!...I don't know.."

"Well, I guess we won't know until sun up"

"Great, can we go please?"

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