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"Who's this?" The girl closest to Dean screamed "Were you planning on telling me about him! How long has this been going on for! Does our love mean nothing to you?!" All the girls were suddenly screaming accusations and insults at Dean, raising their sudden whip like hands as they slapped him hard, even Sam received a few. The girls had now piled on the two brothers and there was no way they could get free.

"Boys! Get in!" Bobby's voice rang out as his truck skidded into the parking lot. Sam and Dean managed to get free and dived into the back of Bobby's car. The car screeched into gear as he sped out of the crowd of violent, heart broken babes.

"Good timing Bobby" Sam said whilst he adjusted him self into a sitting position.

"What were you waiting round the corner so you could save us last minute like in the freaking movies Bobby. How long does it take you to freaking get here!" Dean pissed, whilst Bobby rolled his eyes.

"Want me to chuck you on to the side of the road boy?" Bobby warned, keeping his eyes on the road.

"No!" Sam said quickly, throwing his arms out to hold on to Dean.

"Dude!" Dean jumped back and hit his head on the window. "Don't ever do that again!"

"Sorry Dean..." Sam looked down at the floor.

"Bobby, you got a hex bag for Sam?"

"Won't do much good"

"What? I thought you said that it might work"

"Why the hell do you think I was so late getting here? I was calling every hunter I know thats had a run in with a Subsue to save your doomed ass"

"Sorry Bobby, just been a rough day"

"A rough day?" Sam's tone had changed into a very pissed off one "I cooked you breakfast! And then I got you all that crappy fast food for you and all you can say is it's been a rough day!"

"Sammy, shut up"

"No, I think you need to listen to me for once and I'm sick of taking your orders. All I get is-"

"Bobby! Any help here before Sam bitch slaps me"

"Oh, what so you only want to talk to Bobby now, is that it?"

"Sam, quit your moaning or we're gonna leave you in the car" Bobby threatened.

"He's gonna be left in the car anyway, we still gotta find that damn witch"

"Do I look like an idiot Dean? I managed to track her down before I got here"

"You did?"

"Old warehouse, just outta town."

"What are we going there now?"

"Unless you wanna be 6ft under"

"You got spare flare guns?" Bobby just answered by looking at Dean as if he was an idiot "Right, 'course you do." The truck sped along the road as the sun set and darkness fell. The rusty, old truck rumbled as it slowed down when a creepy, abandoned warehouse came into view. Bobby shut off the engine and got out the truck, Sam and Dean following. He opened up the trunk of his car and handed the brothers the weapons they needed to take the Subsue down.

"Huh, hardly the blair witch project" Dean said looking up at the building "Sure the bitch is in there?"


"Thank god for that, let's go" Dean pulled out the gun in front of him and was about to walk ahead when Bobby stopped him. "What?"

"Remember, no smart talking. Shoot first-"

"Ask questions later. Yeah, I know."

"Don't worry Dean, I'll protect you" Sam said, gently putting his hand on Deans shoulder and looking into his eyes.

"On second thoughts, maybe Sam should stay in the car"

"The more of us the better-" Bobby started.

"No, I don't want Sam trying to be the hero by taking a bullet or spell or what ever for me"

"But Dean!" Sam protested

"Nope, Lover boy must stay in the car" Sam continued to protest as Dean had to force him into the back of the car. Quickly locking the door as Sam banged against the window.

"Now we can go" Dean walked with Bobby close to his side.

The big warehouse doors creaked open as the two men carefully stepped in, searching for the witch. There were two floors and a lot of boxes, which unfortunately for Bobby and Dean meant a lot of hiding place. Dean was about to open his mouth to call out a smart ass comment but Bobby managed to get him to shut his trap by smacking Deans head.

"What the hell was that for?" Dean whispered, rubbing the back of his head.

"You trying to get us both killed" Bobby hissed back.

"Don't I usually come find you?" A female voice sung out, from behind one of the boxes the stunning, slutty witch stepped out. Without hesitation Dean held up us his gun and shot at the witch, but she quickly teleported to the other side of the room and let out a cruel cackle.

"Son of a bitch!" Dean shouted in frustration. Bobby ran to one side of the room as Dean circled again trying to find the whore.

"Whats the matter Dean?" Her voice rung out "Down with love?"

"Don't flatter yourself. You see, in fact you did me a favour" Dean smirked, hiding behind a stained, wooden box that her liquid voice had led him to.

"What?!" She shouted stepping out in anger and confusion of Deans words. He jumped out and was about to fire a shot when she pinned him against the wall.

"Bobby!" Dean shouted, his whole body in agony caused by the force being held against him. He heard Bobby's foot steps as he appeared behind the bitch but before he could even pull out his gun he was sent flying across the room.

"I'm going to enjoy this" The Subsue grinned, walking closer to the helpless Dean with her arm still outstretched "I have a feeling your heart is going to be juicy and ripping it out from your chest will be just as sweet. You didn't really think you could out smart me, could you? Poor, stupid, pathetic-" A loud gun shot went off and a blinding light filled the room, the witch was now alight, screaming on the floor. A blast of purple light shone out from her figure and then she was gone.

"Dean, you okay?!" Sam said, running over to his brother, whilst putting the flare gun back into his pocket.

"Oh, I've never been so happy to see you" Dean smiled, letting Sam help him to his feet."Wait, how do you feel?"

"Er, if you mean I can think about something other than you, then I feel fine"

"Oh thank god for that, now you can go back to hiding your feelings about me" Dean grinned.

"Are you two quite done?" Bobby called, rubbing a bruise on his face as he joined the brothers.

"Sorry Bobby" Sam said "The Subsues taken care off"


"And what?"

"Well, do you still wanna wine and dine with your brother?"

"Nope. Nothing.."

"Wait, how did you get out of the car?" Dean asked, looking at his brother.

"Er... I kinda.. lock picked the door. Sorry Bobby."

"Ah, don't worry about, as long as you two boys have learned your lesson."

"You can say that again" Dean sighed

"Lets get out of here before you boys nearly get your selves killed again"

"Amen to that" Dean picked up his flare gun and followed Sam out of the dark warehouse.

"Aw baby, what did they do to you?" Dean said softly as he looked at the state of his car. The whole vehicle was covered in lipstick love notes and kisses. "I'm sorry I left you to those rabid chics"

"Do you want some time alone or .." Sam joked. Bobby had dropped off the brothers back at their motel, which was now woman and animal free. Dean was stroking the hood of his car.

"No, your cleaning it" Dean said seriously

"What?! No I'm not."

"Yeah you are, for driving me crazy all day"

"You were the one who got cursed!"

"Strap your speedo's on Sammy, that was your life long dream yesterday, after all"


"Hey, I need to rest due to my overwhelming emotional trauma"

"I can't believe your already joking about this. I'm not-" Sam said rolling his eyes.

"Ah ah ah ah, I'm the oldest and I say your cleaning the car"

"What if I scratch it" Sam teased

"It would be the last thing you'd do"

"Okay, how about rock, paper, scissors" Sam smiled, a light bulb that was blind to Deans eyes was hovering above Sam's head.

"Deal" The boys set out their hands out and banged them against their palms three times.

"Dammit!" Dean shouted. Closing his scissor shaped hands as he went to grab the bucket and sponge from the kitchen. Sam laughed and followed his predictable brother in. This had been one hell of a hunt.

The End XD