Chapter One


Vongola Zaibatsu. One of the most powerful corporations in Japan was on the brink of a changeover in leadership. With the Ninth generation boss retiring, the mantle of authority falls upon the shoulders of the Tenth generation boss and his six Vice-Presidents.

Calm and collected but generous with his smiles, Yamamoto Takeshi was a natural businessman, perfect in his position as Vice-President of Sales. He was easy-going but firm in his decisions… except during baseball season, when the Tenth insists that he leave most of the decision making to his assistants. They learned quickly from prior years that the normally sharp-witted Vice-President would revert to the mindless form of a zombie upon sight of a baseball game.

Although one would not have expected it, the chain-smoking Gokudera Hayato, Vice-President of Accounting, was a mathematical genius. What was obvious was the light-haired, short-tempered man's unhealthy infatuation and complex when it came to his boss. It was written in each employee's manuals never to inform him of the Tenth's business trips, lest they have to deal with a grown man throwing fits and calculators in despair of being left behind. Vongola Zaibatsu's profits have often gone to repairing the damages that Gokudera inflict upon objects and people.

The Compliance Department was a whole different type of animal in comparison to the other departments. Led by Vice-President Hibari Kyoya, Compliance presented a sense of danger as well as security about the company. This dictatorship had the reputation of quickly stamping out those who do not follow the rules in often cruel and violent means of punishment. Although one look from the steely-gazed, handsome face would capture the fancy of many women and even some men, the sound of Hibari's steel tonfas striking flesh and breaking bone was usually more than enough to keep even his most fervent admirers cowering in the shadows.

Lambo, the Vice-President of Operations, could be described as 'eccentric' at best, 'an idiot' during normal business hours. It was not that he did not love his job or was bad at it; on the contrary, he may love his job too much. Those who were looking for him could never find him in his office, as Lambo preferred a more hands-on approach to things. He would have bouts of unbreakable concentration and rather attractive sense of authority followed by unexplainable hyperactive behavior more befitting a five-year-old child rather than an experienced business man. The Operations employees have even gone to the extent of speaking softly, hiding sharp objects, and padding the edges of furniture in Lambo's presence, as there was no telling what would set off the next fountain of tears.

Golf would have been a more expected sport when it comes to building strong International Relations, but Vice-President Sasagawa Ryohei had never been one to follow the trends. Eternally full of energy and curiosity, not even a language barrier could hinder progress when international clients are easily taken in and fascinated by Ryohei's vigor and honest desire to extend beyond his limits. But he was also not an overly proud individual and would often cheerily admit his shortcomings to business rivals, much to the chagrin of his employees. It has even been rumored that several companies have taken to using boxing as stress-relievers after a day at the office.

The Vice-President of Information Technology, Rokudo Mukuro, was a pervert. Granted, he was only a pervert towards a specific individual, but that does not change the fact that he was one. The Tenth has had to change locks, add security codes, deadbolts, and even active guards to the entrance of his office, but being the informed (and slightly terrifying) person he was, everything fell apart before Mukuro's infinite resources. Deviant he may be, the Tenth and the other Vice-Presidents had to grudgingly admit that Mukuro's resourcefulness is why he was the best at his job. But it has not stopped the others from trying to smash his face in with a tonfa or jam a lit stick of dynamite where the sun don't shine to keep him from molesting their boss.

At first glance, the Tenth President of Vongola Zaibatsu would appear like any other person on the street, albeit a little more vertically challenged than other men his age. He had burnished dark copper hair that was short in the front and much longer in the back, and amber eyes that seem to gleam slightly crimson when he is irate. But what he lacks in height, he makes up in his presence and the ability to control the six snarling beasts under the guise of his Vice-Presidents. His small figure often cause his opponents to underestimate him, but within him lies a strength that can knock out even the strongest of individuals for weeks if his fury is brought to light. Mukuro has the honor of being personally—and frequently—acquainted with this particular trait.

All in all, it made for a very amusing company to work for, at least in the opinion of the Tenth's Chief Advisor, Reborn.


Mondays were never good days, thought Tsuna as pandemonium raged around him in what was supposed to be his weekly staff meeting. The delighted smirk he saw Reborn snarkily send his way only served to further agitate his already frayed nerves. "Be quiet, all of you!" Tsuna yelled as he slammed a fist against the table.

Several startled pairs of eyes whipped around to face their boss, breaths catching when they saw rage staining his eyes red. The deadly silence was broken by the sound of cracking, as the force by which Tsuna struck the table had caused it to splinter and break in half, spilling documents, wooden remains, and life-giving cups of coffee on the marble floor.

Yamamoto was the first to regain his composure and dialed a number on his cell phone. "Lancia, could you please bring up the spare conference table? … No, not Hibari or Gokudera… it was Tsuna this time. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Tsuna rubbed his temples with his fingertips before letting out a defeated sigh. "Now, will someone please tell me what happened?"

When no one answered him, Tsuna exchanged a perplexed glance with a smirking Reborn and felt the last vestiges of his patience snap into oblivion. He fixed a threateningly sugary-sweet smile on his face and whirled upon the person he knew he could force the answers out of. "Gokudera-kun!"

"Hai, Juudaime!" yelled the silver-haired man in a louder tone than necessary as he shot straight up from his chair. He was clearly agitated and looked anywhere but directly at his boss. It did not deter Tsuna, however. Instead, Gokudera felt Tsuna reach in and confiscate the pack of cigarettes from the inner pocket of his jacket. "W-wait!!"

Tsuna could barely keep the smile off his face when he heard the soft, troubled whine of protest from Gokudera. He held up the pack towards Reborn. "Reborn, is this the last of what he has?"

"It is," smiled Reborn, meshing his fingers before his mouth to hide his amusement. "I made certain of it."


Tsuna nodded, ignoring Gokudera and bringing the heavy-duty paper shredder next to his chair before sitting back down. He wrinkled his nose as he pulled out a stick and held it threateningly over the waiting jaws of the shredder. "Gokudera-kun?"

Gokudera, who was already sweating bullets at the thought of going without his cancer sticks, cracked like skulls under Hibari's tonfas. "We don't like Byakuran!"

Shocked that the silver-haired man would bluntly state his displeasure, Tsuna accidentally let go of the stick and it was quickly reduced to a shredded pile of thrash. Gokudera's desperate howls of despair were quickly silenced by a horrific glare from Hibari, who was sitting across from him.

"What the idiot meant to say was that we disagree with the suggested merger of Millefiore Company into a subsidiary of Vongola Zaibatsu. Smaller they may be and even though this is more like an absorption than a merger, they are ambitious enough to try making Vongola crumble from within," snapped Hibari, disgusted at the Accounting Vice-President's addiction to nicotine. "Weak herbivore."

"And the rest of you?" asked Tsuna as he turned off the shredder to fix his remaining Vice-Presidents with a pointed gaze.

Yamamoto and Ryohei both smiled. "Sasagawa and I both think that this is a good opportunity for both of our companies. No matter what the others say, Byakuran isn't really a bad sort. If we could survive Varia's attempted takeover and even gain their some-what loyalty, then I don't see how we can't deal with Millefiore," said Yamamoto.

"This opportunity is too extreme to pass, Boss!" added Ryohei, punching the air with his fists to make his point.

Lambo simply shrugged when the gaze fell on him. "It won't affect my department either way, Tsuna. But the added personnel they will bring in would be useful."

Tsuna nodded and looked around before he realized that there was someone missing. As glad as he was to escape molestation for the better part of the day, running the company was still his first priority. And unfortunately, the man was a key figure in accomplishing that goal. "Where is Mukuro?"

As if Mukuro's name signaled the harbinger of doom, every cell phone in the room began ringing within seconds of each other. Due to their surprise at the rare event, the Vice-Presidents all picked up their phones to answer just as Squalo burst in, startling Lancia who had arrived to replace the mangled table.

"Boss! There's an emergency!" yelled Squalo frantically, uncaring that if the other Vice-Presidents were not preoccupied, his interruption would not have been without grave consequences—or at least a fight. "Millefiore's stocks took a huge hit just right now and are still plummeting!"

Cell phones dropped in shock as the news Squalo brought reflected the messages they were receiving, but Hibari only pocketed his with a knowing smirk. Reborn's smile also grew almost too wide to hide behind his hands and his body started to shake with barely-contained laughter.

Tsuna's shock quickly dissipated and was replaced by clear annoyance. He knew exactly what was wrong. He picked up the conference phone and dialed an all-too familiar extension before putting it on speaker. It didn't take long for the person on the other end to pick up.

"Yes?" came the smooth, unprofessionally mocking tone. "Sawada Tsunayoshi Juudaime-sama."


"Kufufufu…" The distinctive chuckle of the IT Vice-President filtered through the air and sent chills down their spines. The occupants of the conference room all felt dirty just hearing him speak. "Oya oya, I was not expecting you to call me so early, Tsunayoshi-kun. Are you missing me that much already?"

Tsuna growled at the sly tone. "Whatever you're doing, stop it."

"Oya? But that wasn't what you said last night. In fact, I explicitly remember that you insist I keep going," said the voice lewdly.

"MUKURO!" snarled Tsuna, growing red in the face from both anger and embarrassment at Mukuro's perverted, exaggerated lies. Even his other Vice-Presidents were clearly holding themselves back from either breaking the phone or paying a quick visit to the IT Department.

"Oh, so it isn't about that? How disappointing…" The sound of fingers rapidly striking a keyboard was quickly growing more pronounced through the phone. "You would like me to stop doing my job, then? Tut tut, Tsunayoshi-kun. Think of the example you are setting."

"Mukuro!" sharply commanded Tsuna. "Stop throwing the stock market into chaos."

"But I am doing nothing of the sort." Mukuro's tone was simply dripping sincerity.

Tsuna was close to going down to IT and snapping his Vice-President's neck himself. "Chikusa! Ken! Desist at once!"

"No can do, Tsunayoshi-sama," floated Chikusa's voice from the phone. "It states in the IT Department's contract that Mukuro-san's authority overrides yours when it comes to his employees."

"Then why call me 'Tsunayoshi-sama' at all?"

Ken's boisterous laughter cut off Chikusa's explanation. "Because you still sign our paychecks, pyon!"

Tsuna sighed tiredly. He should have known. "Mukuro, what do you want?" This was starting to feel like a hostage situation. He never thought he would have to pay ransom to one of his own Vice-Presidents.

"A date. This Saturday." The people in the room could already see Mukuro's triumphant smirk at finally cornering Tsuna. "I'll see you in your office later, Tsunayoshi-kun."

"Fine," snapped Tsuna before killing the connection. Not even bothering to spare the others a glance as cell phones rang to inform them of the reviving Millefiore stocks, he began the trek back to his office. "Meeting adjourned. And have Chrome bring me copies of the IT contracts for revision."

With Tsuna's departure, the atmosphere in the room quickly became murderous until one-by-one, the other remaining Vice-Presidents left. Without needing discussion, they mutually decided to pay the IT Department a visit—tonfas, swords, and explosives in hand.

Squalo and Lancia exchanged glances and growled in frustration. "Dammit, I lost," hissed Squalo as he reached into his back pocket and tossed some bills towards Reborn. "I thought it was going to be that asexual Compliance VP that would get to Boss first."

"I bet on that Octopus-head of an Accounting VP," Lancia sighed in defeat as he also searched for his wallet. "With that moron always following the Tenth around like a kicked little bitch, I thought he would grow a backbone one day."

"You two still have a lot to learn," smiled Reborn as he leaned back, enjoying the whining of the losers. "Don't worry. That was only the first round."

Yes, thought Reborn as he languidly got up from his seat to collect his winnings. He will definitely enjoy working with the Tenth Generation leaders of Vongola Zaibatsu. Very much indeed.


End Chapter One


Author's Note:

- This will be my first attempt into writing a Katekyo Hitman Reborn! fanfic. As per my usual, it will be yaoi/shonen-ai, but how high the rating is going to go depends on my mood (and maybe reviews). Pairings are GuardiansxTsuna, and maybe even othersxTsuna, but it is mainly going to be 6927 because that is the pairing that I feel like gnawing upon the most (and there really aren't too many of them to my taste). And PervyTYL!Mukuro and AnnoyedTYL!Tsuna is a hoot to write.

- The setting is AU and the characters are all in their TYL selves because I find that more fun to write, but many things are still similar, just without most of the flashy powers they have in the canon. This is more the business world rather than the mafia, but I still want to incorporate some of that in the story.

- For those who were wondering what a zaibatsu is, they are large, family-controlled monopolies that usually deals with finance and other things in Japan's history. It's like the equivalent of a conglomerate, where it's a big company with one name that doesn't really have a specific business section. They supposedly aren't supposed to exist anymore, but let's ignore that little detail, shall we?