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Chapter Eleven

Danika knew what she had to do and while she loathed going behind Jake's back, she knew it had to be done. No matter if it made her feel like the clingy, jealous girlfriend she often looked down on—the kind that would hijack her boyfriend's phone just to read his texts, go onto his computer to scroll through his history or hack into his Facebook profile.

She'd gone to Google for her answers. Rose Whitman was a writer—of course, Danika already knew this from the book she found. There was so much to go through too, so many links. Articles and reviews and links to purchase The Slayer books... and so many images to look through. The author was a pretty one. After finding many biographies on the woman—Wikipedia and other Wiki's as well—she chose the one that had the most information.

Rose Whitman became a sensation while living with her family in Hong Kong, China. But before she lived there, she lived here in New York City! The Whitman family moved to Hong Kong when Whitman was fourteen years old. The picture of the beautiful blonde writer graced the top corner of the page and Danika stared at it. Had Jake known her back then?

Danika was beginning to feel threatened. How silly was that, though? She didn't even know this woman with blonde hair, blue eyes and a best selling book series. How could she be threatened? "You're being irrational, Dani..." she muttered to herself. She didn't, however, leave the page. Instead she scrolled down and continued reading about Whitman's history—her family, her career, her personal life... then she stopped at one paragraph. "Oh my..."

And so as the Master rose the skull above his head to make his wish, the wish that would destroy her beloved and all other magical creatures, innocent as well as deadly, May shot the man she once admired and emulated. The Master lost grip of the skull as he fell lifelessly to the ground.

It didn't shatter, it didn't meet the ground. May had caught it. She looked at her dragon one final time, knowing what she would need to do. He stared at her in confusion—he had thought she betrayed him. "May!" he called to her.

Holding the skull above her head, she looked up and made her wish. "I wish for the destruction of all Dragon Slayers!"

The dark blue night sky turned black and the clouds swirled together above their heads. One by one the Slayers were lifted by their marks into the air, pulled into the vortex above to meet their fates. Most accepted the inevitable, a few tried to flee to no avail.

May looked longingly at Kevin, who had shed his dragon appearance to run to her. Tears in his eyes, he grabbed her hand as she began to levitate. "No!" he shouted, his voice filled with anguish. "May, no!" he begged.

She smiled down at him as he refused to release her hand, "Kevin... let go. I'll be okay. I promise. I'll be okay."

He didn't believe her but with the force of her wish pulling her stronger, Kevin had no choice to do as she said. Tears rolled down his face as he let her go. May tore her eyes away from him and looked up. This was it. This was her fate. She was never meant to have a normal life and she would never have been able to have a peaceful life with her dragon...

But now... with this sacrifice, he would be safe. They would all be safe and it was worth it.

And May? She finally found peace.

Rose had wiped her eyes as she sent the final book to her editor. "Well, that's that then." she said to herself. She looked at Marie and took a breath. "So... how about a drink?"

The bar they'd gone to was certainly more of a night club—insisted upon by Brad who, after being invited, claimed he could only be seen in the hottest of places. Rose didn't wish to be seen, but the clientele there wouldn't likely recognize an author, no matter how popular that author was.

"I can't believe that it's over," Brad shook his blond head. "Is this really the last book? Why won't you tell me what you wrote, please? Pretty please?" he begged as he took a shot with the ladies.

Rose grimaced and stuck her tongue out with a shudder, "No. You'll read it like everyone else who wants to know—and, Marie, you're not telling him anything." she pointed accusingly at her sister.

Marie smiled dumbly in response. She was already well ahead of her sister in alcohol. "Y'know, we should be celebrating with Mr. Long. You wouldn'a been able to finish the book if ya didn't meet 'im."

"No more shots for her," she told Brad. "Beer either," she said as she snatched the green bottle from her twin's hand. Marie pouted and Rose stuck out her tongue. It was a bittersweet celebration, she didn't want it to end in disaster. And she didn't want to talk about Jake Long either.

She didn't even want to think about him. Him or his girlfriend for that matter.

Marie took in an annoyed breath and lied her head on Brad's shoulder. "Gotta look 'im up anyway. Wanted to talk more to that friend a' his."

Brad laughed, "You'll be barking up the wrong tree, babe."

Marie pouted, "Girl's gotta try," she drawled and then looked pointedly at Rose.

"Try all you like, but I don't even know him that well." She sighed and cradled her own Cosmopolitan, looking down at the pinkish-red liquid that demanded to be drunk. "Even if I did feel anything, it's only because of a hopeless-romantic notion... he's handsome and heroic. But he's taken and it's serious. He's not going to throw that away for the few scenes we've played together."

"Thas more-of-a... movie-acting-thing ref'rence than a bookish one, doncha think?" Marie pointed at her accusingly.

"You're missing the point." Rose rolled her eyes and gulped her beverage. "Suppose this isn't much of a celebration though... all right! I'm done with this, I'm finally finished with the book and I can move on to something exciting and new."

"Yes! Make it a party!" Marie shouted happily, Brad 'wooting' beside her. Rose smiled and ordered another round before pulling the two onto the dance floor with her.

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