Remember Me


Carter Crazy


WARNING: May distress some readers.


Carter looked out the plane window as they started to descend. Sam smiled as she saw through the clouds and her gaze fell upon the tiny ground below. She let out a sigh and relaxed back into her seat; she had just spent 12 weeks away on holidays and hadn't seen Jack and the others in all that time. Sam smiled, she kind of missed him now and she couldn't wait to land and see the surprise on his face when she walked through that SGC door when he wasn't expecting her. Carter had told him in their last phone call that she would be landing about 6 hrs from now but Sam had caught an earlier flight. Carter opened her eyes to the familiar sound of the engine as it lowered. Just then the engine cut in and out and the warning lights flashed red.

'Oh no!… This can't be happening!' Sam's mind went into overdrive as the oxygen masks fell from the roof and the plane started to shake violently. She could hear screaming from other passengers as bags and food trays fell on them. Carter grabbed the oxygen mask and quickly put it on. She could hear the engine as the pilots tried to reboot it. Just then a loud explosion could be heard from her side. She swung her head and in a split second saw as something flew off and smashed through her window tearing a giant hole in the side of the plane. Sam jerked forward as the metal just grazed passed her head taking out the passengers behind her. Suddenly she felt cold as the wind pulled her against her restraints. Smoked pillared from the left wing as they spiralled down faster towards the ground. Sam's fingertips dug into the chair

"Jack!" She screamed but she knew there was no helping her now. She only wished she could have got the chance to say goodbye to him and told him how she felt. Carter managed to squint out the hole as the ground came up quickly. A single tear ran down her face as she whispered

"Goodbye Jack, please remember me" Carter was jerked violently and snapped into darkness as the plane hit the ground.


Jack sat in his quarters. He was so happy, for in another few hours he was going to be picking up Sam from the airport. He hadn't seen her in 12 weeks and the last time they had talked was at least 2 weeks ago. He smiled and looked at a picture of Sam on his wall.

'She's finally home' He thought, just then he heard footsteps coming his way then Hammond appeared at the door. Jack smiled

"What can I do for you sir?" He said happily standing up. Hammond just looked down for a moment.

"Jack, I need you to sit down" O'Neill looked at him worriedly, a feeling of dread hit him fast

"Sir? What's happened?" Hammond looked at the ground and for the first time Jack noticed Hammond's eyes were slightly red. "Sir? Tell me what's happened to her" Hammond looked up at him and walked over to the TV. Picking up the remote he switched it on. Jacks eyes went wide as he saw the plane crash on TV

"She's not… She's on a later flight…" Jack stuttered as he saw bodies being retrieved from the wreckage.

"On records it shows Major Carter had switched to the earlier flight" Hammond said Jack placed a hand on his head

"Have you told Daniel and Teal'c?" Hammond shook his head

"They're off planet, we're trying to get incontact with them and we left a message with the Tok'ra for Jacob to get here as soon as possible. "She's dead Jack"

"No, I have to help, I have to go find her…" he said grabbing his coat distressed. Hammond stopped him


"Get out of my way!" He yelled

"And then what Colonel? You get there and you see her body along with hundreds of others scattered across the ground, then what are you going to do?!" Hammond argued. Jack stopped, he was breathing hard fighting tears

"At least I'll know… And if she's not dead, there'll be a chance to save her, or to be with her in those last few seconds of her life. At least I would be there and she'll know she wasn't alone" Jack said as he fought back the tears then he walked out the door. Hammond was also fighting hard.

"You'll only see more pain Jack!" He yelled at the door but no one replied back. Hammond looked at the picture of Sam on the wall.

'Please let her be ok, for his sake'



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