Remember Me



Carter smiled shyly at Jack as she stood at the door. Jack noticed something different about her

"Carter? What are you doing here? Better yet, how did you get here?" Carter waved a hand in front of her then looked up at him.

"Sir, can I come in?" She asked out of the blue. Jack swallowed. Could she have remembered him? Jack looked over her one more time before stepping aside and letting her past. "Thanks" she replied as she stepped through the door as best she could with her crutches. Jack noted her movements as she walked down the steps and stood next to the lounge chair.

"Do you want a beer or something?" he asked curiously. She shook her head

"No, I'm fine thanks" She said almost inaudible. Jack nodded slowly and took another sip off beer before stepping down the steps one at a time.

"So?" He asked standing behind her. Sam didn't make any movement to turn.

"So?" She said in nearly the same tone. Jack pursed his lips.

"Carter what are you doing here? Last time I checked you wanted nothing to do with me" Sam turned at this and looked down.

"I know Sir and I'm…" Just then the phone rang. Jack almost cursed it as he looked at Sam. Carter smiled weakly.

"Answer it Sir. It may be important" Jack saw, more than heard the disappointment in her voice.

"I'll be right back" Jack moved up the hall to where he had last put his phone and answered it. Sam in the meantime glanced around the lovely furnished house and for the first time saw how beautiful it really was. Sam limped over to an elegant old wooden set of draws that had photos on it. Sam looked across them and saw one of Charlie, Jacks son before the fatal accident, and his ex wife. Sam took a breath and kept looking, Jack sounded like he was arguing with someone about something and guessed he would be longer than usual. Suddenly a picture stuck out at her. It was pushed up behind another frame so it wasn't easy to see. Sam pushed the picture in front aside and her eyes went wide as she looked at the photo. It was a photo of her dressed in a black dress from last years formal evening dinner sitting next to and smiling with Jack who had an arm around her. Sam swallowed hard as she picked it up to look at it closer. Suddenly something fell out and dropped onto the top of the cabinet.

'Damn it!' She thought as she reached over and picked whatever it was up. Sam froze when she saw it. A ring? Sam looked closer. An engagement ring? A lump formed in her throat as she peered in on the inside where some words were carved

'Always be with you Sam, Love Jack' Sam felt suddenly weak in the legs as she stared at the carving. Just then Jack walked down the stairs

"Sorry about that I was just…" He stopped suddenly as he saw what she had found. Sam opened and closed her mouth as she looked at him then at the ring. Then she placed the frame and the ring down on the cabinet in a hurry.

"I'm so sorry sir, I didn't mean to… I was just…" Sam felt like there was no air in the room. Jack swallowed hard

"It's alright Carter… So what did you want to come and see me about?" He asked changing the subject. Sam swallowed hard and tried to speak in the awkwardness.

"I came to see you because… Is that an engagement ring for me sir?" She asked bluntly. Not sure whether to get her hopes up or not. Jack placed his beer down and walked over and picked up the ring in his fingers, fiddling with it.

"This?" He said running a finger over it and looking down at it "This is for someone I lost a few weeks ago in a plane crash. She never knew it because I never got the chance to tell her and now I live with that regret every single day since then." Sam felt tears come but held them back

"Why didn't you tell her?" Sam prompted. Jack looked at her and saw something in those beautiful eyes.

"Because I was afraid that if I asked her she would say no"

"So it was never about the ranks or the military?" Sam held strong against the tears as their eyes met. Jack felt his heart stop for second

"No, it was never about the ranks" Sam pursed her lips and tried to smile under the strain of keeping back the tears. Jack saw she was upset. "Carter are you ok?" Sam nodded looking away for a moment

"Ask her" Was all she said as she looked back at him. Jack wasn't sure what she was talking about.

"Ask who, what? Carter do you remember me?" Sam stood straighter and smiled slightly.

"If it wasn't about the ranks then ask her the question" And in that instant Jack saw that she remembered him and he felt as if the air was knocked from his lungs.

"You remember me" He stated. Sam nodded without saying anything. Jack pursed his lips. "You wanna get married?" Sam laughed as she nodded

"Yes" Jack looked at her.

"Is that a Yes as in 'maybe I'll think about it' or is that a Yes as in, 'Yes I want to marry you?'" Jack asked stepping one step closer. Just then Sam grabbed his shirt and pulled him in

"Shut up and kiss me, Sir" She said, then their lips met. One hundred and one things ran through Jacks mind at that instant of what might happen at the SGC now but he didn't care because now he was finally home because he was with her. Now he was finally happy.


'…You take my heart

And hold it in your hand tonight

And now I know

That forever's never felt so right…'

Sam and Jack stood in front of the gate hand in hand. Sam smiled up at Jack as Hammond read out their vows for them to repeat. All the while Jack couldn't believe this was really happening. Things were going to change now but as he looked at Sam he knew they were going to be for the better.

'…Cause my heart is forever

And I give it all to you

Just tell me you feel it too…

"Do you Jack take Samantha to be your lawfully wedded wife…" Sam listened to Hammond speak and couldn't believe that she was actually standing there with Jack and about to become his wife.

"I do" Jack said smiling at her.

'…Always, never leave me

Never, stop me from believing

Thank you for being here

Thank you for being here

Trust me when I say I love you

Love me when I say I need you

Thank you for being here

Thank you for being here


"Do you Samantha take Jack to be your lawfully wedded husband…" Jack glanced out across the crowd and saw Daniel and Teal'c smiling at him. Jack nodded slightly as Carter repeated her vows.

'…You take my life

And now you make me finally see

And now I know

That this will come so naturally…'

"I do" Sam and Jack slid the rings on each others fingers. Sam looked up at him "No regrets?" She asked as Jack squeezed her hand.

"No, unless you can think of one?" Sam smiled

"Not one"

'…Thank you for sharing this… caring if… be there if…

Thank you, thank you

Thank you for wishing me…kissing me…missing me

Thank you, thank you…'

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride" Hammond said closing the book in front of him

"Finally, I've been waiting years for this" in a split second Jack grabbed Sam and pulled her in and kissed her like he had always wanted to as the base cheered and clapped.

'…Trust me when I say I love you

Love me when I say I need you

Thank you for being here

Thank you for being here




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