Chapter 1. Different

"We had sex"

Raven turned to look at the green boy next to her. The softness of the sheets twisting as she turned. She sighed tiredly, expecting to see his usual playful grin, but instead he was serious, staring up at the roof with a deep frown.

"I noticed," she answered in a monotonous tone, raising an eyebrow. He turned to stare at her with the same serious expression. It wasn't like him to be this serious.

"I mean… We had sex" he repeated as if that explained everything. The gothic girl looked slightly amused.

"Yes… We did."

At that he finally smiled widely. She returned the smile with one barely noticeable, but he could see it. Raven sighed, closing her eyes as she leaned back against her pillow. She was so tired, the events of the day still running through her head.

"Now what?" he asked, turning to look at the dark roof of her bedroom. The light from the moon made funny shadows, but he wasn't afraid of them, as he would any other night. And this was still Raven's room, the place he'd sneaked in so many times before, the one that smelled like incense and tea. It was still soothing, despite the very dark look.

"Now we sleep." Answered the girl next to him, and Raven turned to get some sleep. He stared at her naked back in shock.

"Sleep?" he repeated, "I couldn't sleep… My mind is racing."

"I'm tired." She said in her usual monotonous voice and he smirked.

"What did you expect? I didn't know you could be like that, Rae Rae." His smiled widened when he saw her shoulders tense, knowing he was getting under her skin, "You had fun corrupting little innocent old me, didn't ya?"

"Are you done making fun of me?" she asked, looking at him over her shoulder. Her voice was still devoid of emotion, except for a little anger there. He smiled innocently at her,

"Shutting up…"

Raven laid her head on the pillow again and sighed. She let the tiredness of her body engulf her, but her emotions were still running wild, and she couldn't sleep. Still, she tried to ignore it, closing her eyes tightly and trying to concentrate on leaving her mind in blank.

Best Boy couldn't sleep. He moved his eyes from the dark roof, to the mess of the shattered lamp her powers exploded. He had to smile when he remembered that. Sitting up suddenly looking around, thinking someone had walked in on them. She'd just grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him back to her embrace.

He looked at her back again, the sheets covering only her lower half. She was ignoring him and he let out a breath. Of course she was. From his experience with Raven, she was probably still embarrassed by the whole thing. His eyes went back to scan the room, finally noticing all the other things, besides the lamp, that had exploded. Books scattered down the floor, paper all around, some glass from the lamps and mirrors, candles were a mess of wax on the floor, roof and walls. How the hell she-er- they were going to clean that up was still a mystery to him.

When Raven was finally feeling relaxed enough to sleep, his voice came again, "Rae Rae… Are you asleep?"

She sighed. If Beast Boy didn't sleep she wouldn't be able to fall asleep… At least he wouldn't let her.

"Yes" she answered in a flat voice, hoping he would leave her alone.

Garfield grinned. Her annoyance was clear in her voice, but he didn't let that mess with him. Mostly, because he knew her real feelings.

"Raven!" he called and she was forced to turn around. She stared at him expectantly, a raised eyebrow asking him what he wanted.

"I want to cuddle." he said with a smile.

"Are you serious?" Apparently he was.

"Of course I'm serious. I want to cuddle!" he answered indignantly.

"I thought guys didn't like to cuddle…"

"Well, I'm not most guys"

Raven stared at him silently, so hard and long enough to make him feel nervous.


"No you're not" she interrupted.


"You're not most guys"

And he smiled widely.

Silence filled them again. They were staring at each other, Raven with an emotionless face, and Beast Boy with a wide grin.

"So… Can we cuddle?" he asked again bashfully. This time she could see the shyness in his eyes as he regarded her from under his eyelashes.

With a sigh, she opened her arms, looking bored, not moving another muscle. He grinned widely again, and let himself fall on top of her. He rested his face between her breasts and sighed at the sweet smell. "Jasmine tea" he muttered, and she smiled gently while her fingers played with his hair.

They stayed like that for the longest time, but neither was sleeping.

"Rae?" Beast Boy started again, and she sighed in exasperation, being too comfortable with silence.

"Yes?" She looked down, staring at the green hair on her bosom. He was feeling shy and she raised an eyebrow at him. I wasn't like him to be this shy, especially after what they did.

"I love you." he muttered after some struggle, his face still hidden against her chest.

Raven stared at him in shock, though her expression didn't change. Even if they had liked each other for so long, even if they had flirted, kissed, even dated (at his constant complaining, of course) they had never said that to each other.

"Okay." she answered in a monotonous tone, and she felt his shoulders tense.

He turned to stare up at her with tearful eyes. With a soft smile she thought he looked like a lost puppy.

"Don't you love me too?"

Her smile widened, even if only a little. With her silence, the green boy felt his heart breaking. He was waiting for an answer but, when he didn't have the courage to keep looking into her eyes, turned to bury his face against her chest, not knowing how else to hide from her.


And his eyes widened.

"What?" Beast Boy turned to look up at her again, now his eyes reflecting hope, "You do?"

Raven raised an eyebrow, "I'm not exactly the kind of girl who would sleep with someone she doesn't love."

"Well…" he started now, looking refreshed, "I just thought for a moment there, that you only wanted me for my body."

"What?" she said thinking he was serious for a moment there, but then he turned and she could see the mirth in his face.

"Yes, after all, I AM sexy."

"Oh, yes. You are hot." Raven said in a sarcastic tone with a roll of her yes.

"Don't you forget it."

He rested his head on her chest again. They stayed like that for a minute or so, until he killed the silence once again.

"Can you say it?"

"Say what?"

He hid his face again, and she realized how tainted his self-esteem was. Raven was learning more things of him in one night than all those years living in the same tower.

"Can you say you love me?"


He buried his face even deeper, and she felt the softness of his lips against her skin when he spoke.

"I just want to hear it."

For a moment there, nothing happened. But finally, Raven grabbed his face, caressing him softly, until he got the hint and let her turn him. Instead of speaking, she pulled his face and kissed him. Not hard and wildly as she kissed him before, but gently and soft. He let out a very animal like sound, between a moan and a groan, and kissed back, in the same slow motions.

When she parted from him, Raven smiled at what she saw. Beast Boy was looking at her with a dreamy look, his half closed dazed eyes looking at her in adoration. A goofy grin was starting to appear, but it wasn't as wide as it was after she spoke.

"I love you, Gar."

It was said in her monotonous way, but it held an emotion only he could detect.

He buried his face again, now with renewed confidence and a wide grin on his face. She started to caress his hair again, letting her fingers run through the green softness.

"You just love my sexy body."

"Don't ruin it."