AN. I changed this chapter so many times. I was shocked (and somewhat pleased) to see the reaction towards Jason. It seemed people either loved him or hated him passionately. And that's always good, that a character would provoke such feelings. Personally? I love Jason. He's a difficult character with a very specific way of seeing the world. The titans are easy to guess, since their view of the world is very specific (most of the time) and they can easily tell what's right and what's wrong. Not Jason. He was brought up in the streets and believes he has to do what he has to do to survive. And, to me at least, that makes him an interesting character.

Anyway, I hope you like this chapter, which is full with fluffy and mushy goodness. xD I couldn't help it. I've noticed my characters have transformed into different versions of themselves along with the experiences they had in the story. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, considering now they aren't really IC in the cartoon sense? Oh well.

Chapter 26. A couple of days. Part 2

Pure hell. That's exactly how Garfield would've described that day if he'd been going through what the other guys were going through, but he just smiled at them from his favourite spot in the entire world, purring in delight. He almost felt smug, actually feeling much better and more confident, mostly because Raven was already used to have her boyfriend being overprotective, while the other girls… weren't.

"You're all ridiculous." Raven was saying with her usual monotone, her hands skilfully petting the green cat on her lap. Nightwing grunted in response, before running a hand through is hair.

"You don't understand. He's- he's just-"

"The worst!" Interrupted Wally while extending his hands dramatically. "What do they see in this guy?" Just as he finished saying this as mass of giggles interrupted all the way through the television area, making the men on the couch turn and glare at the crowd that was being so nosy.

"Maldito!" Yelled out Mas, waving a fist at Jason, though he was pretty much ignored.

"Si, maldito!" replied his brother Menos, mimicking his twin.

The day after Jason had arrived the titans started to arrive, one by one. Of course, the thief didn't miss an opportunity to flirt with every female he met, already used to have all the girls attentions. Well, all but the one he knew he couldn't get. But hey, who was complaining.

"No joke?" asked Bee with a wide smile and the thief returned it.

"Of course I'm being serious, hot stuff. I couldn't move. They had me completely pinned down." Replied Jason with a smug grin and Jinx frowned.

"But how did you manage to get the Penguin so angry?" Jason turned his attention to her.

"Well," He said with a bitter smile, "After destroying his drugs operation, I made sure all those dealers wouldn't get close to schools. Those poor kids." There was a collective 'Aww' all around him and he smiled gratefully. From the couch, Raven snorted.

"He's pretending." She said amusedly and the men around her turned.

"Pretending." Repeated Cyborg. "That bastard." Nightwing sighed in answer.

"This is what he does. I told you all before-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah; you've said." Interrupted Cyborg and then copied Nightwing's tone. "Jason is charming. You didn't mention he was a pathological liar!" Raven raised an eyebrow.

"He's lying about his feelings. Not about what he did." She replied and Flash snorted, crossing his arms and pouting deeply as Jinx's laughter reached his ears. She didn't even find HIM as charming!

"Doesn't make him any better."

At that moment, Jason stood up, the girls following him like cats to catnip. It was pretty amusing, at least to Raven, who just kept smiling gently as she petted the green cat on her lap, feelings all around her. She could tell who was genuinely interested in him and who wasn't. Starfire just giggled, of course, while Jinx seemed to enjoy making Wally flinch, Bee was just having fun apparently, Argent was buying every silly lie that came from Jason's lips, Kole felt merry, probably just happy to be around friends, considering how lonely she was with just Gnarrk around, and Pantha felt anxious and restless, though she usually felt that way.

"Sorry, ladies." Said Jason, grinning the same charming grin he always gave women, "I've got to rest a bit." There were sounds of disappointment all about and Raven chuckled, smiling down as the cat on her lap seemed to smile up at her, purring happily. But as soon as Jason stood, the rest of the men moved. It was almost comical, how the party suddenly started, with everyone taking their position next to the girl of their interest. Not that everyone had been waiting for Jason to move out of the picture. Aqualad had just being enjoying himself, along with Speedy and Jericho. Hot Spot was on a corner, brooding as always, glaring down at everyone around and Gnnark and Wildebeest close to him, looking as uncomfortable as he did.

For a moment there, Raven had been left alone on the couch and, seizing his opportunity, Jason smirked to himself and moved closer, since from the back it appeared she was alone. He jumped over the couch, landing right next to her with an arm around her.

"He- Woah!" As soon as he landed though, a hissing green cat made him jump away, much to her amusement.

"Hey." She answered back in her usual monotone, still stoking the green cat's fur, trusting he wouldn't jump to attack. The green cat purred again, resting on the girl's lap once more, with its tiny blank eyes focused on the man sitting next to her.

"I always called your pet a 'pet' as a joke, but this is taking it all to a whole new level." The cat on Raven's lap made a sound, not even moving it's mouth, like a mixture between a growl and a purr and the empath smiled down at it gently.

"I suppose the name would be more insulting if he weren't this happy here." The cat closed its eyes for a moment, seeming to grin, before opening them again, as if agreeing with Raven's words. Jason glared at it, pursing his lips.

"Lucky bastard." And the cat's grin widened. "So," He said, leaning back and grinning, "What do you think of my awesome party?" Raven raised an eyebrow.

"Yours?" She asked and he shrugged.

"Hey, you wouldn't know how to have fun if fun slapped you titans on the face with a fun bat while dancing the fun dance." She almost smiled.

"That's quite a picture." He grinned.

"Yeah, I like to imagine someone hitting the titans with bats. Imagery for tough times, you know? Cheers me right up." This time she chuckled and the cat on her lap hissed. He didn't like it when someone else made her laugh. Jason ignored the cat of course, his smirk turning into a gentle smile as he stared at her. But the thief turned away as soon as Raven turned to him.

"I think the feeling will be mutual from now on." She commented, sending a look at Wally as he tried his best to impress Jinx while she pretended to be bored. "I don't think the guys will be fond of you after tonight." He shrugged.

"Who needs guys anyway?" He said with an easy smirk, "You get me a harem like that when I come back and I might join the titans then." He turned to send a grin at someone behind them and Raven turned to catch Argent and Kole giggling to themselves.

"I don't think Nightwing will be willing to give the same offer." Jason shrugged.

"That's fine. I have more fun on my own." He turned to grin as Bee walked pass them, lightly caressing his shoulders and winking at him. "I gotta go." He said and she smiled in amusement as he jumped over the couch to follow the girl. "By the way," He added, grinning at her, "I brought some drinks over." Raven's amused smile disappeared and she raised an eyebrow.

"Does Nightwing-?" His snort interrupted.

"Of course not. No worries. Grayson's far too busy taking his staff out of his butt to notice." He grinned at her and winked. "Cheers." And he left to join Bee, who had now walked up to a group of girls. He placed his arms around two of them and joined their conversation.

Raven sighed, turning her eyes back to the cat on her lap who was staring at her with a glare. "Don't start." She told him in her usual monotone and his eyes narrowed. "I didn't do anything." Just like that, the cat turned into a man and the empath blinked in surprise as Garfield stared down at her with a serious expression. She was wondering what she could say, since she felt his nervousness and jealousy as he leaned over her, creating a shadow so that she saw nothing but him. She thought he'll be mad, yell at her even like he'd done before, whenever they argued, but he leaned down and kissed her for all she was worth and left her breathless once he parted.

"I'll go grab us some drinks." He said with a forced smile and moved away, leaving her alone on the couch, wondering just what had happened.

The party continued like any other party in the Titan's tower, except people around Raven were behaving rather more freely than they had the few hours ago, when the party had started. Jason's drinks certainly seemed to improve the mood all around, even Garfield's who was currently trying to get Pantha to dance. Raven was still on the couch, still pretending to drink the same whatever alcoholic beverage Gar had gotten her. She really didn't like alcohol, considering how it worked to make people lose control. At least, that appeared to be the case with the other titans.

"Come on! Just shake it, Panthy!" Garfield was certainly the centre of attention when music was about and Raven smiled in amusement, as it looked like Pantha was about to kill him.

"The name is Pantha!" She growled, stomping away, and quickly enough Garfield was pouting.

"Such hatred." He turned and grinned at Raven. Oh no. "Come on, Rae Rae. Let's show them how it's done." The empath glared at him.

"I don't dance." She said between gritted teeth, but he merely grinned, taking a step closer, and spreading out a hand for her to take.

"Sure you do! You just need someone strong and handsome to lead." He winked and suddenly grabbed her, pulling her up and into his arms, making her drop her glass and spill her drink.

"You are so dead." She muttered and his grin widened as he twisted her around and she tried to keep herself from falling. Her feet barely touched the floor as he carried her like a limp doll.

"It'll do you good to have some fun." His smile turned gentle, "Come on, babe. You know you love being in my arms." He suddenly pulled her away and she staggered as her feet managed to keep her standing and then, just as suddenly, he twisted her until she was twirling in place and then back into his arms.

"How do you do that?" She asked in amusement and he grinned at her.

"I've dreamed about dancing with you." He whispered to her ear and then placed a kiss on her cheek. "You are so beautiful." And she blushed as she thought they were in front of everyone and he was getting rather cosy with her. Though a look around made her notice nobody was paying attention to them. Sure, there were smiles here and there directed to them, a mention of how cute they were from Bee and a knowing smile from Cyborg, but other than that, everyone was pretty much focused on themselves, and a lot of the titans had already retired to their rooms. But then… Where was Jason? And surely enough, outside in the cold, well, as cold as it could get in Jump city, was the back of a man smoking. All alone. And that was all he portrayed. Loneliness. It was enough for her to lose her smile for a moment.

"Hey." Raven turned as she felt the pace slow down and Garfield hugged her closer. She sighed, hugging her fiancée back and forced a smile as he was smiling back. "We should totally go to bed." He whispered to her ear and she closed her eyes as she felt his emotions through his hug as they moved slowly, even though the music called for a faster dance. And she felt love, as usual, but something else along with it... Dizziness?

"How drunk are you?" She wondered, raising an eyebrow and he grinned at her.

"Enough to want to undress you right here, right now. Not enough to actually start doing it." She chuckled and his grin widened at the sound, so he nuzzled the side of her head.

"My, aren't you eager?" She asked as he pressed against her, but then her eyes returned to the figure outside and she sighed. "Garfield…"

"Come on." He whined, kissing her neck. "It's Christmas." She smiled up at him, but then her eyes went back to the man outside and he saw it just as he straightened to see her face. He sighed and pursed his lips. "No." He said firmly, his lazy grin turning into a frown.

"Five minutes." He groaned, moving to nuzzle her neck.

"A lot can happen in five minutes." She regarded him expressionlessly.

"Gar. I've been with you all night. And he... I feel emotions of loneliness coming from him. He's my friend and he needs me." He frowned again, sending a hateful glare at the man outside.

"Yeah, that's his own fault, you know? If he weren't such an as-"

"Garfield." She interrupted, placing a hand on his cheek. "Please?" He stared at her for a moment and then sighed.

"Okay, but hurry." He whispered, placing a kiss on her cheek as he moved away, forcing a smile and wavering as he took a second step. "Woah… maybe I'm tipsier than I thought." She smiled in response.

"Don't start without me." She called in her usual monotone as she stared at his wavering form try to reach the door toward the hallway.

"I make no promises." He answered, waving a hand back, only to use it to hold onto the closest wall. She smiled, shaking her head in amusement. Maybe it'd been a good idea to let Jason bring in alcohol. The titans, having to keep in the best shape because of their training, weren't usually allowed the liberty to drink on regular basis, and that meant they had very little alcohol resistance, but it also meant they got to laid back and enjoy themselves for the night. Well, at least no one drank enough to be throwing up… Except Starfire, but she already had seven stomachs to make up for it.

Raven approached the glass window, opening it and snuggling inside her cloak as the cold wind hit her face. Jason was sitting on a step, his back to her, smoking outside because Nightwing had had a fit when he found him smoking inside the rooms. The empath sighed as she felt the usual emotions coming from the thief. Cold, always cold, and very bitter. It seemed no matter what she did, how many people he had in his life who cared for him, he would always have those emotions deep within him.

"Hey." He called and she blinked in surprise as he hadn't even turned nor made any reaction to the fact that she was there, looking at him. "Nice party." He said, now smiling over his shoulder, his usual smirk around his cigar. "You titans do know how to have fun. Especially the girls." His smirk widened and she returned it with an amused smile, shaking her head.

"It certainly was impressive." She commented, moving to sit next to him. He grinned.

"What can I say? I have a gift." She shook her head again and turned her gaze up at the stars. It was a lovely night, moonless, like when Garfield would ask her to the roof to watch the stars, like they did on their first date.

"So… how are you?" She asked after a moment of silence, feeling awkward. For an empath, she wasn't good at discussing emotions. He turned his bitter smirk up to the sky, glaring at the stars.

"I'm cool, love. Just lovely." She sighed.

"You do know I can feel what you feel?" He snorted.

"Yeah, and you do know everyone can learn to fake their emotions, right?" She glared at him.

"They can control them, not fake them." He turned his bitter smile at her.

"What do you want me to say? That I regret I never joined the titans? You already know the answer to that." She didn't say anything and he sighed. "There are too many rules, and Grayson would've driven me insane with all his orders. You know he threatened me to a hundred push-ups when he found me smoking? The guy still thinks he's my big brother."

"He IS your big brother." She replied back in a stoic voice and he snorted humourlessly.

"Well, someone should tell him and Wayne I'm no longer a kid." He let out some smoke out of his mouth and turned his smirk at her. "Or tell YOU for that matter." She frowned.

"Me? I know you're not a kid." He snorted and turned his gaze back at the sky.

"Really? Because instead of getting jealous, you find it funny that I keep flirting with other girls." She stared at him.

"You wanted to make me jealous."

"Isn't that what you were doing with your little pet?" She blinked.

"You thought I was trying to make you jealous?" He stared at her for a moment. Despite her lack of expression, he could still see how wrong he'd been.

"No." He said finally, his voice bitter. "Of course not." She stared at his profile, as it seemed he refused to look at her. So she turned her eyes back to the sky. It was odd, she knew exactly how he felt, and she knew exactly how she felt towards him too, but sometimes life was just unfair to some and Jason was just one of those people.

"A wise man once told me," She said, almost in a whisper, "You're only as alone as you choose to be." Jason snorted.

"Sounds like your pet." She didn't answer, but merely pursed her lips and he laughed lightly when he realized that'd been exactly who'd said that, "Yeah, I wouldn't call him 'wise'." She looked away, sending a glance at the window. He wasn't there anymore, and some people had already gone to bed. Flash and Jinx were nowhere to be found and Kole was snuggling up to Gnarrk, obviously falling asleep, she could barely see Cyborg's back from the top of the couch and someone seemed to be making out in a corner, but she really couldn't tell who it was.

"It was a good idea to bring in drinks. We rarely get any fun." She mentioned, changing the subject and he smiled.

"Maybe it's you who don't realize you're not kids anymore." She returned the smile.

"That just might be the case." And really, maybe it was. She pulled her knees up and leaned over them, feeling nostalgic. Where had life gone? Here she was, speaking with the guy she'd met about eight years ago as if not a day had passed. Ah, but he had to ruin the moment. Perhaps he had more in common with Garfield than he first thought.

"Your little pet still calls himself 'Beast Boy'. What is he? Like twenty five?" She rolled her eyes.

"Twenty three." He smirked.

"Wow, he's younger than you? You cougar." She couldn't help the chuckle and he smiled as he heard her laugh again. It'd certainly been a while. But then she noticed him staring and he stood up suddenly, throwing his cigar away to the sea. "Okay, I should go to bed." Raven stared at him sadly and he rolled his eyes. "Would you quit it with the pity party? You make me feel pathetic."

"Jason… I never wanted to-" She started, standing up too, but then he shook his head.

"Woah, no no. Don't do this, love. I'm good. Better than that." He smirked. "I have a lovely colourless darling with the sexiest accent waiting for me." She blinked.

"You mean Argent?" His smirk widened.

"Is that her name?" He said with humour, "I just call her 'hot buns'." She glared at him.

"You're starting a relationship with a woman you don't even know the name of?" He smirked again.

"Who's talking about a relationship, love? I just want to have fun. This IS a party, right?" She let out an indignant breath and he rolled his eyes. "Come on. She's a grown up too and knows what she's doing." She still glared at him and he let out a breath. "Hey, don't start acting like my mom now." He said playfully but then shrugged, "Well, my mom wouldn't have cared." He muttered and then, "But still, stop mothering me, love. Your moustache is only half way through to start pretending you're Alfred." She let out an indignant breath, her hand immediately going to cover her upper lip, and he smirked again. "Ha! Made you touch." And she glared at him again.

"Shut up." She said between her teeth, obviously upset and he grinned again. She was so cute when she got angry.

"Like I said before: Don't hate the messenger." She still glared despite his easy grin and he sighed.

"Look, Raven. I know you don't like me. At all."

"That's not true." He snorted and smirked at her. "Okay. I don't like what you've become-"

"Or what I was." He interrupted and she raised an eyebrow. "I'm still the same person, love." She looked away.

"Yes, but I thought-"

"That I would change?" He smirked, "That you caring for me would make a difference?" She stared at him dully.

"Didn't it?" He smiled bitterly.

"Love doesn't work that way, Raven." And it hurt, that he called her by her name and not her pet name. "You can't love someone expecting them to become someone else. You love them because they are them." It was weird to see him take a conversation so seriously. "No matter how incredibly obnoxious you find their blank stares or their monotonous voice or their complete lack of good taste." He told the last part in his usual teasing tone, but she didn't return the smile he was giving her. So he shrugged, looking away, "I know you… care. And that's-" He sighed, "That's enough." She didn't answer. Instead,

"Why are you here?" He shrugged.

"I got in trouble-"

"Cut the crap, Jason. Why are you here?" He smiled at her.

"I wanted to see you. I wanted to make sure…"


"Make sure you're happy." She blinked in surprise.

"I am happy." And his smile widened.

"Yeah, I could see that." He looked away as she stared at him with her usual emotionless face. "I should go. I have a sexy odd coloured girl waiting for me." She rolled her eyes.

"You're disgusting." He turned to smirk at her.

"Oh come on. Like you're not doing the same thing with your pet tonight." She glared at him but didn't answer and he laughed lightly. "See? Don't be such a prude, love. Doesn't suit you. Not with that outfit, anyway." His eyes went down to her legs and she pulled her cloak closer, to cover herself.

"What's wrong with my outfit?" She asked as she moved to walk beside him and get inside.

"You don't wear pants." He said simply, amused at her shyness and she snorted.

"It's a leotard." She said between gritted teeth and he grinned at her.

"Hey, I'm a man. I have no idea what that is. I just see you're not wearing pants." He smirked as she pulled the cloak closer and glared at him. He chuckled and moved closer, kissing her forehead quickly.

"Good night, love." She stared at him as he walked away.

"See you in the morning." She called back, and he didn't answer to that.

Raven sighed as she saw him disappear into the hallway and then moved to follow through, knowing Garfield was waiting for her. She walked pass the couch and a couple making out. She shuddered as she noticed it was Cyborg with… someone. She really couldn't see past him as she forced her eyes back to the door. That must be how HE felt whenever he saw her kiss Garfield. It must be like watching your brother and a sister make out… and that was a whole new level of weird she didn't want to deal with. So she got to her bedroom, but as soon as the door opened, she was suddenly pulled inside and her feet left the ground.

"What took you so long?" Gasped Garfield against her cheek and she smiled, wrapping her arms around him as he carried her to bed.

"It wasn't that long." She replied back as he placed her on their bed.

"It felt like an eternity." She chuckled at his answer and he moved to grin at her.

"You seem happy." He said, raising an eyebrow, trying to hold back his jealousy like he'd promised her before that night.

"I guess so." She answered with a gentle smile, "I was just thinking that…" She stopped talking and she looked away so he pressed her.


"I… I am…" She frowned as she came up with the words to express what she felt, not her forte. "I'm exactly where I want to be." He smiled and leaned down to kiss her forehead.

"Me too, babe. Exactly where I want to be." He moved to nuzzle her neck again, his hands working on the clasp holding her cloak in place. "But I have other things in mind. Not that I don't love hearing how much you love me." She let out a breath, feeling his hands move to her back after opening her cloak, working on the zipper on her neck.

"I can see that." She said with a smile and he moved to grin down at her again.

"Tell me what you want." He breathed out and her eyes widened.

"Anything?" she asked with a playful tiny smile and he almost groaned.

"Anything." She stared at him for a moment, still wearing the same smile, and then she leaned up to his ear. This time he couldn't hold back the groan. "You little demon…" He muttered as she whispered to his ear and leaned down to kiss her again.

Some time after that, Garfield slowly woke up feeling ridiculously thirsty and with a pounding inside his head. His green eyes flickered open and the first sight that greeted him was the face of his fiancée deeply asleep. She was so close to him he could feel her breath on his face and he smiled, leaning closer to kiss her forehead. She didn't even stir, which was great because she was such a light sleeper and that could only mean she was truly tired and relaxed. He smiled as memories of that night finally hit him and he moved to cover her with a blanket, knowing full well she would get cold as soon as he left the bed. And that's what he did next, groaning since his head seemed to pound even harder with every move he made. He tried reaching for a random pair of pants on the floor and clumsily put them on, still sitting on the bed. The moment he stood up was hell. His brain pounded against his skull again and he grunted in pain, closing his eyes tightly. Yup, he definitely needed an aspirin… or to kill Jason since he'd been the one to bring in the alcohol, not that he needed many excuses to want to kill the thief. He left the room, tripping over the many things that had blown up previously, his hair a mess as every time he woke up, and he scratched his stomach as he entered the common room, only to find the thief he'd wanted to murder standing there, leaning against the counter and staring down at something in his hand. The green man noticed the thief's random suitcase by his feet and he snorted.

"Finally." He muttered under his breath and Jason turned to him, raising an eyebrow and smirking bitterly like usual, whatever he'd been staring at clutched in a fist.


"You're leaving." Said Garfield in his usual annoyed tone, the one he got whenever he saw the man. The green man moved to grab a bottle of water from the fridge and turned to him, leaning against the counter. "I'm glad." Jason rolled his eyes.

"That's mature." Garfield shrugged.

"Yeah. Mature like running away in the middle of the night. Real classy." Jason snorted.

"Yeah, the dude who got silver for an engagement ring tells me I have no class." Garfield turned to glare at him.

"Sorry?" Jason shook his head.

"Nothing. Be happy being a loser." He turned to grab his bag from the floor, but when he turned around, Garfield was there, glaring at him.

"God dammit!" Said Jason, taking a step back, "You should start wearing a collar with a bell." And then he smirked, "Put a cute bone shaped tag on it. And your address, so people know where to bring you back when you get lost." Again with the pet jokes, but Garfield was focusing on something else he'd said.

"You have a problem with my ring?" Jason stopped for a moment raising an eyebrow. Funny how such a short man could still appear to be so intimidating, especially when he bared those fangs at you.

"Hey, I'm just saying, it's great you found some who would, you know…" His smirk turned cruel for a moment and he leaned closer to him, "settle." Bad choice because Garfield was growling, shaking in anger and glaring at the man.

"Take it back." He said between gritted teeth, and Jason kept glaring right back.

"No. I won't." He let out a breath. "Give me a break, pet. What were you thinking?" Garfield glared at him.

"I don't need to explain myself to you." He said, pushing past him and intending to go join Raven again.

"No, you kind of do." Said Jason, leaning against the counter. "I leave the girl to you and I come back to see you're still the same? Dude, you're a big boy now. Act like it."

"What is this obsession you have with growing up?" The thief rolled his eyes.

"I try not to live in a fantasy world, unlike you." Beast Boy shook his head.

"Fantasy world? You think I like this? You think I want to keep making whatever little money us titans make? You're a thief. You chose the easy life. Just because Raven is insanely patient with you doesn't mean what you do or who you are is right." Jason rolled his eyes.

"Typical black and white view of the world." Beast Boy let out a disgruntled breath.

"There's no point talking to you. You're just the same kid with the same screwed up morals you were when I met you." And truly, he was. Garfield was starting to realize that, for all his talk about maturity, Jason was still the same bitter kid he'd been when they first met. If anything, it felt he was even bitterer now, considering how alone he was and, truthfully, Garfield found himself pitying him. He still hated him too much to do anything about it, or even be civil, but at least he didn't break his nose as his instincts were urging him to do.

"Hold it, pet." Said Jason after struggling with himself. The green man stopped, looking at the thief over his shoulder and there he was, leaning against the counter, his smug smirk (God, he really wanted to punch him) in place.

"What?" Asked Garfield in exasperation, wanting nothing more than to end this conversation. The thief moved to throw something at him.

"Fetch!" He yelled out in the middle of it and Garfield easily caught whatever he'd tossed, sending him a glare at the remark. The green man sighed and looked down at whatever he'd been tossed and his eyes widened.

"Wha-?" It was a blue diamond. The tiny stone shone on his palm with the dim light of the moon and the only lit light bulb in the entire common room. It was pale and, funnily enough, the colour reminded Garfield of Raven. "What's this?" He asked the thief, still stunned, his eyes still fixed on the tiny rock.

"What does it look like?" Jason snorted. "And you say I have no class. You don't recognize a diamond when you see one?" Garfield's eyes went back to the thief.

"Why did you throw this at me?" He said as calmly as he could and Jason smirked.

"Well, Raven deserves a proper ring. And that just screams 'dear old gothic Raven', doesn't it?" Garfield took a step closer to him.

"So you stole a diamond… and now you want me to give it to Raven." Jason shrugged, still smirking.

"No need to thank me." Garfield snorted.

"'Thank you'. Aha. I should break your stupid face." The thief blinked in surprise.

"Ah, what? I'm sorry, I think you're more dim witted than I first thought, you're not getting what's going on here?" Jason cleared his throat. "I'm giving you a diamond. A freaking expensive diamond. You can make that into whatever little ring you can afford and it'll make it cost a fortune." Garfield shook his head.

"You stole this!" Jason shrugged.

"So what? I stole it from Sionis. It's not like the man can't afford to lose a couple of diamonds." He smirked again, "Mind you, he lost more than that." Garfield's fist closed around the diamond and he felt himself physically shake in anger. How dare he-

"I don't want it." Jason rolled his eyes.

"It's not for you." Beast boy shook his head, closing the distance between the two.

"WE don't want it." He corrected, stretching his hand out to give the rock back. The thief stared at him in incredulity.

"Raven deserves-"

"Don't." Said Garfield between gritted teeth, still visibly angry. "Don't you DARE say what she deserves or not. You have NO idea what she wants. If I- If I even dared-" He let out a breath, "She would flip."

"She won't care." Said Jason with a bored voice and Garfield almost growled at him.

"SHE WILL." And this time, the green back couldn't hold back his voice. "She does! You have NO idea what she's like. We're titans! We don't steal when it's convenient!" He placed the rock on the counter, since Jason wouldn't take it. "And I don't need your 'charity'." He added, glaring at the rock. The thief glared at him, before letting out a breath.

"I just want to make Raven happy." Garfield returned the glare.

"No need. She's happy already." Retorted the titan and the two glared at each other in silence, with Jason's eyes going from one green eye to the other as he thought about it. But Garfield was still standing there, his posture strong. Funny how the shorter man could look as imposing as he did while still being the smaller of the two. But Jason was still smiling, having lost his fear of death ages ago.

"How would you know?" He asked with mirth. "You think she's fine with this silly little relationship you two have now?" Garfield glared at him, his fists shaking by his side. "Raven needs some excitement in her life. She needs pretty things, every girls wants those."

"Not her." Jason snorted.

"Of course she does."

"No." The green man said with conviction. "Raven's different. She's always been. You should know, I know you still love her." Jason raised an eyebrow, smirking again.

"She's hot, I'll grant you that. But I'm over it." And Garfield shook his head.

"No, dude. It's more than that. She doesn't say anything, but I can see it." He nodded as Jason stared at him, losing his grin. "Rae's not the kind of girl anyone can 'get over' of. And she's definitely not the kind to accept a stolen ring." The thief rolled his eyes.

"That's why you titans are all such idiots. You don't want to take back what's yours." Garfield glared at him. "You saved the city how many times already? You're out there, risking your lives all the time, saved the freaking world and you can't take one lousy diamond from a man who's killed hundreds?"

"I guess we're different." Jason nodded, still glaring.

"Yeah, 'different'." The thief glared at the diamond in his hand. Funny, he'd wanted to give it to her personally but knew she wouldn't have accepted it, so he figured this way she could have it. Stupid pet with his stupid ideals. He let out a humourless laugh and closed his fist tightly around the cold rock. It was perfect for her, blue, nicely cut, and he'd chosen it out of the bunch of other diamonds just for her. Well, their loss. The thief grabbed his bag, getting his head under the strap to secure it by his side. He just turned on the green man, still clutching the diamond. He'd made the right choice, not joining the titans. He just wasn't meant for this life of sacrifice, stupid if you asked him. And he truly didn't understand. How could they do what they did without asking for anything in return?

Garfield stared at Jason as he called for the lift. He seemed tired, though his scent told him exactly why. Jason stunk of sex, though he was sure he did too; not that the thief could tell. He probably was leaving some poor girl alone in his bed, making her find out he'd left in the morning. He shook his head, locking eyes with the thief as he turned in the elevator. Both glared at each other, until the doors closed, and Jason was gone again. Gone as quickly and as quietly as he'd left the first time.

Beast Boy made his way back to his room after having his drink and his aspirins, still upset at the whole deal with Jason. Knowing the thief, he would disappear for years again, making Raven sad and worried like he had the first time. Selfish bastard. At least this time, Garfield would understand it better. The green man got in bed as quietly as he could, but still felt an arm go around him as he laid his head on the pillows.

"You left." said Raven, eyes still closed, as she snuggled closer to him, resting her head against his chest.

"I'm sorry," He said with a slight smile, "I didn't mean to wake you up." She shrugged, letting out a sigh.

"I got cold." Of course she did. He rested his hand on her back, lightly massaging the skin and she turned to give him more space to work with.

"Where were you?" She asked and he sighed.

"I went to grab some water." She snorted.

"Do I have to remind you of my powers again, Gar?" She said in her usual emotionless voice, "I would've thought after knowing each other for almost ten years, you would've learned by now. You feel troubled, angry, confused and… annoyed." He smiled again.

"I was just…" He struggled. "Rae… are you-" He was quiet for a moment and she turned to look at him. "Are you happy?" She raised an eyebrow.

"You met Jason." She affirmed and he looked away from her, looking sheepish. She knew him too well. Knew the both of them too well, apparently. "What did he do?" Gar smiled nervously.

"He-" He couldn't tell her her friend had left once again, so he cleared his throat. "He was a jerk, as usual. Nothing new." She stared at him worriedly and he snorted. "I didn't kill him, don't worry." She still stared, "Or hurt him. I promise." He smiled at her, "You really think I can take him, don't you?" She shook her head, noticing his proud grin.

"You're a changeling who can turn into a giant beast who gave him a concussion with one blow last time, leaving him unconscious for days. Plus he has no powers. So yes, I think you can take him." He kept grinning and she rolled her eyes, resting her head under his chin.

"I so can take him." He added proudly and she smiled in amusement. The two were quiet for a moment and he realized she wasn't answering his question, so he repeated it. "Are you happy?" She shrugged, though he couldn't see it.

"Sure." She said in her usual emotionless voice and he sighed.

"No, Rae. I'm- I really want to know. Are you- aren't you bored?" She turned to see him and noticed how worried he actually looked, "With me, I mean." She smiled gently and moved until she was sitting on top of him. He let her, resting his hands on her hips as she laid her forehead against him.

"I love you." She whispered and he sighed.

"But are you happy?" She kept staring at him.

"If I do answer," she said after some struggle, "You have to promise you won't laugh. You won't tease me. You won't start making fun of me." He blinked in confusion. Why would he laugh?

"I- ah. Why? Is it funny?" he asked dumbly and she glared at him. "Okay, okay! I won't laugh." And she stared and as she did, he noticed, her eyes seemed to change, they seemed brighter for just a second, glowing white in the dark and he realized she was using her powers.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos…" she muttered under her breath, and then she kissed him. And through that kiss, through that contact, a mixture of powerful emotions slipped through her lips and to his, spreading through out his body. He moaned, feeling a warm, thick feeling of honey spreading all over him, covering him entirely. He felt a sudden heat inside his chest, moving radically like an intense fire. He started to shake at the emotions, feeling nervous, scared and excited, warm and cold, his entire body uncontrollable and he grunted against her, feeling like screaming and shaking and jumping, as if he contained a bomb of energy that was about to explode and he needed to let it out. What was happening? But all too soon, she broke the kiss and those emotions left as soon as they'd come, leaving him tired, drained and panting as if he'd just ran a marathon.

"Wha- What-?" He couldn't speak and she smiled at his reaction.

"Those were my feelings for you." She said tiredly and stoically, as she moved back to her position against his chest, completely drained as well. And he smiled, still panting, still completely drained, but incredibly happy.

"Wow." He managed to say, placing a hand on her back and pressing her closer. He closed his eyes, trying to remember what he'd felt. Those emotions had been intense, far more than anything he'd ever felt. "How do you even- I don't get how you're always so still. I- I felt…"

"Like jumping in excitement?" She finished for him and he smiled widely, staring at her tiredly. He nodded, feeling much better. No one who felt that way could ever be bored. "Well," she said with a shrug, "I've been training my whole life to control my emotions. Just because I keep them buried doesn't mean I don't have them." He grinned at her.

"I- I always knew you were… passionate, Rae. But wow." She blushed in embarrassment, hiding her face against his neck. "That- that fire. That… thing inside my-" He struggled in his tiredness to find the word 'chest', so he motioned the area with one hand, "That-" He grinned widely, "That was-?" He laughed, "You SO want me." She pursed her lips.

"And this is why I didn't want to let you know." She said in her emotionless voice and he could tell she was embarrassed.

"Oh, come on. What's wrong with me knowing you think I'm the hottest man alive?" He turned to her, still grinning. "Because I am, Rae Rae." At least, that's how she made him feel. "You so hit the jackpot."

"Shut up." She said in embarrassment and he kept grinning.

"Hey, you can feel how I feel about you. It was time I felt what you feel too." He turned, pulling her down on the bed suddenly and she yelped as he turned their positions, moving until he was the one on top of her.

"Garfield!" She exclaimed with wide eyes but when she saw his grin she pursed her lips. "No." He moaned, moving to kiss her neck.

"You can't expect me to sit still after feeling that." He whined and she rolled her eyes.

"I'm tired." She said, but closed her eyes at the sensations his wandering hands were creating on her.

"That's okay, you don't have to move a muscle. I'll do all the work." She shook her head, smiling in amusement.

"You're tired too." She said and he stopped, turning to her with a pout.

"Why must you go and ruin my fun with irrelevant details?" She chuckled at his answer and shook her head.

"Will be very relevant when we're assigned on a mission tomorrow and you won't be able to stand." He smiled against her chest, where his kisses had taken him.

"Not being able to stand, eh? That sounds amazing." She shook her head again.

"Garfield!" She insisted and he moved away with a pout.

"Fine! Fine." He frowned, moving to lay next to her, his head on his pillow as she moved back to resting her head against his chest. "Just don't come bother me when that fire starts burning down the mattress." Raven turned to glare at him.

"You promised not to tease me." He smiled widely.

"I lied." He said and she slapped his shoulder playfully as he laughed. He hugged her to keep her from slapping him further, still grinning widely. He moved to look down at her, smiling gently at her stoic face.

"What?" she asked in exasperation still annoyed that he'd been teasing her.

"Is that how I feel?" He wondered and she raised an eyebrow.

"Well, you would know." She said with a frown and he shook his head.

"No, I mean. When- when you feel what I feel, is that how it… I mean, is it the same?" She turned to stare up at the roof as she thought about it. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath, feeling his emotions flow through her from his chest, pressed against her back.

"Similar." She said finally, opening her eyes suddenly, the residue of white light leaving them as she blinked in the dark.

"But different?" He wondered, looking down at her.

"Yes. Different." He pushed her, even though her tone showed she didn't want to talk about it. Then again, when did she ever want to talk about feelings?

"How different?" She sighed, rolling her eyes, but accepting he wouldn't sleep until she told him.

"Well, that fire you tease me about? It's stronger in you." He smirked at her and she rolled her eyes again.

"What else?" She turned, staring down at the arms around her waist for a second, letting a finger caress the skin.

"There's no fear in you." She added in wonder. "Though I'm not surprised. But…" She frowned and he looked worried for a second.

"But?" He asked when she didn't continue and she turned to raise an eyebrow at him.

"There's desperation." She said and he leaned back in confusion.

"Desperation?" He repeated as if he didn't understand the word. He did, he just didn't see how it could be applied here. She smiled.

"You're very possessive." He flushed.

"Am not!" He refuted, "I just… you know, protect what's mine." She shook her head.

"Yours?" His blush deepened.

"Well, not MINE- mine. Just… you know. Mine." She smiled again.

"What am I going to do with you?" He nodded with a serious face.

"I think-" he started, but she interrupted.

"You're picking up new tricks." He glared at her.

"You know? That joke is running old." And her smile widened slightly.

"And you would know about jokes running old." He poked her side and she chuckled, twisting to keep him from tickling her further.

"I was saying-" He started again, sending her a playful glare as she continued to chuckle, and how he loved that chuckle, "I think the best way for you to… deal with me…" He said in a serious voice and she turned, a smile threatening to break her face, as she knew he would joke. "Is for neither of us to be able to walk tomorrow." And a pillow hit him square on the face. "Jeeze! I was just joking! I never catch a break." She laughed and he grinned at the sound.

"Tomorrow-" She started and he grunted playfully, already pouting and she pursed her lips to hold back a smile, "After patrolling, we can come back and," He turned to look at her, still wearing the same pout, but looking curious. "Well, since today was about… me," she blushed slightly, "We can make tomorrow about you. If you want." He stared at her with wide eyes and an open mouth and she flushed, not liking the way he was reacting.

"Gar?" He suddenly jumped out of the bed, right over her, making her jump at the movement and he almost tripped when he landed on the floor.

"I need to make a list!" She rolled her eyes, but was already smiling.



AN. And that was it. Sorry for making you wait for so long for this chapter. I'm sure you'll either love or hate Jason more than you did before after this. Or maybe make you love Gar more, since he's still the sweet possessive jokester he's always been.