The First Doctor with Susan, Ian, Barbara...and a loose knob.


One: Jelly

The Doctor pulled on a knob and it came off in his hand.

There were times, he reflected, that he completely forgot how his ship had been a second-hand wreck, but this definitely wasn't one of them. It was a little embarrassing. He surreptitiously glanced at the others in the room, but Ian and Barbara were laughing over a book and Susan was apparently engrossed in her most recent attempt at learning to knit. The Doctor fished around in his pocket, finally pulling out a lint-covered jellied candy.

He contemplated it for a moment, remembering that drizzling, cold day when he and Susan had been out to explore that little bit of London that she loved so well.

"This is my school, Grandfather!"

"Yes, well," he'd said, thumbing his lapels thoughtfully. "Not much to look at, is it?"

The unexpected look of hurt in her eyes had kept him from saying more. He suddenly very much wanted to erase it, to take back his words. He didn't apologize - after all what he'd stated was true - but he'd almost immediately taken her off down the street, whisked her into the warm, dry sweets shop on the corner. There the bright colours, caramel-scents and rainbow-swirled sweets worked their wonder and restored her sparkle; they'd laughed together as they'd carefully chosen exactly two of each flavour of jelly to share out of a little white paper sack.

This sad little jelly had been quite forgotten, but its fate would soon be worse. Jamming it up into the knob with his pinkie, he firmly screwed the offending piece back onto its handle.

There. That would do it. It was a useless memory now anyway.