Disclaimer: Nintendo and Gamefreaks own Pokemon. I own only the OCs. This story is based on the events within the games Pokemon Yellow, FireRed and LeafGreen and some of the events from the anime.

The Characters and their Starter Pokemon

Ashton "Ash" Ketchum: Ash Ketchum (nicknamed Red) is a 10 year old boy who lives in Pallet Town. Ash dreams not only to travel but to also become the world's greatest Pokemon Master. Ash may be hard headed but it doesn't stop him from caring about others. Ash's Starter Pokemon is Pikachu.

Annika "Anna" Ketchum: Anna Ketchum (nicknamed Green) is Ash's 10 year old twin sister. Anna often calls Ash by a childish nickname (Ashy), and in return Ash sometimes calls her childish nicknames back (Anne or Annie). Anna can be a little feisty and stubborn but she is also kind and gentle to the people she cares about. Anna's Starter Pokemon is Squirtle.

Gary Oak: Gary Oak (nicknamed Blue) is Ash's 10 year old rival and the grandson of the famous Professor Samuel Oak. Gary has been Ash's rival since they were both babies and he always takes off with his signature catchphrase 'Smell you later!' Gary's Starter Pokemon is Eevee.

David: David is 10 years old with goldenrod blonde hair and silver-colored eyes. David is a close friend to Ash and Anna who he often calls by their nicknames (Red and Green respectively) and his favorite Pokemon type is grass. David is a friendly person despite his hot headedness. David's Starter Pokemon is Bulbasaur.

Rena: Rena is 10 years old with fiery red flowing hair (which she tied into a ponytail) and purple-colored eyes. Rena is a resident of Viridian city and she is considered a rival for Ash and the other chosen trainers but in a friendly way. Rena's Starter Pokemon is Charmander.

Professor Samuel "Sam"Oak: Professor Samuel Oak is the grandfather of Gary and Daisy. He was a skilled trainer when he was younger, and he dreamed of making a complete guide to every Pokemon around the world. But now that he is old, he hopes that one of his chosen trainers will do what he couldn't.

Brock: Brock is the Pewter city gym leader and he has many brothers and sisters. Brock has hopes of becoming the greatest Pokemon breeder and he is an excellent cook. Brock's first Pokemon is Onix.

Misty: Misty is the gym leader of Cerulean city and an expert on Water Pokemon. Misty is afraid of Bug Pokemon. She is one of the four sensational sisters (the other 3 being her older sisters; Daisy, Lilly, and Violet) and earns the nickname 'The Tomboyish Mermaid' for the way she dresses.

Erika: Erika leads the gym in Celadon City and is also known as the Nature-Loving Princess. She is a serene young woman who specializes in Grass Pokemon and sometimes wears elegant kimonos. Her first Pokemon is Gloom (which she received from her parents as an Oddish when she was a little girl).

Jessica and James: Jessica (Jessie or Jesse for short) and James are members of the evil organization called Team Rocket. Jessie and James have a talking Meowth with them but their primary Pokemon are Ekans and Koffing. They also have a personal motto that they always say when they encounter trainers, and when they are sent flying into the sky, they always say 'Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!'

Taichi: Taichi (Tai for short) is a member of the evil Team Rocket organization. Unlike Jessie and James, Tai is a very skilled and dangerous trainer (and he is not bumbling nor is he buffoonish) and he hates failure. Tai's main Pokemon is Scyther but he also has a Pinsir for backup.