A poem for national poetry day (9/10/08) and Tada it's about Baralai. Shocked? I thought so...

Paine to Baralai P.O.V

Disclaimer: I don't own final fantasy.

Sonnet for a praetor,

If I fall you catch me in your warm arms,

When you smile I feel like I own the earth,

If I'm lost you guide me from deadly harms,

Your loving laugh is like a flowers birth.

Your eyes sparkle with passion and deep love,

my heart explodes at a single caress,

from your gentle touch along my silk glove,

and your soft, warm kisses of which I bless.

Heartfelt passion and hungry desire,

Hand in hand with deeper love than the sea,

Swirling and twisting like flames, hell fire,

In your strong arms, Ice queen, I am set free.

And yet from a distance, you fire me ice,

You melt my frozen heart, never think twice.