Feel like another sonnet? Of course you don't! But here is one anyway :D Paine to Baralai

Disclaimer: FFX-2 = not my property. Sorry.

So, this is what has become of my love?

Frozen in time, hidden thoughts, hidden heart

Yet you wear your role like I wear my gloves,

Two years in hiding, spent crying apart


Do you even recall the love we shared?

Moonless nights seems bright, sunless days seemed warm,

My heart, too far broken to be repaired.

Yet mind and heart locked in an endless storm

Bikinel nights seemed like a starlight dream,


Dreams seemed so real we could never believe

Heartbeat so fast as we ran through the streams,

Eyes full of love, my emotions deceived


My Praetor, remember our love once shared

Soon it will save you from the dark nightmares