Dear Readers,

I have no idea why I put dear readers. This isn't really a letter...oh well :)

I am going to begin another blog.

But this one isn't for Twilight. No no no...(I do not enjoy the world of Twilight any longer...AKA I grew out of that phase and I despise the series now...I'm incredibly sorry). This one is for Harry Potter. If you like Harry Potter, then look for it coming up! It'll probably be called 'The WizBlog' or something incredibly stupid. Hehe... wanna play a game?

Let's do. Well, it's more like a contest.

If you're good at making ads or like movie poster thingies or banners for stories (I have no clue what they're called), then this is for you!

I want you to make a banner for any one of my stories (yeah cos I'm like that :D). Your choice. I will judge them once enough (let's say, 6) are sent in.

First place prize- You get to choose 2 things. I have no idea what I could possibly award you over fanfiction...and it has to be OVER THE INTERNET. It cannot be anything like meeting in person (I don't do those things...I'm a normal afraid-of-random-stalker-people-who-wanna-kill-me type of person :D). And you're name is mentioned on my profile! (As if that's some awesome award...)

Second place prize- Erm...You get to choose one thing....and you're name is mentioned on my profile.

Third place prize- You're name is mentioned on my profile.

OKAY OKAY I know these prizes suck, but please! I want more banners to put on my site! look for that new Blog if you're a Potter-Fan and enter your banner for the contest!