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I breathed in, keeping the air locked inside for as long as I could. And finally when I let it go, it was long and hard. Like a tornado, a hurricane to blow all the worries and troubles away. Then I did it again. To calm my quivering heart.

I was breathing like I was having an asthma attack as we walked to the place where he was stolen.

When we stepped over the bumpy rock to the log where we first kissed, I bit my lip.

When we we jumped over the log, I covered my mouth.

I looked down, to my choice of apparel to slow down my racing nerves. Yea, another dress. This time it was yellow. Ugh. Interesting choice of color, Alice I though bitterly.

"Oh, but you look so gorgeous! It matches you complexion perfectly, I have to take a picture...Esme! Wheres our camera?"

I escaped before Esme could hand to her, but more importantly I realized that this dress was beautiful.

Just as the girl who was wearing it.

I guess Alice had put this on me in the hopes of boosting my low self esteem.

Leeches. Always caring. Always.

We walked a few more feet, and I realized that this dress was not a dress to be worn on a search party.

And I was not the type of girl to be going on a search party to find the love of my just didn't fit inside of "Leah Alyssa Clearwater" (A.N. Made up middle name on a whim!)

When we stood to the place where Nahuel and Renesmee were stolen My racing heart wasn't moving had actually stopped. It stopped, just like that.

The vampires sensed this, and Carlisle grabbed my arm. Hoping that the cold feeling would bring me back, but instead I screamed.

Loud, hard. Hoping and praying to God that he could hear me and comfort me. Tell me that everything was okay. Everything was alright. That he was here.

But instead another cold stale hand covered my mouth before he could come and save me.

"Leah," Jasper calmed "Please, were going to need you to cooperate"

I wanted to bite down, but I couldn't, it would only break my teeth. Or maybe because my anger was so infuriating, I could probably break his hand.

A wave of mysterious comfort was placed above my head, Jasper's attempt to calm me down was almost working. Seeing as the deep shake within my bones began to quiet.

The pack had left me with the vampires and humans because I was in no state to phase. If I did, the misery that would be inflicted isn't even funny to me anymore.

Nothing was funny.

But it wasn't because I would bring hatred, and family ties into the pack's minds, it was because I would be too depressed. Everyone knows that when one wolf is left to ponder on someone else, or if their world is turned upside down, the rest of the pack would feel it too. And bring it into their everyday lives.

Like we needed that.

I was entitled to watch over Kim and Claire To make me feel important, like I was wanted.

Sam and Emily were left a home. Thankfully, the baby was too important to risk leaving.

I guess I'll have to thank it.

I still couldn't believe that they left me with the mind reader and Dr. Dracula.

"That doctor saved your life" Edward reminded, cautiously

"Like I asked"
"How can you not be thankful?" Bella spit

I turned my head over slowly, intimidatingly and opened my mouth to say something back.

Her face showed many emotions. Grief for her daughter. Pride of her family. Fear of me.

"Then let me paint a picture in your head, okay? Imagine being killed over and over. And having the only thing to look up to, dead. The only thing you need, gone. Imagine." I hissed

"But he isn't dead." She reasoned, more friendly. She wanted to bring the goodness out of me, I could tell "Imagine finding him"
"I imagine you never had to deal with losing someone" I fired, clearly ignoring her advice

"Not true" She answered, I saw Edward shiver involuntary

"Pssh. It isn't like you weren't using someone else cough, Jacob, cough, to make things easier."

A piercing howl broke through the sky. Jacob was telling me to quiet down.

"Well I don't care!" I hollered
I'm tired of everyone forgetting that she hurt you. Like you don't matter. Like this half breed monster witch child is enough to make everyone forget

Edward hissed at my vile thought.

I snapped my head back to him

"You know what Edward? I'm going to say something that no one has every had the chance to say: Shut the fuck up."

He growled. I heard a low groan of laughter from Quil.

"I'm tired of everyone being afraid of you. Can't you keep your head outta my thoughts? You know, what the hell happened to common courtesy?!"

He smiled, evilly "When you offend my family, I have no choice but to retaliate"

"Oh yeah? Remember, same here. I just can't read your mind."

"Exactly" He words were traced with venom. It made me cringe

"I hate you Jacob" I whispered quietly "I hate all of you"

"Leah" Esme's calm voice spoke "I'm sorry, for your loss, but we will find them"

"Yeah" Alice agreed "Nahuel will be found."
Soon my head was clouded with the leeches constant reassurances that Nahuel would be found. Their ongoing optimistic moods would be soon etched in my brain. I couldn't handle it.

"Stop!" I fired "it isn't like anyone would come and find Nahuel with me...all you leeches...heck even Jacob are only coming for Renesmee. No one gives a damn about me or Nahuel"

"That isn't true" Carlisle disagreed

"Oh, it is, I'm okay with it., y'know after years of neglect, its like a sixth sense"

Some of them frowned. As they finally knew how it felt to lose someone, they didn't hate me anymore

It was quiet for a while. It was boring. At least with the arguments I had the thrill to cuss out vampires and/or prove a point to brainless leaches.

Edward hissed.

I groaned, this trip would be long.

Carlisle stopped dead in his tracks, the vampire scent was fresh, and yes old.

So this is the direction they stole him from.

I bit my lip.

How could I Leah Clearwater, fall for something as foolish as love?

Edward huffed, clearly disagreeing

"It's true" I whispered "How could I?"

"Love isn't foolish" He argued

The wolves howled in agreement. Well the ones who imprinted.

I shook my head. "No, it is. It's a waste of time. At least for me anyways."

"I can see why you feel that way, Leah" Carlisle spoke, thoughtfully

"No you think you do," I sighed "I just don't care anymore"

The dead carcass of the animal he drank blood from was visible, at he least he wont be thirsty with the kidnappers.

At least

"Leah," Carlisle continued "Can you tell me anything that happened when he was stolen?"

"I guess those parasites paired up with the Italian Mafia "
"The Volturi?"

"What ever they're called"

"And what?"
"They mentioned some chicks name...Chelsea was it?"

Bella gasped

"What else?" Carlisle thirst for knowledge was getting annoying

"They wanted to create some super race...Nahuel...being the...the"
"What?" Emmet pushed

"Father . I'm guessing that they want Renesmee as the ...mother"
Jacob howled. He ran faster, I heard the paws hit the ground with such fury.

I was disgusted, no matter how much I hated the leeches, this was just too much.

"No" Edward groaned

"Yea," I agreed with him for once "I know."

They all had anger raged deep within they're stone bodies. Ready to attack anything that posed a threat.

"How could I have been so stupid? I should've phased. I should've kept them from taking him. I should've killed them"
"Leah," Edward softened "There was three of them, they were no match. It would be uneven. Unfair"
"Still, I could've of done something besides scratching the leeches face"

Bella sighed

"How did Renesmee get stolen?" I piped

Everyone looked to Edward.

"Jacob went hunting with Renesmee, the rest of us ran to your pleas" Edward informed, sadly

The packed whined in, the Alpha voice boomed in grief

He believed that it was all his fault

"No Jacob" Edward sternly added "It isn't. It would foolish of us to blame you"

He barked in disagreement

"Jake, how could we ever blame you? One large, strong, dangerous coven against you and Renesmee? Expecting you to fight them all off alone is...stupid." Bella reassured, echoing her husband

The two of them kept repeating the same thing but in different words. It was pathetic.

Edward ignored my jab.

"Even if the coven came and stole her from us, it would be a hard fight" Carlisle added, to ease Jacob's pain

A small whine released from his lips. Almost painful, I knew exactly what he was going through.

"He isn't taking it" Edward, soothingly told his wife

Bella's face broke out into a frown.

"Of course he's not going to take it" I interrupted "Hes a freaking werewolf, and werewolves don't take anything from leeches, no offense"

The wolves barked in agreement, I even heard Jacob.

Edward chuckled "I guess I can't say anything to contradict that"

I raised my eyebrows "yeah...but its probably the same around for you guys"

"No" Edward disagreed "We like to form a friendship with you guys"

I barked out in laughter "Seriously?"

"Wow...I mean you of all people need to know that that isn't possible"

"Why?" Carlisle

"We hate you to much"

Carlisle opened his eyes in surprise "Why?"
"Because, well, we can all make a quick and easy route to you guys being the reason of us being who we are"

Carlisle looked down, apologizing

"I mean back when Renesmee was born, and when you brought all those parasites...our pack increased, and I mean six more wolves....all those being very young at the time. I gotta say, 11, 12 13 years old?"

Those wolves cried out. Contradicting that they hated being a werewolf

"I mean, we were human, we all have plans. Things we wanted to do in our life...but when you stop dead in your tracks because some leeches come and live close just proves that we can't forgive you"

It was silent. I think the vampires were finally realizing the damage they have caused.

"But, its whatever..." I assured "I mean, school is out of the option"

Alice sighed happily.

I don't care how cheerful you can get, this was not a happy moment

"Alice..." Edward groaned

"Oh jeez..What is she thinking now?" Rosalie intervened

"She's coming up of a list careers Leah could pursue when she stops morphing...or if she stops morphing"

I snapped my head as soon as my name was mentioned. Amusement plastered all over my face.

"What are they?"

Alice giggled "Well I was thinking of jobs that you didn't have to go to school for...A mechanic, a plumber...but then I realized...those are jobs for a pretty young lady like you!"
I rolled my eyes "What?"

"A model!"

This time everyone groaned

"What? She's tall, thin, and absolutely gorgeous! I mean just look at that bone structure. I think we can start our own little modeling agency Carlisle, and Leah could be the face of our campaign"

"Oh, Alice, your crazy" Jasper commented, nibbling on her ear

She giggled

"Ah, Alice" Carlisle cooed "I think Leah's main goal isn't to become a model..."

"Oh right" She quieted down

"But here it is" Edward said, reaching first beach. "They're trailing by water"

I stepped up "Through the Pacific? All the way to Italy?"

"I doubt they're going to Italy...More like the coast of Rio Dinero" (A.N. Let me know if I got that wrong)

"But how can we be sure?" Rosalie asked

"We can't" Edward assured

"Well those are two connections that we can't put together" Esme concluded

"Well I say we split up, one go to Volterra and one to the coast" Emmet's game plan brought some insight

"Thats not a bad idea" Edward concluded "But whose going where?"

"Let Quil and Jared stay behind" I told

"Why?" Everyone asked

"Why should we put Clare and Kim's life in danger?" I asked "Plus, we need someone else to watch over La Push, instead of just Sam"

"good point" Bella pointed, I nodded in thanks

As soon as this was established, Quil and Jared came running to the loves of their lives.

"We are not listening to the leeches" Quil concluded "But we really didn't want to go"

I laughed "Right, right"

"Thanks Leah" Jared said "Really"

I smiled my Mona Lisa smile again "No problem"
"I know you'll find them" Quil continued "Good luck"

I nodded again.

I watched off in the distance of them taking a detour through the woods, most likely to alert Sam

How I envied them?

"Hey" I heard a welcoming voice from behind greet

"Hey, Jake" I repeated

We watched the vampires draw a few lines in the sand

"Is it sad that were listening to leeches?"
"Yes, very" He agreed "But if we find them..."

"Oh Jake, I'm really sorry"

"It's okay. We'll find them. And then I'm going to kill the Mafia"

I laughed "Don't tell the Godfather"

"Godfather...thats not how the movie goes"

"Well I never actually watched it"
He gasped "You never watched it?"

"uh yeah, that bad?"
"Yea, its only the best movie ever made in the history of movies"

The wolves barked in insane agreement
"Well I guess I'll have to watch it with Nahuel some day"
He smiled, that didn't reach his eyes, clearly liking my boost of optimism.

"Jacob, Leah" Edward called

We came, the wolves behind us "We've made a plan-"

"Hold on, I just want to say that I don't want any of my wolves coming along with us" Jacob concluded


"Why should we risk they're lives..." Leah backed him

The wolves whined, namely Seth.

"Forget it Seth, you think I'm gonna let you leave mom?"

He groaned

"Seth, phase back" Jacob instructed

He ran into the woods and less than a minute he was back. Frowning, angrily.

"AW! Come on?"

I shook my stubborn head "No, no and no"

"arghh! I hate this"
"I love you, thats why I'm doing this" I assured

"Thats ten times worse"

I smiled "Seth, come on...for mom"

He groaned again "Fine"

"Thank you!"

I ran to give him a hug, he accepted regretfully

He was almost a foot taller than me, wow. Did I have to be so short?

The rest of the wolves, were coming along. So that left nine in total. More than enough

"Take care of them, Embry" I asked "Please?"

He barked rolling his eyes. Clearly annoyed

"Leah, your coming with us" Jake assured

"Actually, we were thinking of separating" Emmet pushed

We both snapped our heads. "Why?"

"We need different people on one squad" Rosalie reasoned "Wolves and vampires together is stronger than just one of us all together"

"I guess that makes sense" Jacob agreed

"Whose going with who?"

"Bella and Edward are with you Leah, along with me and Jasper"

"And were going with the wolves" Carlisle motioned to his wife, Rosalie and Emmet

"Thats unfair" Jacob called

"You are the group going to Volterra, you need as much people as possible" Jasper concluded "Besides, your meeting with another coven in Ireland"

"Siobhan's?" Rosalie chimed

"Yes" Carlisle smiled "Her gift may very well help us"

Bella sighed happily, "That is good news"

"We are guessing that Renesmee as most likely taken to Italy" Esme assured
"Then why aren't Bella and Edward coming?"

"We want to help Leah, we know you'll be fine Jake" Bella assured

"You want to help me?"

"Yes" Edward said

"Wow..I-I don't know what to say to that"
"Nothing, we owe you" Alice politely added

"Than you"

Each of them smiled in happiness

The peaceful moment didn't last for long, the thrashing blue waters covered one another as dark black blankets

"Well all we need is a boat"

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