Hey kids, miss me?

So…there's a lot for me to do, what with the young'uns going hunting and Dean unleashing hell (again).

This first chap is a set up but I like it…it'll give you a need to know more. There's a little humour but it's all a bit sad too.

I did promise porn and it's coming…I have great plans. One thing I never considered doing is a crossover fic and I'm not about to start but I have borrowed a fictional town for this story and you'll see later, only cos it was easier.

Anyway, there's an old face coming back. Dean's just fantastic…as for Cole and Hope? They're bonding.


When the man stepped off the small propeller plane onto the short metal staircase he looked around him in shock. The air was beyond freezing and frost was already forming on his eyebrows as he pulled the hood of his designer ski jacket tighter around him. "Jesus." It was so cold; the mist from his breath almost froze mid air. His cold hands gripped his bag and he squinted as a large black SUV drove onto the small airstrip. He descended the few steps with a frown.

As the black vehicle pulled close to the plane he noted the lights on top and the insignia on the side and his frown deepened. It drew to a halt and the door opened causing the air to catch in his lungs.

"Ok now I have seen it all." He said finally with a laugh. "Did the plane just fly into a parallel Universe?"

Dean stood in front of him with his arms open and spun in a slow circle. He had refused to wear the full uniform and still wore his jeans but the heavy windbreaker with the badge was keeping him warm and he needed it. He had a woollen hat pulled down over his fair hair and he smiled as he went to greet his visitor.

"You're a cop?!"

He paused. "Dude I'm the freakin' Sheriff of Dodge. How's it goin'?" He said hugging Han. "I'm so glad you're here."

Han slapped his back in shock and still couldn't find his voice as Dean took his bag and went to put it in the back of the truck. "C'mon, I got a lot to fill you in on."

"Ya think?" He said as he climbed into the passenger side.

Dean got in next to him and started the engine looking over his shoulder as he reversed away from the plane. The stereo was blasting out classic rock like the ride had changed but its driver never would. When he looked back at Han and slipped the car into drive he had to grin. "I know man, even I can't believe it, but it's only temporary."

"What the hell happened?"

"It's a real long story so I'll just give you the short version." He said as he drove easily through the snow. "Basically we were kidnapped by the Government and held in a facility a couple of hours from here. They released us but took Cole, that's when Bonnie got hurt. So I went to break him out with a bit of help from some of Luc's mercenary pals."

"So far so Winchester."

"Yeah, unfortunately we got a bit overzealous with the explosives and managed to release a few angry creatures onto the general population."

"Like what?" He asked.

He raised his eyebrows. "It started with a couple of vamps but since I spoke to you on the phone me and Sam have ganked a demon and one really pissed off Rawhead. That's just in two days"

"Do you know how many are out there?"


"Genius move."

Dean ignored the comment knowing he'd messed up but at least no one had been hurt.

The radio crackled to life and a woman's voice started speaking. "Boss, there's been a report of screaming from the Lawson place."

Dean rolled his eyes and picked up the receiver pressing down on the button. "Hey Sylvie, the usual?"


"Ok, I'll call in. Over."

Han had to laugh as he put the receiver back in its cradle. "We gotta make a quick detour, nothin' demonic…just a domestic." He said as he turned the wheel and moved off the main street.

"So how come you're Sheriff?"

"The other guy was ill, personally I think he shit himself and did a runner but hey…" He shrugged. "I couldn't just leave 'em to deal. Unfortunately I don't get to pick and choose my call outs."

"Only you Dean." He shook his head.

"Don't you start. Sam hasn't quit bitchin' since it kicked off. I've had it up to here." He indicated a point somewhere two inches above his hat.

"And the others all left?"

"Yeah, it's just me, Dudley Dooright, the girls and Sam's kids."

He paused. "How's Bonnie?"

His face grew serious and he looked across at him. "I'm hopin' you can tell me. I wanted to airlift her out but I don't know if…" He couldn't finish the sentence.

"Ok. You know I'm no expert right?"

"I know but I need someone I can trust. I don't know what to do any more."

"Has she even had a scan?" Dean had told him what had happened on the phone and Han played his cards close to his chest but it wasn't looking good.

"Not for weeks. There's nothin' like that in town. The only thing we have is defibrillators and now I'm sheriff I can carry them around which sorta means I'm the three emergency services rolled into one. I swear people call 911 for anything. I'm just waitin' for a cat stuck in a damn tree and my life is complete."

"I know you can get yourself into some messes Dean but this is unreal. I'll see what I can do, I brought all the medicine I could with me."

"I really appreciate this, honestly. Hey, how's Mae?"

He smiled. "Really good. You know we had a little girl?"

"Johnny said. Congratulations."

"Thanks, she's amazing, the whole thing is."

"Changes you doesn't it?"

He smiled at him. "Some more than others."

"I never was the pipe and slippers type but I love 'em just the same." He pulled the SUV in front of a ramshackle bungalow and Han could hear screams coming from inside and then the sound of glass breaking. Dean turned off the engine. "Wait here." He said with a sigh.

He got out of the truck and Han watched as he strode confidently up the walk. Han had no idea what training you had to have to be the Sheriff of a small town but he reckoned it required more diplomacy than someone like Dean had.

Dean paused on the porch and knocked loudly with the side of his fist. There was no answer and he could hear Mrs Lawson screaming.

"Hey asshole, it's your friendly Sheriff. Open up!" He said banging again. "Don't make me come in there!"

He took a step back as he heard footsteps. The door swung open and a large man stood in the frame glaring at him.

"What the hell do you want?"

"I came to read your meter, what the hell do you think?" Dean looked over the man's shoulder and saw his wife on the floor crying. "You ok Ma'am?"

"She's fine." The man went to close the door and Dean blocked it with his foot.

"Maybe I wanna hear her tell me."

"I'm ok…just go." She sobbed holding her face in one hand.

"You heard her, get lost."

Dean pursed his lips and nodded. "Ya know what pisses me off more than dicks like you beatin' on women?"

The man looked at him sarcastically. "No what?"

"Writing freakin' reports. So, I'm not gonna take you in…I just don't need the hassle."

"Yay for me." He said with no enthusiasm.

"Only problem is, I can't sleep at night knowin' justice hasn't been done." Dean pushed the door open taking the man by surprise. He staggered back and the woman screamed as Dean walked inside. Mr Lawson squared up to him and made a feeble attempt at a punch. "Men not quite so easy to hit?" Dean asked as he swung up his foot and kicked the man full in the balls.

He fell to his knees whimpering and Dean grabbed his arm and dragged him across the room to the old cast iron oven in the kitchen. Reaching into his back pocket he removed his cuffs and fastened them around his wrist looping the other end through the solid pipe above the hob. His arm was stretched painfully above his head as his other hand massaged his nuts.

Dean threw him a back handed slap and stared into his face. "Only pussies hit their wives. Just be thankful you don't have kids in here cos then I'd have to shoot ya. I'll come uncuff you in a few hours, give you some time to think about what a loser you are."

Standing up straight he walked over to the woman. She could only have been thirty but looked old. She wasn't badly hurt and he could imagine she'd had worse. He held out a hand and she took it. He pulled her to her feet and walked her to the door. "You got somewhere to stay?"


She took her coat from a hook as he guided her out of the door. Her husband begged her not to go. "Hey, don't piss me off!" Dean warned him as he closed the door behind them.

He removed a card from his pocket. "This is my direct line. Use it if you need to, but do me a favour and consider your options."

She nodded and removed her car keys with a shaky hand. He took them from her. "You need a lift?"

"No, I'm ok, I have a girlfriend who doesn't live far."

He nodded and opened the car door for her. "I mean, there are tonnes of guys in this town, why marry an asshole?"

"Cos he asked." She said like it was obvious.

Dean rolled his eyes, she wasn't the best looking woman he'd ever seen but if you put lipstick on a moose it'd get laid in Point Hope. "The sooner you get rid of that idiot, the sooner you'll find some self-respect. Now, go visit your girlfriend, watch some Sex in the City and get drunk."

She smiled shyly at him. "Thanks Sheriff."

He smiled back. "Don't mention it."

He stood back and watched her drive away before going back to his SUV. He got in with a satisfied sigh and gave Han a really smug grin.

He shook his head in amazement. "Trust you to get a badge and turn into John Wayne."

Dean started the engine and turned up the stereo. "God, I rock at this job." He said still smiling as 'Hells Bells' blasted out.


Cole pulled his truck into the motel parking lot and stopped. "Are you sure this is it?" He asked his sister as he cut out the engine.

She looked at the sign which read 'The Drop Inn'. "Name's changed. It used to be 'The Yew Tree' but I'm sure." She opened the journal and showed him a photograph.

He looked at it and then at the reception building. "So this is where they met huh?"

"Looks like."

"Tell me again what are we doing here?"

"I figured we need to hole up somewhere and we were in the neighbourhood. May as well right?"

"Ok." He shrugged and they got out of the truck.

Once they had reached Bethlehem they hadn't hung around. Cole got his truck and they broke into Sam's old place taking a few things they would need including his laptop, some clothes and weapons. They knew he wouldn't mind and they could always return it. They had hit the road and driven towards New York and the storage lock up. On the way they had decided to stop off in the town where their parents had met to get a better idea about some of the places they had heard about.

Cole opened the door to the main building and let Hope go in first. It had probably changed but it was still strange to think that it was in that very room where their history had been born. Of all the motels in the town Dean had chosen that one and on the day that Bonnie had been working. Cole didn't know much about it but apparently his Mom had given Hope a blow by blow account of that moment right down to what he had been wearing that day.

The spell was slightly broken by the large unkempt man who now ran the desk. Cole reached into his pocket and put down a card that Steve had given them until they could get back on their feet.

"Evenin'. What'll it be?"

"A twin."

Hope stepped up. "Is room eight free?"

"Just a sec." He looked at a computer screen. "Yeah. How many nights?"

"Just one." Cole answered as the man took the card. "Do you know if there's a bar called Chipshots in town?"

"Sure is." He answered gruffly. "Downtown." He handed over a card for the bar along with the room key.

"Do you own this place?"

The man frowned at the question but decided the young girl was just being friendly. "Goin' on twenty five years."

She looked at her brother and he shrugged. "I don't suppose you remember someone who used to work here a long time ago…Bonnie Coccina?"

He snorted. "You don't often forget the employees who blow your place up."

Hope fought not to smile. "She blew it up?"

He scratched his chin. "She seemed pretty normal, works here six months, no problem. Then one night she throws all the guests out, sets off the sprinklers, graffiti's some devil crap all over the place and boom."

Cole raised his eyebrows. "Pretty wild."

He shook his head. "Ya know, I thought some bikers shot through here or something, even filed a missing persons report on her."

"What happened?" Hope prodded.

"Turns out she ran off with some bastard who rented a room for the week. Why'd you ask?" He stared at Hope suspiciously and cocked his head as though seeing a resemblance. "Hey, you look a lot like her."

Cole coughed. "Actually we're students…doing a paper."

"On what?"

"Killers." Hope said quickly.

"She killed someone? Figures."

They didn't bother saying any more. Cole took the cards, said goodbye and walked out.

"Christ, I thought he was going to charge us for the damage then." Hope laughed.

"It's so weird to think of her like that." He said as they got their stuff from the truck. "I mean, she's never hunted or anything and when you think about what she did for Dad…"

"Seems like another person? She was only a few years older than we are now though and she reckons Dad was really hot too."

"He would have to be." He said as he locked up the truck and they walked to room eight. He opened the door and they paused on the threshold. It was just a room like any other; standard furniture, boring décor and a TV. He didn't know what they expected but he was almost disappointed like it should have a plaque in it saying this was where Dean and Bonnie Winchester had shared their first kiss.

They walked in and dumped their bags on the twin beds.

Hope immediately unplugged the TV.

"What are you doing?" He asked her.

"Help me with this." She said gripping the dressing table. "I wanna check something."

He helped her move the dresser a few feet and she knelt down pulling a knife from her pocket. She flicked it open and ran it along the base board getting her fingers under the carpet pulling it back. She huffed in shock. "I don't believe it."


She stood in a crouch and pulled the carpet further back and looked at him. "It's a devil's trap. It's Dad's."

"Oh my God." He looked down at it on the concrete floor and sat heavily on the edge of one of the beds. "Makes you think."


"If you went to every motel in the States and pulled up every carpet, I wonder how many of those you'd find."

Hope sat back on her heels as she looked at the faded markings and suddenly felt closer to her parents than she ever had in her life.


"This is where you all spent Christmas?" Han asked as Dean pulled up outside.

"We had a tree." He said like it made the difference. He got Han's large bag out of the back and led the way to the door as it was flung open.

"Uncle Han!" Dylan shouted as he bounced in his socks in the doorway.

Han smiled and was about to hug him when Nitro appeared and started to growl menacingly at the new arrival. He jumped back with a start. "Crap!"

Dean walked through the door and yanked the dogs' collar. "Hey, chill out. He's family." He said to Nitro. "Don't mind him, he's harmless."

"Did he come with the job?"

"No, we kinda inherited him on a hunt."

"Right. Hey Dylan." Han got the same shock he always did when he said the name. He picked the little boy up and walked into the small house.

Sam walked through from the kitchen. "Han. I can't believe you're here."

He put Dylan down and hugged Sam. "It's a bit further than I normally go for a house call but I'll make an exception for you guys."

"Let me take your coat."

He shrugged it off and saw Dean disappear through a doorway. "Dean hasn't said much. How is she really?" He whispered as he watched to see Dylan wasn't listening.

Sam shook his head. "He's in denial. It's bad."

"Ok. I better go see her, through there right."

"I'll show you." Sam looked at Dylan. "Can you make some coffee please Dyl?"


They went through to the bedroom. Brooke had been sat with her in Dean's absence and she walked out of the room when they got there. There were more fond greetings when she saw their visitor.

"You look tired Brooke." Han took her face in both hands and pulled her eyelids up. "You're anaemic. I have some iron supplements in my bag. I'll give you an examination a little later."

Sam smiled at him and felt a little better having him there. "That would be great. Why don't you head on in and I'll bring the coffee in a minute."

Han nodded and opened the door. He saw Dean sat on the edge of the bed obscuring his view of Bonnie. Dean looked up and Han turned from friend to doctor in an instant as he saw the fear in his eyes.

"Let me see the patient." He said stepping in and closing the door behind him. Dean stood up and Han tried to control his features when he saw her. "Bonnie. Hi."

"I can't believe he dragged you up here. This is ridiculous, I was so mad when he told me. I mean you have a baby. How is she?"

He took the seat Dean had vacated and leaned down to kiss her cheek. "Baby Ling's great although I doubt she'll appreciate the fact we all call her that when she gets older."

"It's a good name."

"I have a present for you."


"I have to admit I forgot your birthday but someone told me there was something that you wanted."

She frowned at Dean who shrugged with a smile. "What is it?"

Han unzipped his bag and pulled out a smaller one. It was a freezer bag. He opened it and removed a brown paper package. "Here."

She smiled and looked inside. "Oh my God, strawberries?" She laughed. "I've been craving these."

"They came all the way from New York just for you."

"That's the sweetest thing ever. Thank you."

He took them from her and handed them to Dean. "You want to put these in the fridge or just outside?" He laughed. "Give me a little time."

Dean took the package, winked at his wife and left them alone.


Cole and Hope sat at a booth in Chipshots with the laptop between them. The place was raucus, it was almost New Years Eve and everyone was in the party spirit. There was football on the massive screens and the beer was free-flowing.

"What's the plan?" She asked.

He stared at the screen rather than her. "Find a hunt, drink some beer and hustle." He smiled.

She clinked bottles with him. "Cool."

They didn't have their fake ID's but it never seemed to matter. The thought she might look twenty one depressed her but her Dad had understood that and once told her that if you were good looking enough you never got carded in bars. She guessed he was right and the thought was pretty sad.

Despite the fact they came from a family of people who were blessed genetically they had never taken it for granted. Dean had brought them up to understand that their looks and strength could be taken away from them in an instant and it wasn't something they cared about too much. That compassion for those less fortunate would always be Sam's legacy and they were all better people because of it.

"Ok so I'm searching and wondering what to look for." He looked at the journal. "Dad made a note of some websites and stuff but it's all a bit lame. Nothing screaming supernatural."

"Try me."

"This time of year, it's mainly suicides. There are so many lonely people in the world."

"Spare me, there has to be something."

"Plenty of it is weird in itself but worth the drive? No."

"Which State are you searching in?"

"Er…at the moment…more locally, East Coast."

"Take the bull by the horns, go National." She watched him tap away at the keyboard and scanned the crowd. Her Dad had never let her hustle with him but it didn't mean to say she'd never done it. The Sports Bar had four pool tables, a small basketball court and a batting cage as well as video games, dart boards and giant Jenga.

In a place like this gambling was illegal, it wasn't like a Roadhouse where you could do what you wanted. They would have to be discreet and underhanded. Hope was good at pool but not like Cole. He picked up skills like that just by watching others and witnessing him clear a table blindfolded was something no one ever forgot. He could master things like that easily whilst she had to rely on her wit and balls just like her Dad.

"I might have something here." He spoke up suddenly sitting forwards.

"Ok. Where?"

"Dillon, Texas." He said reading from the screen. "Double suicide."


"Not many people kill themselves by evisceration."


"Pulling their own guts out?"

"Ouch. Ok, why isn't it murder?"

"Because there was a witness that saw them do it."

"Nice. Where's he now?"

"She's in a mental hospital which is kinda understandable."

"So what's the article say?" Hope glanced up and saw a guy checking her out. He was gorgeous and she could feel the familiar stirring in her but ignored it as she focused on the task at hand.

"No reason for them to do it. Just two high school seniors at a party who decided on a whim to just slice themselves open. It's perfect."

"So we're going to Texas then?"

He smiled and shut the laptop down. "We have a hunt."

"So, what? We question this chick in the crazy house?"

"Uh-huh." He took a swig of beer. "Then we re-enrol in school."

Hope's bottle almost slipped from her hands. "What?"

"Looks like there's a vacancy at Dillon High."

"For what? A nympho and Donnie Darko?"

He laughed and took another sip. "Looks like the Dillon Panthers are short one Quarterback and a Head Cheerleader. Sounds like our kind of gig sis."

"Cheerleading? Oh crap."


They all sat nervously in the den waiting for Han. Dean was fidgeting incessantly but no one had the heart to tell him to stop. Sam and Dylan were playing chess whilst Brooke pretended to read a book. Even Nitro paced restlessly ignoring his bowl of food, sensing the tension.

It had been almost ninety minutes before Han emerged and went straight to the bathroom. They figured he needed to wash up. Dean stood up wanting to go to his wife but also wanting to hear what his friend had to say.

"Checkmate." Sam said making his move and ending the game. He could have done it a while ago but had been humouring his son. "Dylan. Can you take your sister to the bedroom please?"

Dylan didn't want to be left out and they all knew he could tell what was happening but this was adult time. "Ok."

Brooke put her book down and handed him the baby who had been sleeping on her lap. "If she wakes up…"

"I know," He said taking her. "..whisper on her head."

"Good boy." She smiled as he walked out passing his Uncle on the way.

Han looked at Dean as he walked in. "Sit down."

"Well that's a great start." Dean looked sick as he sat on the floor and Han took the armchair. He rubbed at his face and wondered if he could handle this.

Han had his Doctor head on as he leaned forwards and looked at Dean. "You know that was a rudimentary examination at best?"


"I'm no specialist but you called me here for my opinion?"

"Yeah." He could feel his guts churning.

"We need to get her out of here."


Han took a deep breath and kept a steady gaze. "It's not a case of 'if' any more Dean. It's 'when'. I'm sorry."

"But you just said…"

"This is hard for me to say but the best you can hope for right now is that the baby lives. The only way that will happen is if we get her to a hospital and keep her going at least one more month which is still pushing it unless they have a really good neo-natal ward."

Dean could feel Sam's eyes on him but he couldn't look. "Yeah, but without all the scans and stuff you can't know for sure."

"Dean, medicine was going on for hundreds of years before technology. She's dying. I don't need a medical degree to tell you that."

"If we got her out tonight..?"

Han bit his lip. "Won't matter."

He sniffed. "I've stopped it before…I can do it again."

Han hated having to do this and looked to Sam for help.

"Dean." Sam said.

Dean looked at his brother like nothing was wrong. "They've been sayin' this for years Sammy, she'll be fine, she always is."

Sam got up and hunched down in front of him. "When we cast that binding spell to save the baby, we went against nature. Her body can't handle this..." he paused. "She wasn't meant to have this child and I think she knows that. You can still save your son Dean."

"No. This is bullshit."

"Sam's right." Han said. "She's a step away from organ failure and if that happens here then neither of them will make it."

"My wife's not a freakin' incubator. I won't just pump her full of drugs and then let her go." He tried not to shout as he stood up.

Sam got up too but Brooke moved him gently aside and took Dean by the shoulders. "I know you want to run outside right now and try to find some way to save her but it's time to let her go. She made her peace with this a while ago. She'll do anything to have this baby but she knows what's coming."

He stared at her, struggling to comprehend. "I just sent my kids away and now you're tellin' me my wife's gonna die? I don't believe you. She wouldn't leave me."

Sam moved closer and Dean shrugged him off. "Dean?"

"No. Leave me the fuck alone."

"Dean. This isn't a decision you get to make this time. There is no choice here. You can't save them both." Han told him gently. "I'm going to make some calls, I know people, some of the best…."

"What good is that?"

Han was done with the soft approach as he saw Dean get indignant. "Listen to me. Your son is severely underweight but he's hanging in there because that's what Winchester's do right? Bonnie knows what's happening and she accepts it. You need to get on board and deal with this because there's nothing you can do to change it this time. She got about fifteen more years than she was due because of your sheer determination but the poor woman's tired. She's using up more energy making you believe she'll be ok than she is in looking after herself!"

Dean couldn't believe that they all seemed to know what was going on with his wife better than he did. "I can't leave here. The hunt…"

"I can do that Dean." Sam said.

"Oh God." It was another horrible choice to make. Should he leave with his dying wife or leave his brother alone to battle whatever came in the direction of Point Hope? He couldn't face it and they watched as he went to the bathroom.

They heard the sound of violent retching a moment later and they all looked at one another. Brooke put an arm around Sam's waist. "Maybe we can get Luc to come back and help you here?"

"No he's not coming back." He smiled down at her. "If Bonnie goes then you and the kids are flying out with her."


"It's too dangerous here, I don't want you to stay."

"Look, I can sort some things out at home and I can go with Bonnie, Brooke and the kids." Han told them.

"You'd do that?" Sam asked.

"I can deal, Mae'll understand." He paused. "I want to do what I can, I mean I worry about Bonnie but I have no idea what's going to happen to him."

Sam looked at him. "I can tell you exactly what's going to happen. If he loses her all Hell's gonna break loose."


How crap eh? Dean's greatest fear may come true but what will he chose to do? Same as when Hope was born and the Triad hit squad came a calling. Sam or Bonnie? I'm so evil!

Cole and Hope visiting the places where their parents fell in love - way to go! I am feeling so fuzzzy right now