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The man kicked at the dirt with the toe of his cowboy boot making a hole and then knelt down to place the small metal box into it. Standing up straight he tried to gather his wits around him but it was useless.

He waited two or maybe three minutes before he spun around at the sound of the voice.

"Well, well, well." The Crossroads Demon said. "I never thought I would see the day a vampire tried to make a deal, I feel almost privileged."

"We need protection." The Vampire said nervously.

"Oh I know." The woman said walking towards him. "I know exactly what you want but what I don't know…" She said moving in a slow circle around him. "Is what you can offer me in return."

"They're going to take out my entire nest."

"Not my problem."

"It's my family! What do you need?"

She laughed. "Honey, last time I checked you don't have a soul to sell."

"I can get you souls."

"Not enough to make this deal work for me."

"How many will it take?" He was getting desperate now.

She turned to him and her nose was just an inch from his. "Sweetheart, you pissed off the Winchesters and as sure as eggs are eggs they are gonna kill you. It's out of my hands." She raised them showing her palms to emphasize her point.

"C'mon, if we team up there must be a way…?"

"You mean nothing to me, why the hell would I get involved?."

"Help us."

"Are you mistaking me for someone who has a heart? Don't beg it's pathetic." She smiled again. "I already have my ticket for the show."


"Oh Yeah, this is huge; everyone wants to tune in when Sam and Dean tear you a new one."


"Oh God, I feel so bad but you disobeyed the rule." She shrugged.

"They didn't know!"

"You need to keep a tighter leash on your minions. Everyone knows the rule and if you break it then you unleash a Winchester Armageddon and we all wind up suffering." She said calmly. "And now you have to deal with the consequences."



Dean burst into the kitchen to find his brother drinking whiskey at the table. "Did I miss him?"

Sam sighed. "No he's not here yet."

Dean smiled happily and grabbed the bottle pouring himself a healthy measure as he slapped his brother on the back. "Cheer up Sammy, once he sees us lot he'll be so shit scared he won't even try to hold her hand."

"I can't believe she's going on her first date, it only feels like yesterday that I could fit her in the palm of my hand." Sam looked at his palm and then wrapped it around the tumbler.

"I wish I could give you some advice Dude but Hope kinda skipped datin' and just went straight for the hardcore sex." Dean laughed.

"I don't know how you stayed sane."

"Alcohol." Dean sat down and nursed his drink. "Where are they goin' anyway?"

"To see a foreign film."

Dean knew it was because of the subtitles but he felt sorry for Lily's date already. "Logan's gonna love that."

Sam looked at him with a question in his eyes.

"What? You think she's goin' without her bodyguard? Logan'll be there the whole time."

"That's harsh." Sam didn't want his daughter to be brought up like this but none of them could help it. "Thanks though."

"She won't even know he's there; he's good at tailin'." Dean said. "I think he's takin' a chick with him to keep cover." Dean shrugged.

That reassured Sam slightly as he sipped the bitter liquor. "I can't believe how scared I am."

Dean couldn't think of anything to say because Lily was different from the rest of them and they were all massively protective of her. No Winchester in the history of the family was as fragile as she was. Mentally she had Sam's best traits and was easily smarter than all of Dean's kids combined but at the same time she was vulnerable and in their world that meant she lived in constant danger.

Due to her deafness Lily's balance and co-ordination were poor and even something like walking down a flight of steps without a handrail was an issue. Lily also suffered from severe motion sickness meaning that they all travelled a lot less as a result. Unlike Hope she never felt like the men in the family were invading her space or suffocating her with their attitude and she displayed no wish to leave home or gain any independence from them.

They had all long since learned to sign as they talked and everyone in the family did it naturally whether she was in the room or not. Sam had taught Lily to read lips which had been painstaking but worth it when she could go to mainstream schools with her cousin. Logan adored Lily and had been her shadow since birth. They took the same classes so he could act as her interpreter when she needed one but generally even when she could deal he loved her company.

Even though she was beautiful Lily hadn't dated until now because even the seniors were intimidated by Logan. They had been in two separate High schools and the gossip about them was always the same incestuous crap. The other kids never seemed to be able to comprehend that Logan would dedicate himself so fully to his tiny cousin: sitting with her in all her classes, carrying her books and staying with her at lunch. Logan signed all the time and had few guy friends as a result as they found it off putting. All the girls in school adored him from afar and if half the boys knew that he spent his weekends hunting then they wouldn't think he was such a gentle giant.

Because he sat with Lily through classes Logan was infinitely more intelligent than his own brother and sister and had an amazing GPA. Although the coach stalked him consistently to take on wrestling, football or basketball Logan refused to be a jock and instead dedicated what free time he had to training with his father. All in all the two youngest Winchesters were total enigmas to their classmates and no one had ever seemed to get close to them until now.

Although Logan had had his fair share of older women thanks to the intervention of his older brother Cole and his cousin Dylan, Lily had remained chaste and seemed in no rush to hang out with boys. Having raised Hope, Dean was used to strong women and often envied Sam when he saw how much his daughter adored him and showed no inclination to leave her Dad in the near future.

Another major factor that set her apart from the rest was that although she showed skills with research she had no interest in hunting and was useless with guns and fighting. As such they all treated her like she was the most precious member of the team. Without exception each and every one of them watched out for her and protected her like their life depended on it because she was the sole Winchester who couldn't protect herself. Lily was their weak spot and they all knew it but over the years that they had hunted an unspoken agreement had arisen with their opponents that if they left Lily alone and never tried to hurt her then the Winchester's would show them some mercy.

Even the darkest powers knew that to hurt Lily Winchester was the equivalent of committing suicide and it just wasn't done.


Cold air rushed into the large house as the front door opened. "It's just me!" Cole shouted from the hall.

"In here!" Dean answered back.

"Did I miss anything?" Cole asked walking in a second later followed by another man.

"Nope, hey Doug how's things?"

"Same shit different day." The disillusioned divorce said taking a beer from Cole as he removed the gun from his holster putting it on the table before sitting down. Since Cole had joined his precincts' homicide squad Doug had been his partner and like any lonely person who had enough luck to meet the Winchesters he had quickly become a part of their every day lives.
He was cynical, depressed and tired but they all loved him anyway. Over time he had come to find out about his partners' sideline and although it had been tough he had accepted it and they had both helped the family business in an invaluable way.

"You see your kids this weekend?"

"Yeah." He sighed. "They still freakin' hate me, all they can talk about is that prick my ex is with."

"Must be tough." Sam said feeling sorry for the man.

"It sucks but I still have my wonderful job." He responded with no enthusiasm.

"So how d'ya feel Sam?" Cole laughed into his beer.

"Like crap."

"She's a good girl and once her date catches a load of us…" He said putting his gun and badge down in plain sight. "He won't be expecting any over the sweater action 'til she's at least thirty."

"I appreciate the moral support." He answered as Lily's dog padded into the kitchen. After Nitro had passed away they had gotten their golden retriever Solo who was arguably the most intelligent animal in the world. He could understand sign and like Nitro he stuck to Lily like glue and would bark loudly if she even looked remotely distressed. Sam leaned down and kissed his muzzle as the dog wagged his tail and licked his face. "Is she ready?" He signed as he spoke and the dog barked back.

As if on cue the doorbell rang and all the lights flickered simultaneously to indicate they had a guest. Sam groaned as he got to his feet and slowly went to get the door.

"Give him hell Sammy." Dean shouted.

Sam took a deep breath as he walked down the long hallway. Although they still had the house in Anchorage they only really went there for the summer as it was too remote and cold. When the kids were in school they stayed in New York State remaining close enough to the city so that they could see Cole regularly and be near the hospital where Hope was still a regular fixture helping with vaccines.

The one thing that had not changed was the fact that Sam, Dean and their wives had stayed living together. It was something that worked for them and they loved it. Even Dylan had chosen to go to Columbia so that he could be nearby and even though he lived with friends he spent more time at home than ever and would show up most evenings for dinner.

Sam opened the door and took a deep breath almost laughing that he felt more threatened by this seventeen year old than anything else he had ever faced. The kid was stood on the doorstep holding a bunch of flowers and Sam smiled. "Right on time."

"Hi Mr Winchester I'm Evan, is Lily ready?" Sam already knew what his name was and Cole had done a full background check on his family over a week ago.

"Not quite, come in." Sam led the way down the hall to the kitchen and Evan paused in the doorway staring in shock at the guns on the table and the sight of Dean sharpening his hunting knife slowly and deliberately. Evan was no action man and they knew that he was friends with Lily from their science club, he was already scared shitless and they loved it.

"Evenin'." Dean nodded seriously making Cole smirk into his beer at the act. "You brought flowers?"

"Yes sir they're Lily's."

"Well I'm figurin' they're not for me."

"It's the name of the flower Dad." Cole smiled.

"I knew that."

"So you're going to the movies?" Sam asked as he leaned against the counter next to Cole.

"Yes sir. It's a French film; I don't know what it's called."

"'Amelie', it's a classic." Sam replied. "It gets out at nine fifty. I figure you'll want something to eat after so you can have her home by eleven."

Dean was loving this and admired Sam's moves.

"I'll have her back at eleven." He confirmed shakily.

"Not five past…" Dean warned.

"No sir."

"Any later than eleven and I'll put out a Statewide APB." Cole said making the young man gulp.


The front door opened again and they heard a shout. "Am I too late to terrify the geek?"

"Shit." Dean exhaled as Dylan bounded in. "Didn't you see the car in the drive?"

Evan jumped as Dylan stood next to him. In his polo shirt and jeans he looked preppy and less threatening than the others but he was still six four and had arms wider than the boys torso. Lily had told him she had a big family but he didn't think she meant literally; these guys all looked like they were on a steroid diet.

"Hey Dad." Dylan hugged Sam quickly. "So you're Evan huh?"

"Yes sir." He looked near tears and Dylan laughed.

"I'm only five years older than you man; don't call me sir."


"You scared yet?"

He nodded.

"Mission accomplished then. It's my little sister's first date you know that right?"

Dean watched Dylan with interest. Within the family he was known for his sense of humor and quick wit but he could turn on the menace with the best.

"I know, I can't believe she chose me."

"That's cute." He said flatly. "Do you sign?"

"Not yet, but I hope to learn."

"Just remember, it's a lot tougher if all your fingers are broken." Dylan slapped him on the back with a wink and opened the fridge to get a beer.

Sam thought Evan had probably had enough. "Solo? Go get Lily." The dog dutifully barked and headed up the stairs where Brooke and Bonnie were no doubt reminiscing and getting misty eyed about their first dates. All the men stood in silence for a moment and Evan stared at his shoes, the only sound was Dean's blade rubbing over rock as he continued to sharpen it menacingly.

A minute later Lily appeared in the kitchen doorway and they all stood to attention. She smiled at Evan as he handed the flowers over. "Wow, you look…" He glanced around him nervously his voice catching as Lily handed the flowers back to her mother who had appeared behind her.

Thank you. She mouthed to him still smiling when she turned to her father. What did you do to him? He looks like he's about to pee his pants..

Sam shrugged. "You look beautiful."

If they thought Hope was a stunner Lily was the real beauty of the family. She had long dark hair like her mothers and also the famous lips but the eyes were all Sam. Her lack of height combined with the fact she couldn't talk meant that there was a mystery and grace to her that no amount of clumsiness could ruin. Unlike her older cousin she didn't use clothes to draw attention to herself but rarely if ever wore jeans preferring something more feminine. The overall effect gave her a timeless beauty that hardly helped them with their nerves.

Let's go. She mouthed to her date who looked relieved as she took his hand and led him towards the door as all the men followed, even Doug and Solo. Lily didn't think it odd that they all proceeded to exit the house and stood in the drive with their beers watching her leave. She looked around. Where's Logan?

"He went out." Dean told her.

Lily smiled. He's down the road waiting to follow us right?

"Pretty much." Dean nodded with a chuckle bending to kiss her cheek. "Have a good time."

Lily rolled her eyes and stood up on tiptoes to kiss Sam. Don't worry! She signed, but it was meant with affection rather than impatience.

As she said goodbye to the others like she was leaving home for good Dean checked the tires and told Evan to pop the hood. Cole joined him as they checked the engine and he slammed the lid down. "Not bad." Dean conceded. "That rear right one needs some air."

Evan couldn't believe they were acting like he was a murderer seeking parole rather than a regular kid on a date. Now he knew why Lily didn't date but rather than pissing him off it actually made him feel overwhelmingly privileged like someone was handing him the key to a locked treasure chest. He tried to put the thought of chests out of his mind as he opened the passenger door and waited for her to climb in.

"Drive safely." Sam said as he put his arm around Brooke and watched Evan get in.

"I will Sir."

The five men stood in the drive watching him intently and Dylan sniggered as he stalled the engine. They could see him blushing bight red behind the wheel and had to feel sorry for the guy. He finally reversed out of the driveway and drove off at twenty miles an hour.

"Well I think that did the trick." Dylan laughed as a truck started up less than a block away and Logan beeped his horn saluting as he passed with a young blonde in the seat next to him. They waved back and turned to the house.


In the end Evan had Lily home fifteen minutes early and although he had walked her to the door Dean had laughed from around the curtains as he shook her hand instead of kissing her. Logan had seen her go in and then taken his own date home whose parents were obviously slightly more relaxed than Sam and Dean.

The two men were slightly the worse for wear after drinking whiskey all night and Lily laughed to herself when she saw them.

"Did you have a good time?" Sam asked her.

It was nice. She responded in a non-commital way before saying goodnight and retreating up the stairs with Solo to no doubt tell her Mom and Aunt all about it.

"Looks like you're outta the loop old man." Dean said pouring a last drink for each of them as they waited on Logan.

"Don't depress me Dude."

"I tell ya, daughters…" Dean sighed taking a sip of his drink. "I thought Hope could be Luc's problem now but it's never ending."

"Remind me never to let you try to cheer me up again, you suck at it."

Logan came in a few minutes later and sat on a two seater sofa filling it completely. At sixteen he was already six foot six and still hadn't had his growth spurt. Towering over Dean he could practically fit Lily in his pocket and they made an odd couple but everyone was glad that they had one another.

"Sit rep?" Dean used the military term for situation report making Logan smile.

"The covert operation went according to plan and the target was in sight at all times."

"Even in the John?"

Logan laughed. "I don't wanna make the guy feel even more inadequate by pissing next to him."

"Good thinkin'."

"I feel bad doing this to her." Sam said.

"Why?" Dean shrugged. "We're just lookin' out for her."

"She knew I was there Sam, it's no big deal." Logan reassured him. "She knows what could happen."

"You talk about it?" Sam asked feeling slightly sick at the thought.

"Sure, she knows why I look out for her and she's cool with it so don't worry that you're being over-protective."

Sam smiled at him. "What would we do without you?"

"Use a ladder to change lightbulbs?" Logan laughed.


Even though it was a Saturday everyone was up early as they had lots to do. Weekends were a family affair and everyone who could get home would. Dylan often came back with friends from college, Johnny sometimes stayed over with Steve and Hope was generally there too.

Dean was enjoying the calm before the storm sitting in the kitchen reading the papers as Bonnie made coffee. The kids were out, Sam had gone to the store with Brooke and it was blissfully quiet until a car pulled up outside. "Here we go." Dean muttered.

"Be nice, you know what it's like."

"You were never like her."

Bonnie laughed. "No one's like her."

"I pity that man." He said standing up as the door opened and the loud voice travelled through.

"Well we would have been on time if you took the route I told you." Hope said over her shoulder to Luc. "Hi Dad." She kissed him happily then Bonnie.

"How ya doin'?" Dean said to Luc in a hushed tone.

"Like I want to kill myself."

"Have a beer instead." Dean pulled out a seat for his daughter as she took off her jacket making him stare. "What the hell are you almost wearin'?" He said as he saw the small tee shirt stretched over her pregnant belly exposing her pushed-out navel.

"Thank you!" Luc said now he had confirmation she looked ridiculous.

"I'm not wearing a freakin' smock!" She growled at them as she sat down.

"How are those hormones treatin' ya?" Dean asked with raised eyebrows.

"Not so bad." She said cheerfully making him frown at her.


"They make some nice maternity clothes now." Bonnie tried as she passed her a juice.

"Can't I have a beer?"

"No!" Luc and Dean both almost shouted.

"I freakin' hate being pregnant." Hope sulked.

"Yet it's such a beautiful experience for the rest of us." Dean told her sarcastically making Bonnie hit him on the arm.

"I can't hunt, I can't drive, I can't drink…" She scowled. "I can't even have sex standing up any more! There's no joy in my life at all."

Dean had no response to that and looked at his wife for help but she simply shrugged.

Luc slapped his hands together. "We have a name!" He said trying to cheer her up.

"That's great!" Dean said a little too enthusiastically. They knew it was going to be a boy and the pair had been squabbling for months over a name with both finally conceding something. If Luc changed his last name to Winchester then Hope would allow him to give their son a French name.

"So what is it?" Bonnie asked.

"TinTin?" Dean tried. "No, Asterix!"

Luc laughed. "Non, Chance." He pronounced it the French way.

"Chance." Hope said like a true American.

He turned to her. "You know why? Because with a mother like you, he needs all the luck he can get!"

Hope practically snarled at him and Dean flinched. He hated to think what she would be like if she was having a baby with a "regular" man. Luc was used to combat in some of the world's worst war zones and even he sometimes looked scared when her hormone levels surged.

"Bastard!" She yelled as she got up and stormed out.

Dean looked up at his wife who sighed. "It's alright, I'll go."

"Good girl. Drink your beer." He told the man who was his son in name if not on paper.

"Only if you put some cyanide in it."

Dean laughed. "She's not that bad."

"Compared to what; a black widow spider?"

"You're the one who wanted a kid."

"And with all the psychics in this house no one told me to expect to have to sleep with my eyes open for nine months!"

"All women get a bit crazy."

"Bite me, I saw Bonnie pregnant and she adored you."

"Yeah but she was dyin'…I'd have taken her like this any day of the week."

"I know. I should be grateful they're both healthy." He said with no feeling.

"You look tired."

"I had to drive to China Town to get Sweet and Sour Pork at two fifteen. I get back and she's fast asleep."

Dean laughed again. "I'm sorry man…I can't help it."

"Thanks for the sympathy." He chuckled. "You know when I was a Legionnaire they taught us how to withstand torture? They would lock us in a room for three days listening to white noise and come in to beat us every hour."

"I can already hear the punchline Dude."

"I swear if he doesn't come soon I'm gonna light a fire under her and smoke him out myself."

"You should stay with us for a while and take some of the pressure off." Dean had hated the man at first but now he couldn't deny that no one else would have put up with Hope for this long.
She had flatly refused to marry him so many times yet he had stuck around anyway. Eventually when he had persuaded her to try for a child after almost fourteen years together, they had all been shocked when she didn't get pregnant straight away.
After almost a year of having Luc at her beck and call sexually he had found out that she had been on the pill all along and had been using him several times a day for her own gratification.
The shit had hit the fan and Cole had to get on a flight to Paris to convince him to come back and give her another chance. They had conceived the same night and things hadn't gotten any easier since.

"What if she doesn't love the baby?" Luc asked suddenly.

"Dude, there's no risk of that happenin' I mean when Bonnie was having her I did it mainly for Sam and never even considered the consequences but it just came naturally. She was raised in a house that almost always had a baby in it so she's just a bit…"


"If you say so." Dean shrugged as he drank the last of his coffee. "Once she's back in her skinny jeans she'll be fine."

The front door opened yet again marking Sam's return. He came in with a bag under one arm with his crutch attached to the other. He had gotten used to it by now but Dean was sometimes still shocked by it. Although he was better he would never be as good as new and he had faced up to that a long time ago. Luc got up to help with the rest of the bags when there was a dash of running footsteps and a yell.

"Daddy Dean!"

Dean was taken aback when his grandson rushed in with his backpack. "Hey, what are you doin' here?"

"Cole called while we were at the store so we went to pick him up." Sam explained.

"Yeah?" Dean hugged the scrawny ten year old. "Where is he?"

"Dad got called out at like three for a body in a dumpster and Mom's delivering Siamese twins." The world held few mysteries for Cole's son and Dean thought it was great that he was used to so much already.

"You're kiddin'?"

"Ryan, what did I tell you in the car?" Sam said.

"Conjoined twins?" He rolled his eyes as Dean joined in with a laugh.

"This is a nice surprise ya know I read about those kids in the paper, she could be at work a long time."

"Right, so Dad gave me a weekend bag."

"Cool." Dean said like he was a kid again too. He adored his Grandson and loved having him around. "Go put your bag in your room but avoid your Aunt."

"Is she here?" He looked a bit wary making Sam laugh.

"Yeah, but don't worry she only eats her own babies." He tapped him on the ass and sent him on his way as the others trundled back in.

"How many people this weekend?" Luc asked.

"Just family." Dean answered. "Dyl's got some exams or somethin' so they're all busy but Johnny should be down tomorrow."

"Shame about Cole though." Brooke said.

"When was the last time he had a day off or Chris for that matter?" Dean snorted. "This is why it doesn't pay to have a real job."

"They're providing a valuable public service." Brooke smiled knowing it wound Dean up.

"Don't get me started."

Thanks to Hope's superior DNA the house was being paid for by the University Hospital that was willing to do anything to keep using her as a guinea pig. Sam had refused to take any handouts and his own investments had paid for Dylan's education. He had made Sam proud by choosing something that was both educational and beneficial to hunting and was embarking on a masters' degree in Archaeology and Anthropology. His new nickname in the family was Indy and he loved it.

For his own part Dean had been shocked when Cole had joined the police force but feeling like a third wheel to Hope and Luc he needed to make his own way in the world whilst still wanting to be part of a family. When he hooked up with Chris and she got the job at Presbyterian it was perfect as Hope was getting treated there too. Cole moved through the ranks quickly and soon became one of the most famous cops in the NYPD; not just for his commendations for bravery but also because of his band and the fact that he graced their nude calendar each year and beat the Fire Department in football and baseball too.

Dean figured by now that there were few people who hadn't heard of one of the Winchesters but it seemed like the government were happy to leave them alone as long as Cole kept reeling in the murderers and Hope held the cure to Cancer.

Logan was the next to come in and Luc immediately asked him how the date had gone. "Really well, this lot managed to scare the kid so much I'm surprised he even sat in the same row as her."

"She had a good time and he seems like a nice boy." Brooke smiled.

Luc frowned. "That's the problem."

"What d'ya mean?" Sam asked him.

"Well, you want her to find a nice boy who will respect her?"

"Obviously." Sam huffed.

"But you also need a fighter." He shrugged. "She needs a man who will protect her non? Logan can't be there forever."

They all looked at one another. Luc had just stated the obvious: Lily had a thing for geeks which was becoming apparent. She was intelligent and quiet and it stood to reason. The irony was that their most ferocious clan member Hope had hooked up with a mercenary who was surplus to requirements.

"It's just her first date let's not jump ahead of the game." Sam told him even as he began to stress out about it.

"I'll always be there for her." Logan said.

Dean patted him on the back and handed him a beer. "We know you will. I mean look at me and Sam, we still live together and it works."

"But you're both men." Luc played devil's advocate for a second. "I don't live with Cole and Chris, the dynamic is off."

"Why?" Dean shook his head.

Brooke closed the fridge door. "What we have is different. I was an orphan who's an only child and Bonnie has a mother who's a lunatic. We fell in love with you two and created our own family. Not everyone can do that." She shrugged. "Bonnie and I are like sisters and have been since the beginning but you can't expect Luc to have that relationship with Chris or Logan's partner to have that with whoever Lily winds up with."

"My head hurts." Sam frowned. "Can we not talk about it?"

Brooke hugged him and chuckled. "She'll never leave us Sam, don't worry."

"So where is Lily-Win?" Luc used her nickname.

"She had a class at the Institute; I'm going to pick her up later." Logan said.
Lily got extra credit for teaching classes at the deaf school and she was well loved there. Sam and Cole often did classes too and Dean had been known to do the odd show and tell although that seemed to have fallen by the wayside after he had brought in the sawed off shotgun. It was a place they all loved though and they raised a lot of money for them through the NYPD and Cole's gigs.

Hope eventually re-emerged with her mother and seemed a lot calmer if a little swollen faced. She sat down with them and Dean handed out the beers making sure hers was non-alcoholic.

"You feel better sweetheart?" Dean asked Hope.

"A little, Mom said that if we have sex when I'm lying on the end of the table then it's almost like standing up."

Dean stared at his wife for a long second. "Are my eyes and ears bleedin'? 'Cos I feel like they are."

"You'll get over it babe." She said in her Mid-Atlantic accent that he could never resist nowadays.

"God help us all." He said as he prepared for the toast which was always the same. As they all raised their bottles Dean took a breath. "To Bobby."


The day passed normally enough with Logan, Dean and Sam taking Ryan through his paces. He was proficient in stripping and oiling guns and could draw quickly enough but they couldn't do target practice until they managed to get to the woods the following day. They finally settled on hand to hand combat which was difficult with Hope being pregnant and Logan being massive so it came down to Dean to teach him. Dean's skeleton was as strong as ever and he didn't look that different but he still found it tough keeping up with a ten year old.

"Ok, so you got a few areas that are gonna get you a confirmed kill on any amount of thing but if you have no idea then go for decapitation."

"Every time." Hope piped in as she sipped her drink in the garden despite the cold weather.

Dean nodded over at her and then focused back on his grandson. "Always have a knife on you and when in doubt…" Dean grabbed his shoulders and spun him running a finger over the little boys' throat. "People say ear to ear but that's bullshit. Dig the knife in here once and you get the jugular." He placed a finger on the point. "If you take them here just under the collar bone and make a long incision then you'll sever the arteries to the lungs."

"And they can't scream?"

"Good boy." Dean let him go. "You're really good."

"But what about Vampires?"

"Well decapitation too but you can try a stake although that'll just piss 'em off." Dean thought for a second. "Ya know your Grandma Rita knows someone who works in a slaughterhouse, I'll make a few calls and you can have a go on some cows."

"Dean!" Sam said.

"The cows are already dead Sammy! That's how we leaned and how I taught his father."

"I dunno."

"The other alternative is that he carries around a Samurai sword like Luc and how dangerous is that?!"

"Fair enough."

"It's not easy to decapitate someone when you're a kid, he might need to know this."

"I do!" Ryan said. He was adult enough to know that killing wasn't cool and Winchester enough to know what he was fighting for.

Ryan was the most well adjusted one of all of them and none of them could believe it. Whilst Cole spent his days chasing killers he spent his 'down time' killing supernatural stuff with the rest of the family. As this was going on Christina spent her time welcoming babies into the world and saving lives in other ways. Ryan saw both sides of the coin and although it had been tough at first Chris now had no problem with Dean teaching his grandson because he had done such a good job on her husband.
It was a joint effort but for all the time that his parents spent working he could stay with his Daddy Dean who was a second father to him.

"Dad." Logan walked into the garden. "There's something wrong with my truck and I have to go pick up Lily."

"Take the Impala, keys are in the kitchen." Dean said. "I'll have a look at it."

"Thanks." He said. "I'm due in five minutes can you send her a message and tell her to wait, my battery's dead?"

"I will." Sam nodded knowing it would only take fifteen minutes for him to get there. "Wait." He pressed send on the phone. "Take my phone just in case."

"Thanks." Logan smiled and disappeared into the house.


Lily waited outside the Institute with her friend Caroline and they chatted for a while in sign until her bus arrived and she said goodbye. Lily sat alone with Solo and looked at her watch. Logan was never late so she waited for a while before checking her phone which was dead. She looked up at the building behind her and saw them closing it up.

You want to walk?

Solo barked and she got up knowing that she would pass Logan on the way home. Trotting down the steps she felt really good.
Lily had gone on her first date and she was suddenly feeling a bit more like a grown up. It scared her in a way but excited her too. She didn't think Evan was the right guy for her but it was the first step into adulthood. It had come a lot later for her than the rest of the family who were so promiscuous you could practically put their house on the Richter scale for moving the Earth. She didn't mind though because she knew that she was different and had always known. Thankfully in her family no one gave a shit about those things and accepted you at face value. At the same time they were stupidly over-protective but she loved it.

Over the years she had met a lot of people like her who had horrific backgrounds of abandonment or misunderstanding. Most of them weren't as bad as her physically but had been treated so badly she couldn't believe it. When she was around her family Lily felt no different to any of them, they had made sure of that since the day she was born. Why would she want to leave them?

She knew a lot of her friends who were deaf would feel smothered by a family like hers but they didn't know what she did and Lily knew they only did it to keep her safe.
There was also a massive wave against "hearing" people and the feeling that you wanted to adapt to their world. Lily didn't see anything wrong with going to a regular school and in using sign all the time but some of her friends did. They thought it odd that she allowed Logan to help her rather than be in a world where she could communicate with everyone freely especially as she was mute. Out of those people almost all used their distorted voices as a weapon against the hearing world. She didn't want to get into anything political and because no one treated her like a freak in her house she didn't feel like one.

As Lily walked down the street holding onto Solo's leash she watched everything around her like it was a soundtrack in her head. She felt everything in rhythm like the footsteps against tarmac and everyday chatter; it moved through her body like her own heartbeat which was the only sound she had ever heard.

One of her earliest memories was of being a small child and her Dad sitting her on her cousin's amplifier as he played guitar. She had loved music from that moment on and although it had taken him a long time Cole had taught her how to play the drums so that she would be involved in the main family pastime. Even now she could feel the beat of everyday life like a classic rock tune that her Uncle loved so much. Everything had a vibration to it and if you concentrated hard enough it could pass through your feet and into your body.

She had thought at first that her visions were a part of this sixth sense but then she had found out the truth. Lily no longer minded the voices and once she could control them it had given her a taste of the hearing world. In her dreams she could hear a dog barking and imagine it was Solo or hear her mother saying her name. She had no idea if her dreams were realistic and maybe she would never know but she was happy anyway and it gave her a constant link to the family she adored.


As Sam had said in the message Logan was no more than ten minutes late but when he pulled up in front of the Institute Lily wasn't there. He got out of the truck and ran up to the doors which were locked. "Shit."

He looked at his watch again and then saw a janitor. "Hey!" Logan shouted as he mowed the lawn. He didn't know if the guy couldn't hear him because of the mower or if he just couldn't hear.

Logan tapped him on the shoulder and the man screamed. "Sorry." He said and signed at the same time. "I came to pick up a girl and I wondered if you could help me?"

"I'm not deaf." He said dully switching off the machine.

"Just insensitive then?" Logan said.

The man looked up at him. "You want me to help you pick up a disabled girl? Go fuck yourself!"

Logan almost laughed. "No. You misunderstood me…I came to pick up someone specific. Lily?"

"Sorry man…you have no idea the freaks we get comin' past here tryin' to pick up sensory deficient chicks."

Logan looked scared and he waved a hand. "You think it's bad here? You should hear about the freaks that hang about around the blind school."

"Oh God. Have you seen her?"


"Solo? Yeah."

"She headed north no more'n ten minutes ago."

"Thanks." Logan said as he ran back to the Impala.


Logan scanned both sides of the street cursing himself along the way. He knew she couldn't have gone too far but there were still a couple of shops open. He drove as much as he could and then doubled back screeching to a stop in front of a mini-mart. Bursting through the doors he jumped the queue at the counter and spoke to the clerk. "I'm sorry but have you seen a young girl come in here with a Labrador?"

"We don't allow dogs in here." He said in a middle-eastern accent.

"Kinda not the point."Logan tried to keep his calm. "You woulda noticed her without the dog: she's five two, dark hair and gorgeous?"

"In my dreams."

"I saw her." A woman in the queue said.


"I passed her up the road as I was coming here."

Logan was back out of the door dialling her number hoping she would feel it vibrate in her pocket and cuss him out for being an idiot. Nothing happened but he carried on walking as the sky started to grow dark. He was only twenty minutes late by now but God knew what could have happened in that time. He paused a second and vowed he would give it five more minutes before calling his Dad.

As he walked down the road he heard a pitiful yelp and his whole world caved in.


"Dean?!" Bonnie shouted from the kitchen.


"It's Logan." She looked relatively normal as she passed the phone through the kitchen window but Dean knew she was hiding something.

Dean took the cell and said 'hi' before listening for a minute. "OK, how long?" He paused again. "Don't worry, here's what you're gonna do: when we're done here hang up then call Cole and Dylan, tell them exactly what you told me ok?" He nodded as Sam got up looking scared. "I got Luc here and we're coming to you now. We'll be there in five." Dean hung up and looked at his wife. "Get Luc now and keep Brooke sane."

He turned to his brother.

"What happened?"

"I dunno but Logan just found Solo alone in an alley. Hurt."

"Oh God."

"It doesn't mean anything yet Sam, stay calm."

"What's happening?" Ryan asked.

"Nothin', it's ok." Dean took a deep breath. "Hope?"

"I know." She nodded knowing that she was being charged with protecting the house.

As they walked around the garden to the drive Luc came running out of the front door. "Take my car. I have weapons." He said as they all jumped in. "Where are they?"

Dean gave directions as he looked at Sam in the back. "Dude, we don't know what's happened yet."

Sam was breathing heavily through his nose and looked close to panic.

"Sammy?!" Dean said fiercely. "I've been there with Hope, a few times. You need to focus."

"She's not Hope."

"And she might be trying to get through to you right now so clear your freakin' mind." Dean knew it was a cheap shot but Sam needed a slap.

Luc got them there in minutes although it felt like hours and they found Logan on the sidewalk holding the injured dog in his arms screaming at passers by and hangers on to get lost.

They screeched to a halt and jumped out. "We're the police! Stand back." Dean yelled not caring if it was the truth as long as it preserved the scene.

"Dad?" Logan for all his size looked lost but Sam was the first to get to him.

"Where's he hurt?" Sam looked over the dog as Logan held him and Dean checked the alleyway. "Dean?!"

Dean came back finding little. "What is it?"

"He's been bitten. Dean, I think a vampire has Lily."

Dean stared at him in shock trying to get his rage under control. "Oh God."


It took twenty five minutes for Dylan to make the forty minute drive to the scene and he arrived with sirens on his tail.

As soon as he screeched to a halt the cops jumped out of their cruiser and shielded themselves behind their doors. "Get out of the car with your hands raised!" One of them yelled.

"Dude!" Dean yelled back. "Don't shoot…we're here on Police business. Stay where you are Dyl!"

Dean walked towards them unafraid with his hands raised. "Look…my son's Cole Winchester with the Sixty Third Homicide Unit give him a call. He'll vouch for his cousin." Dean indicated the car.

They looked at him like he was mad.

"He's not goin' anywhere. Just tell him you got Dylan and he'll be cool seriously."

It seemed to take forever before they got through but finally Dean heard Cole's voice on the radio. "You fuckin' shoot him and I'll kill you Moretti!"

"A'iight! Jeez." He screamed. "The kid was speedin'!"

The voice crackled again. "This is my baby cousin that's gone, secure the scene and stay away from my Dad…let him do his shit!" He shouted. "I'll be there in fifteen."

"I can't let a civilian on the scene!" He shouted back.

"It's my badge and my ass! Just do it you fat asshole!"

Dean raised his eyebrows. "You let him talk to you like that?"

The guy called Moretti glared at Dean. "I don't know how connected you are but whoever took that kid is walkin'. You contaminate a crime scene like this and you got no hope of a conviction!"

Dean turned away. "We got our own law for situations like this." He muttered.

Cole arrived soon after with Doug and once they had Dylan released they all stood in the alleyway looking for clues. The uniforms were going mad because the ME hadn't been informed and Cole was out of his jurisdiction. Cole didn't care because he knew a vampire had Lily and there was no way the NYPD could help them with that.


"Dylan?" Sam asked. "Are you getting anything?"

Dylan was walking through the alley in the near dark trying to sense his little sister. He hated everything about it as he had to keep up a commentary. "She was taken on the street by one of them. Solo went to bite the other but he fought back. He didn't like the taste of dog so they both came up here." Dylan moved toward the dead end and knelt down. "Oh God."

"What?" Sam asked.

"Blood." Dylan took a deep breath and rubbed his hands together. Gently he dipped his finger in the blood and closed his eyes. "She's still alive, I can feel it."

They all breathed a sigh of relief. "Where?" Sam pushed.

"I don't know but she fought them here." Dylan tried to remain detached and knew how sick they all felt. "She was knocked out and they took her somewhere else."

"Do you know where?" Dean asked this time.

"No, if she's unconscious I'll need a spirit board to find her." He stood up and looked at them all. Sam was devastated and Logan was still holding the wounded dog in shock, the rest of them just seemed static. "She's alive, c'mon!"


When Lily finally became aware of her surroundings all she felt was pain everywhere. Trying to open her eyes she struggled as the lids were swollen and shut. Her throat was dry with dust and her lips split open. Although she had seen the rest of the family sustain some pretty bad injuries they always laughed it off and she took it for granted the pain wasn't that bad. Lily realised now just how tough the rest of the family was because she had never even been slapped before and this hurt like a bitch.

She tried to move her hands which were stretched out at her sides and flinched as the left one was yanked suddenly and a mouth wrapped itself around her small wrist. Her own mouth opened in a silent scream as fangs went into the artery and the blood was sucked out rapidly. Lily thought it couldn't get much worse than this but she was wrong as her dress was pushed up roughly. Kicking wildly into the dark silence she had no idea how many of them there were but she could feel laughter and hunger all around her. Her thighs were parted savagely as fangs punctured the soft flesh on the inside of her thigh heading for the femoral artery.


Doug stayed behind to cover explanations and to wait for the vet to come get Solo as the rest of them retreated to a nearby patch of waste ground to work the spirit board. "Lily…talk to me…" Dylan asked. "Oh shit!"

"What is it?" Sam asked.

"OK I have her, it didn't take too long because she's screaming. Someone get a pen!"

They all waited and Cole had his notepad and pen poised.

"Shit." Dylan exclaimed again sighing and rubbing his temples. "C'mon…"

"What's wrong?" Sam cursed the fact he couldn't do this at will.

Dylan didn't mince his words. "I'm trying to see through Lily's eyes and I can't see anything!"

"Why not?" Cole asked. "Is she blindfolded?"

"No, her eyes are swollen, like she's been beaten. She can't see anything and neither can I." Dylan felt even sicker and more powerless at the thought.

"She can't hear or see anything." Sam said voicing all their thoughts. "She must be so terrified."

Dylan stood stock still for a long time and it was almost like he had fallen asleep on his feet, they all felt frustrated and wanted to push him.

"All I'm getting is smells and that's what we have to go on." He looked at them. "We can do this. I'm smelling blood but also something else…"

"What?" Logan was on the verge of hitting him.

He clicked his fingers as though trying to remember.

"Please tell me it's not sulphur." Dean said.

"No…it's something sweet. Popcorn?" Dylan said suddenly as he looked at them.

"An old movie theatre?" Dean asked.

"I dunno. Maybe."

"She went to the movies last night though." Dean responded.

Sam didn't want to put pressure on his son but he had to at this point. Going to him he took Dylan's face in his hands. "Lily's out there somewhere alone and scared, waiting for us to come get her. We have to find her."

"I know Dad."

Sam stared into his eyes. "I wish I could do it for you but you're the only one that can. Lily will reach out to you."

Dylan took another breath. "You're not gonna like this…she's in a nest and they're draining her blood."

"We need a location."

"I can't get it!" He screamed. "I'm trying…seriously."

Logan suddenly piped up. "If you can zero in on her then I can get you there."

Dean shook his head. "No, it's too dangerous."

"As opposed to the alternative?"


The head vampire returned to his nest satisfied by the nights' hunting and was looking forward to some rest. There were still a couple of girls who hadn't given up just yet and he saw two of the family devouring the youngest. She was small and looked no more than fourteen although she was putting up a commendable fight.

"Havin' fun?" Raphael asked.

"She's a virgin." The one between her legs sighed in ecstasy as he drank the sweet blood.

"She's a child, of course she is." He shrugged.

"She looks younger'n she is."

"Why would you say that?"

"How many kids do you know with tattoos?"

Raphael frowned and squatted down on the dirty tenement floor by Lily's writhing body. "Show me."

The two vampires sighed in frustration and released her for a moment. The one next to her pulled her into a sitting position and she folded like a rag doll as he tore the back of her dress open and revealed the circular tattoo on her left shoulder blade. "See?"

Raphael grabbed her shoulders and looked closer. "No, no, no!"

The other two were shocked. "You know it?"

He pulled Lily back over his arm and looked at her mess of a face. "Fuck!"


"Has she said anything?"

"No, she hasn't even screamed."

He dropped her back to the floor and punched the nearest fang. "Didn't you think it strange she hasn't screamed?"

"Some chicks like the Vampire thing." He shrugged rubbing his jaw.

"It's Lily Winchester."


"You just ate the daughter and niece of the two most famous Hunters in the States."

"Not Dean Winchester?" The other said.

"He's her Uncle and Sam's her Father. To top it all she's deaf and dumb!"

"Fuck!" They both muttered in unison.

"If you battered Sam like this then Dean would tear your head off with a smile but you just violated the only freakin' code evil ever made with a hunter."


"You don't mess with her!" He screamed. "We have to get out of here." He began to pace. "Round up the others and torch the place, we can't leave our scent."

"What about the girl?"

"Leave her, she's dead anyway and you're gonna wish you were too when the Winchesters catch up to us and believe me they won't know a moments sleep 'til they do."


"You can't control the portals yet." Dean said quickly.

"Dylan can help me. I can do it."

"The last time you tried it you were God knows where for a whole week!" His father shouted.

Logan didn't want to think about it and had never told anyone about the things he had seen. "It's the only way!"

"She could be anywhere in New York by now." Cole said.

"He's right Dean." Sam said desperately. "I don't want to risk anyone else but she won't last long in a nest."

"I know."

Dylan grabbed Logan. "We have to move now; I can smell gasoline. They're gonna torch the place with her still in it."

Dean looked at his brother who was almost in tears. "Go!"

"We'll get her." Logan promised as Dean handed him the Colt and hugged him briefly.

"Stay safe kid."

Dylan was entirely focusing now on Lily as Logan slung an arm around him and opened up a wormhole. "You got her?" He asked.

"Let's go."

The two young men disappeared fearlessly into thin air leaving them alone. Cole raced to his car and turned the volume up on the scanner. "If there's a fire there'll be a call out, we just have to wait 'cos it might not be far."


When the cousins emerged in front of the burning building Logan held Dylan upright as he stumbled. "We did it."

"Let's not start celebrating yet." Dylan said as he looked up at the huge tenement. "She's in there somewhere." He concentrated hard to get an exact location. "Fire exit around the side." He shouted as something exploded.

It didn't take Logan a lot of effort to reach up and grab the bottom of the ladder and the two of them climbed it rapidly.

"She's in there." Dylan pointed. "Wait! We can't go in this way, oxygen'll feed the flames. Go up a floor and we'll double back."

Logan hit the metal stairs again and felt his adrenaline levels soar as they both stood in front of an already broken window shielding their eyes as Logan smashed it with his elbow and they climbed with Dylan holding the Colt knowing that whilst his cousin was an excellent marksman he preferred to use his bare hands when it came to killing.


Lily coughed as she rolled over feeling the heat envelope her as horror replaced her initial relief at being released from the blood suckers. She got to her hands and knees and smoke filled her chest making her cough harder, like sneezing it was one of the only sounds she made and usually made her feel better than this. She tried hard to concentrate on her surroundings as she cut her palms on glass feeling around her. The heat was at her back but she had no idea whether she was heading for the exit or a dead fall. She considered stopping and just waiting for death to claim her but that attitude didn't sit well with her, she was still a Winchester after all.

Lily could smell hair burning and her right arm flinched as she realised it was the fine down on her own flesh. She was too close to the flames and had to move away. Sitting back for a second she pulled at an eye which watered frantically as she caught a wall of orange to her right and behind her. She was so screwed.

Suddenly she felt a vibration beneath her and scrambled as she felt the floorboards groan and give like they were about to collapse. She was trapped like a wounded animal and she did the only thing she could think of and curled into a small ball with her hands over her face.

The floor wasn't ready to give in just yet though and the movement was caused by Logan's heavy footfall. "She's here!" He screamed over the roar of flames.

Dylan joined him putting the Colt in his waistband knowing the Fangs were long gone. "Don't touch her!" He shouted.

"We have to get her out of here!"

"She doesn't know it's us, she could die of fright." Sure enough as Dylan laid a hand on her curved back she started to shake and almost rolled into the fire.

Logan knew they didn't have time for the soft approach and felt slightly stupid but thought it was worth a shot.

"What are you doing?"

"What I used to do when we were little." Logan said as he worked his hand towards her face and pushed a thumb into her mouth. Lily stopped cowering and grabbed the large hand in one of hers crying in relief. "She's knows it's me." He sighed as he took off his massive shirt and wrapped it over her half exposed skin before picking her up.

"Let's get out of here!"

"Which way?" Logan looked all around them as Lily hung onto him like a limpet.

They could hear sirens and knew the fire department and possibly their Dad's were on their way.

"Can you open another portal to the alleyway?"

"I think so, hang on."

Dylan grabbed hold of the tree trunk Logan called a bicep and they disappeared yet again re-emerging seconds later covered in soot. "You did it!" He said almost in shock.

"Watch out!" Logan grabbed him and shielded both him and Lily as the fire escape started to collapse. "You ok?" Logan still didn't let go of her as he shrugged off the large metal ladder like it was nothing.

"Yeah, let's get the fuck out of here!"


Dean was trying to restrain Sam who was attempting to get into the building. "No Sammy, we don't even know if it's the right one!"

"It is, look!" Cole pointed as Logan and Dylan walked from the alleyway.

Logan was breathing heavily and Lily now hung limp in his arms as Sam stared in shock. "Oh God."

"Is she…?" Dean couldn't say the words.

"She fainted." Dylan said as Sam exhaled and walked over to them.

Her long dark hair was dull and singed hanging over her face. Her father moved it to one side and almost recoiled in shock when he saw her bloody and swollen face. He couldn't believe that after everything they had tried to protect Lily from, his worst nightmare was being realized in Technicolor. She moved slightly and once awake began to kick out at them both like she had already forgotten what had happened.

Logan kept a tight hold of her and Sam didn't flinch as he laid his lips gently on her forehead. "It's Dad."

She reached up like a small child and he gathered her up into his arms. "Dylan?"

His son looked up.

"She's not?"

"They didn't turn her." He said. "They knew who she was and they know they're expecting a house call."

"Well let's not disappoint the freaks." Dean scowled.

"There'll be time for that later." Sam said kissing his daughter again. "We need to get to the hospital; Lily needs blood and it has to come from either you or Logan."

"Ok Sammy." He said swallowing down his urge for vengeance for the time being. He turned to Cole. "We'll go to the hospital so call Chris, the girls, Johnny and Han. You stay here with Luc and as soon as the fire's out collect any clues cos we're gettin' these bastards."

"Got it." Cole nodded seriously.

"As soon as you're done here, get to the hospital 'cos we're havin' a family meeting." Dean said firmly as he opened the front door for Sam who slid in still cradling his teenage daughter in his arms.


They went to Presbyterian which may not be the best hospital in the world but they were well known and they had enough sway to get Lily the best treatment. They did a rudimentary examination in the ER but Lily was freaking out and Sam was struggling to communicate with her.

One of Hope's Doctors came to the exam room to find Lily still clinging to her father. "Can you tell us about it?"


"Well, she needs a massive amount of blood but the wounds have stopped bleeding and thankfully we have a few pints of Hope's haemoglobin in reserve."

"So we don't have to take it from the others?"

"No. We're going to transfuse as soon as it arrives, the I.V seems to be sustaining her for now and it looks like the morphine's kicking in finally. She's a lot stronger than she looks." He nodded.

"She's tough."

"We need to take her now though."

"No." Chris jumped in. "She's scared enough as it is; Sam needs to be with her."

None of them could imagine the isolation Lily must be feeling and they knew that the only link she had to her world was being held by her Father. "Ok. We still have to examine her." He looked awkward and Sam felt sick when he realized what he was implying.

"I'll take care of that when her mother arrives." Chris said. "We have a friend who's a plastic surgeon he's coming to have a look at her face too."

"We're going to move you to a private room upstairs." The Doctor told Sam.

Sam looked down at her still sat on his lap and pressed her head to his chest so that she could feel his heartbeat on her cheek, it was something he used to do when she was a baby. "I'll carry her."

"It's erm…a madhouse out there."


"Half the cops in New York are outside and some of the fire department too."

Sam smiled to himself. "When we have a family crisis it doesn't tend to go unnoticed."


Brooke as ever was calm in the crisis situation although Sam knew that once it was over she would fall to pieces in private. She stayed with Lily as Christina did the internal exam and took swabs. Han was waiting in the wings to examine her too and had even brought the city's top eye surgeon with him just in case.

They all sat bedraggled and angry in the Doctor's lounge. Doug walked in and they looked up.

"What's going on?" Cole asked him.

"The Captain's going crazy like you guys are a bunch of vigilante's or somethin'."

"He hates me but he'll get over it."

"Maybe if you dressed more like a detective and less like a rock star he'd be more inclined to take you seriously." The man sighed looking tired suddenly. "The upshot is the whole force is behind you so anything you need…"

"What about Solo?" Dylan asked.

"Also getting some major blood pumped into him but he's good."

"I can't believe this happened." Sam sighed.

"I'm so sorry Sam." Logan ducked his head as Dean rubbed it.

Sam went over and patted him on the shoulder. "It's not your fault, don't blame yourself."

"I was meant to look out for her."

"And you did but I'm her Father and the buck stops with me ok? There's no point dwelling on that, we need to find these fuckers and kill them before they can hurt anyone else."

They all looked up because Sam rarely swore but they had never seen him this angry before and it was almost scary even to them.

"Dylan's our best bet at findin' them." Dean said. "We looked over the nest but it's charcoal, they're runnin' scared and that works in our favour."

"How?" Sam asked.

Dean leaned forwards in his seat resting his elbows on his knees. "They just took the person who was most precious to us and defiled her…they know we'll stop at nothin'."

"So what move would you make if you were them?" Luc asked.

Cole shrugged. "Look for an ally. The Hunter network is huge so they'll try to find someone who can offer them protection."

Dean smirked. "Crossroads Demon."

"That bitch'll sell them out for sure." Sam raised his eyebrows as he stood in front of them and for the first time took the chair of the family meeting. "Here's what we're going to do…"


"Lily needs surgery." Han didn't mince his words. "We'll do it all in one go so it's going to be pretty long but I promise you she's still going to be a beauty."

Sam sniffed and rubbed his face as he looked at the others in the room. Logan was sat with Lily and Hope and Bonnie had joined them along with Brooke who sat stoic at Sam's side. They had no secrets from one another and he felt comforted by having them all around. "What surgery?"

"I'll have to put a plate in her right cheek but it'll be plastic and totally unnoticeable. She has a few bad cuts but I can fix those so you wouldn't even know and there'll be no stitches."

"Ok." Sam looked at the other Doctor waiting for him to speak.

"Lily's right cornea was detached, possibly by the same blow that broke her cheekbone. We have some excellent laser techniques that we can use now but I have to let you know that it's possible she could lose the sight in that eye."

"And the other?" Dean asked because Sam wasn't capable.

"Should be ok."

"Should? What kinda word is that?"

"Dean." Bonnie said quietly.

"Thanks guys." Sam managed as he tried to digest this information and worry about how he could break the news to his baby at the same time. "I'll be through in a minute."

When Han and his friend left Sam stood up slowly and looked around the room tiredly even as his voice dripped with menace. "I'm staying here but as soon as you find them make sure you tell me 'cos I'm gonna make these bastards pay for what they've done to her."


Sam went out into the corridor followed by Brooke. He leaned his back against the wall and slowly sank to the floor as she watched. They had been through it all together and unlike his ever youthful brother every experience was etched into his face. As she lowered herself to the ground beside him though she knew he would always be that long haired, shy kid she had met years before.

"Let it out now Sam." She said.

"Then I'll never stop."

"She can sense your fear and your rage and I don't want that in there so just humor me."

"What did Chris say?"

"She's still a virgin."

"What are we going to do?"

"The same as always." She responded coolly. "We're going to love her and look after her."

"I've killed so many creatures and done things that I'm ashamed of but I've never wanted to kill as badly as I do right now."

She took his shaking hand in hers. "You think you're the only one?"

"I know I'm not."

"She's alive Sam."


"We can deal with the rest as a family."

Brooke hugged him as he tried to get his wits together to face his daughter.

When they got into the room Logan was half lying on the bed. He looked up at them. "They've knocked her out a bit but I've worked out a way to talk to her."


Logan took her right arm which was free of needles and placed her hand over his. "You can spell out letters on her palm and she gets it."

Sam smiled at him as he stood up and kissed Lily. "You're such a good kid." Sam hugged him. "Thank you for bringing her back."

"It's amazing what you can do when your life depends on it."


Cole hung up his phone after a screaming match with his Captain. "Bastard."

"That's why it pays to be your own boss." Dean told him.

"And that's why one day I'll be Captain and he'll be riding a gold watch all the way to Florida."

Dean smiled at his son in spite of everything. "So what?"

"They're calling it compassionate leave 'cos the Union would tear him a new one if he suspended me."

"What do you want to do on your holiday bro?" Hope asked.

"Killin' Vamps seems pretty good to me right now."

"We'll see Lily off then we'll go tear the town apart." Dean told them. "Winchester style."

"What about Lily?" Logan said. He was the last to see her and was still trying to deal with it as he had resorted to painstakingly signing on her own arm in order to communicate. "When this is all over I mean?"

"I don't know." Hope said when all eyes turned to her. "Nerves, Cancer, Aids freakin' Ebola I know. Cornea's? Not so much."

"At least it's something that can be donated." Dylan said sadly. "Like hearts."

Luc spoke up. "There is another option."

"What?" Bonnie asked.

"Logan." He looked at them all. "He can't control it now but one day he can go back and erase all this."

"Yeah, but who knows what else could happen if we changed things?" Dean said.

Hope chuckled. "I think we pretty much reached worst case scenario here, Lily's been taken and no matter how we change that in the future, for now we only have one option."

"Which is?" Dylan looked at her.

"Like Sam said; show the fuckers who's boss because if they think they can get away with this then we're all open for a gang bang and none of us will come out smiling."


It had taken a lot of discussion but the man standing at the crossroads that night for the first time was Dylan. Dean had wanted to do it but he could piss off Jesus with little effort and Cole had a family to think of so it had come to Sam's son and he was proud to run this particular errand.

He may not have Dean's reputation for dishing out the hurt or Cole's for suckering in the chicks and even his little cousin Logan was more of a badass but no one could match Dylan when it came to a battle of wits and he was more than ready for this bitch.

"Wow." Came a voice making Dylan turn. "Third generation; you just can't help yourselves."

Dylan stared into her eyes. "Look at you; all dressed up with no one to blow."

"You offering?"

"Maybe later."

She laughed. "I don't bite you know?"

He rolled his eyes. "You just give a very nasty suck? That was funny in the eighties babe."

"You're smarter than Dean."

"So's loft insulation but he can still fuck you over." He shrugged.

She gripped an arm and he tensed. "You got your Dad's upper body though…the DNA in your family is amazing."

He searched his pockets. "I have a signed photo here somewhere…" He raised his hands. "Must've left it at home with my patience."

"Dyl." She inhaled. "I always thought it should be short for delicious."

"You can lick me later. I actually came here for a reason."

"Not just because you can't get a girlfriend?"

"Spare me the mind games."

"You know Winchesters always find their soul mate Dyl." She said his name slowly.

"And if you're mine I'll do myself a favour and kill myself now."

"She's a little young for you yet, but you'll find her."

He raised his eyebrows. "Whatever. Tell me about these Vampires."

"What Vampires?"

"I don't have time to waste."

She clicked her fingers. "Oh, you mean the ones that almost ate your dumb little sister and then tried to set her on fire?"

His jaw clenched. "Don't call her dumb."

She shrugged. "Political correctness sucks…what do we call them now; mutes, mimes, retards?

Dylan tried to control his temper and smiled. "You won't get a rise out of me." He grabbed his crotch for emphasis as she moved closer. "In either sense."

"Such a shame." She sucked the breath over her teeth. "I mean if you take after you Dad that is."

"Leave him out of this."

"Hit a nerve? I thought you worshipped Sam."

"I do."

"When it gets to the point where children have to look after their parents that's when you have to put them into a home."

Dylan laughed. "That's a good one. I'll remember that the next time I lose to him in poker."

"I really like you."

"Thanks but I'm not into necrophilia."

She smiled and stepped away from him. "I tell you what."

"Shock me."

"I'll tell you where the vampires are on two conditions."

He rolled his eyes. "And they are?"

"Number one, we want amnesty."


"For one month."

"Bullshit, no way!"

"That's the deal, I get to take as many souls as I want for one month without you guys bothering me and we can talk."

"How many times have we bothered you?!"

She laughed in his face. "All those hostages your cousin Cole saved last month? They were mine! Hope curing Cancer? At least a third of those bastard smokers were mine! Two months ago Logan stopped a bunch of Republicans from getting killed in a bus crash. Mine!"


"Well ok, I'm speaking for my colleagues too but we're down on our monthly quota so that's the deal."

"So we stop saving people for a month and you'll tell me where the Fangs are?"

She sighed. "Relax, they're people that deserve it ok?"

Dylan thought about it. "Alright."

"Fantastic." She sighed happily.

"So are we meant to kiss or something?"

"Or something….you forgot the second condition Dylan."

"What is it?"

The Crossroads Demon walked over to the hood of the car and sat down. "We always kiss to seal the deal but…" She lifted the hem of her dress. "You Winchester's aren't just famous for your fighting you know."

"You're kidding?"

The Demon laid back slowly and ran her hands over her thighs. "Show me how you boys do it."

Dylan coughed. "Seriously?"

She sat up with an exasperated sigh. "God I wish they'd sent Cole now or even freakin' Logan."

"Lie your ass back down bitch! Never let it be said a Winchester doesn't put his money where his mouth is."


Raphael sat in his new nest surveying his hapless charges. Maybe he was stupid for having such a large family but he couldn't help it; he liked being surrounded by people. They had managed to stay under the radar for a long time but now they had royally fucked up and scattered like rats in a sewer. The word on the street was that Lily Winchester had been saved and was now being guarded like the Crown Jewels at the Presbyterian.

He had found a new nest and had been forced to keep a low profile feeding off cats and dogs as they waited for it to blow over although Raphael could feel in his gut that it wouldn't. The Winchesters were like Duracell bunnies on crack when it came to protecting their own and even with Hope out of action he knew that Logan was coming of age and could hold up his end. They were screwed and they knew it.

When the attack came it wasn't pre-meditated but they all had such a connection with one another that it didn't have to be. It was well organized chaos with Dean Winchester leading the way.

He burst the doors in like Wyatt Earp going into a gunfight at the O.K Corral. It was an awesome sight to see Dean flanked by all the Winchester men; Sam, Cole, Dylan, Luc and Logan. They showed no fear and even waited until they were inside before they revealed their weapons of choice.

Raphael stood on shaky feet as he saw the glint of the Colt in Dean's hand. "We didn't know it was her."

Dean laughed suddenly. "Shit, my mistake…I thought you targeted her. Well if you just fed off her and beat her up by mistake then that's ok." His face suddenly turned deadly as he cocked the weapon. "Round 'em up boys we're gonna have ourselves a party."

And that was it as they launched into the place like heat seeking missiles and immobilized all the Vampires until they had them rounded up in the main room. The older ones were bad enough with their swords and stakes but the youngest one worked only with his bare hands and he was scarier than any fang.

It was once the madness was over that Dean took a seat and relaxed letting his brother take over. "It's all you now Sammy."

Logan stood by his father and was privately scared of what he might see that night, he knew this was going to change him forever and it was a big deal. Cole and Luc stayed with Sam the whole time as Dylan moved around the perimeter trying to read the hostages.

"I want to know which one of you drank my daughters' blood." Sam said simply like he was asking for directions. "No? How about this then? We're gonna kill all of you but if you tell us who did it we'll make it quick for the rest."

"Does it matter?" Raphael asked.

"What?" Sam asked casually.

"Does it really matter who drank from her?"

Dean could literally feel his balls shrink as he saw the look on his brothers' face. He grabbed Raphael who was cuffed and looked into his eyes. "I'm saving you for last." He tossed him to Luc who punched him down and then gave him a mouthful of dead man's blood to keep him quiet.

"I know there were two of you…" Sam said.

"How? Bitch couldn't see a thing." One of them said and Dean groaned out loud.

"Get him!" Sam shouted as Cole grabbed the rope around his ankles and dragged him along the ground.

"He's the one that bit her thigh." Dylan said.

"You can't read our minds!" Another said.

"I don't need to asshole, you're so fucking stupid you did all the work for me!" Dylan stomped on the vampire's head and sighed. "All yours Dad."

"There's another one." Sam said. "The one that beat her and almost killed our dog? Stand up now and you'll go quickly."

There were ten of them tied in a huddle, all of them were men and three of them stood up.

Dean laughed down at Raphael. "They're about as loyal as they are intelligent, freakin' morons."

"Dyl?" Sam asked. "Who is it?"

Dylan hated doing it but the only way he could tell was by catching his little sister's scent on one of them. As it turned out it wasn't one of the ones who stood up. Dylan grabbed a disgusting looking youth and barely wanted to touch him with his boot as he kicked him out of rotation. "It's him."

Sam finally had the three ring leaders and looked up at Dean who nodded and hopped off his perch. Sam turned back. "We're going to have a quiet word with these guys and I expect the rest to be gone when I get back."

Luc unsheathed his sword and Logan cracked his knuckles as the vampires in front of them started to scream.


Raphael and his two minions were tied up in front of Sam and Dean and whoever said Sam was the good cop was lying.

He walked with a distinct limp but no one could accuse him of lacking strength as he stared at them. Dean had a fire going in the back and they watched him nervously.

"We know enough about you guys to know that most of the Hollywood stuff like garlic and crosses is bullshit but you can feel pain right?"

"Not really." Raphael smirked suddenly.

"Yeah right, you don't have nerve endings." Sam nodded at Dean who moved to the first in the row with a hot poker. "I'm not stupid." He said seriously. "I know I can't cause you even a tenth of the pain you caused my little girl but I can give you a good idea."

Dean grabbed the vampire's head and shoved the hot poker into one ear, when he got bored he moved to the other. "Can you hear that?" Sam looked at the other two. "He can still scream for help and Lily didn't even have that release."

"I can fix that Sammy." Dean assured him.

He was so angry now he was shaking. "See how it feels."
Dean dropped the poker and took the knife from his belt and removed the vampire's tongue in one swift movement. "So now he's deaf and he can't say anything." Sam stood in front of him and bent down. "How are you feeling?"

The Vampire was crying and Sam smiled. "Oh it gets better." He drew back a fist and punched him hard. In a regular man it would have broken his jaw but this guy wasn't normal so Sam once more turned to his brother.

"Imagine how it feels not to be able to hear or speak and then someone does this to you."

Dean calmly gouged out the Fangs eyes with a knife whilst he gargled on his own blood.

As soon as it was done Sam took his own knife and untied him before standing back. They all watched as the Vampire staggered around and then fell over. "Funny right?"

"How about this?" Dean asked as he took a can of gasoline and poured it over the struggling man.

"No!" Raphael screamed. "Don't do it."

"Spare me." Dean said as he grabbed a matchbook and set the Vampire alight.

The brothers watched coldly as he screamed and ran blindly through the room. Cole eventually emerged with an extinguisher and put him out before Luc sliced off his head. They both looked at Sam and Dean impassively as the youngest of the group walked in with Dylan.

Logan looked at the charred remains and tried not to gag. He had been in training for years and seen a lot but nothing like this. Luc and Cole seemed as hardened as Sam and Dean but Dylan hung back a little.

"You think that's rough?!" Sam screamed at the head Vamp. "God knows how old he was and how many people he's killed but you did that to a young girl who did nothing to deserve it!"

"She has you as a father and that's excuse enough." Raphael said to him.

"Don't come to us with that you pussy, we know you begged the demons for protection." Dylan laughed. "You didn't target Lily and as soon as you knew who she was you flaked."

"We didn't know."

Dean smirked. "I don't give a fuck whose daughter it is, what you did to her is inhuman."

Sam grabbed his face in one hand and fantasized about crushing it. "The stuff you did to my baby is unconscionable. You made her life hell on Earth and that's what we're gonna do to you. You're gonna pay worse than that poor bastard." Sam seemed to snap out of it a little as he thought of his daughter and Dean took the lead again.

"Logan?" Dean asked.

"Yeah Dad?"

"You wanna try it?"

"Torture?" He looked uncertain.

"It's as good a time as any, I mean c'mon dude how did you kill the ones through there?"

"Pulled their heads off."

"It's the same thing only you tear their limbs off first. Look, if you don't wanna do it then that's cool but once you get past the screaming it's ok." Dean shrugged.

"Gimme the poker."

"Atta boy."



The bar was crowded and people were piling in all the time even though it was a private party. Sam always hated big cities but Dean was in his element as he worked the room unable to escape the irony of the situation. All his life Dean had run from the law and openly mocked it but as soon as his son had become a cop he found that life was so much easier: he never got parking tickets any more, he could get a background check done at a moment's notice and the family barbeques never got busted for noise.

It was coming up to Christmas and the Winchesters had a big table at the front. Doug was teaching Ryan how to do an Irish Jig and even his two kids were joining in having decided he wasn't such an asshole after all. Brooke and Bonnie were already feeling the effects of happy hour when Johnny finally turned up carrying a bundle.

"Oh let me see!" Bonnie said.

"Get off my daughter you mad lush, where's the crèche?" Johnny had finally gotten the papers through on his adoption and was determined to prove to them as well as the Chinese authorities that he was a fit father to little Jade.

Bonnie pointed to the back room where some of the cops' teenage daughters were watching the kids. "Over there." She laughed at his over-protective nature.

Everyone had come along and they started to stream in so fast they could barely keep tabs.

"Logan's date is cute." Brooke said.

"Yeah, he seems keen." She shrugged. "He met her outside the Institute, she had car trouble."

"What's her name?"

"Heather." Bonnie said as Dean came over with more drinks. "My hero returns!"

"God I love you when you're drunk." He said.

"That's 'cos you get laid!"

"I've still got it."

"Where's Sam?" Brooke asked.

"Talkin' to the D.A about somethin' legal. No idea."

Dylan was also at the bar waiting along with everyone else.

"Will you buy me a drink?"

He turned and leaned against the bar. "Baby Ling as I live and breathe."

"Don't call me that."

"It's a cool name." He said to her. "But you're way underage."

"For you or alcohol?" She smiled up at him and he caved.

"Both, but don't tell your Dad who bought it. What d'ya want?"


He ordered for them and couldn't help but notice how grown up she looked. "You don't have braces any more?"

"It's been over a year Dylan."

"Huh." He was lost for words.

She laughed at him. "How's it going at school Indy?"

"I get my Fedora next semester but I have to wait another year for the whip."

She took the bottle from the bar and winked at him. "Be sure to gimme a call as soon as you get that delivered."

Dylan turned in shock and watched her walk away through the crowd. "Ok." He nodded to himself. "Wow."

Logan for his part had never had a date come to a family party and he felt awkward, he didn't know why but all his priorities seemed messed up and he felt he was being unfaithful somehow because he had always just thought of Lily.

Heather almost choked on her drink as she looked at him. "Heads up, twelve o'clock."

Logan spun around and saw Lily struggling through the crowd. "Thanks." He said to his date as he waded towards her. She was almost as good as new but still couldn't see too well and her co-ordination was screwed to hell as a result.

He could have taken the long way around but he liked using his size sometimes and he grabbed her before she could topple into a group of men. They would have loved it but Logan lifted her and balanced her on one arm like a small child knowing she didn't mind. He set her down by the table and passed her a drink.


Cole suddenly appeared behind her and wrapped his arms around her. "You ok?"

She nodded.

"You ready?"

She gave him a thumbs up and he took her hand and led her to the stage.

As the piped music stopped everyone started to shush as they knew it meant Cole was going to start up.

He stood on the stage and put his guitar on leaning down to the microphone. "Hey NY!" Everyone screamed and he laughed. "Thanks for coming tonight…we've raised a lot of money so far for the Institute so thank you."

Dean whistled loudly. "He should be playin' Maddison Square Garden."

Cole still had a pint of beer in his hand and raised it. "This is a real family affair and I don't just mean my family but nevertheless I only ever raise my glass to one man."

"To Bobby." They all said at the front.

Cole put the drink down and checked Lily was ok with the drums. "This song's a bit of a cliché but it's fuckin' great anyway!" He laughed. "As soon as my sister's done breast feeding she'll be joining me on stage."

It was Christmas Eve babe
In the drunk tank
An old man said to me, wont see another one
And then he sang a song
The rare old mountain dew
I turned my face away
And dreamed about you

Got on a lucky one
Came in eighteen to one
I've got a feeling
This years for me and you
So happy Christmas
I love you baby
I can see a better time
When all our dreams come true

Hope suddenly emerged from the back with her bra in her hand and started singing straight away to massive cheers.

They've got cars big as bars
They've got rivers of gold
But the wind goes right through you
Its no place for the old
When you first took my hand
On a cold Christmas Eve
You promised me
Broadway was waiting for me

You were handsome
You were pretty
Queen of New York city
When the band finished playing
They howled out for more
Sinatra was swinging,
All the drunks they were singing
We kissed on a corner
Then danced through the night

The boys of the NYPD choir
Were singing Galway bay
And the bells were ringing out
For Christmas day

You're a bum
You're a punk
You're an old slut on junk
Lying there almost dead on a drip in that bed
You scumbag, you maggot
You cheap lousy faggot
Happy Christmas your arse
I pray God its our last

The boys of the NYPD choir
Were singing Galway bay
And the bells were ringing out
For Christmas day

I could have been someone
Well so could anyone
You took my dreams from me
When I first found you
I kept them with me babe
I put them with my own
Can't make it all alone
I've built my dreams around you


Don't ask me how I'm feeling right now 'cos I'm not happy but that's it. I really hope you liked it and that you'll stay in touch. I love hearing from all of you and I'll be mourning the loss of this story more than anyone.

Thanks for everything. LoA xxxxxxxxxxx