Criminal Masterminds

Summary: Gendo left Shinji with a teacher. If only he had known what he was doing. Now, Gendo had a bigger problem to deal with: someone who can and will outthink him. Crossover.

Author's Note: I decided it's about time I tried this idea out. I'm not saying what I'm crossing it with, as it should be obvious after you read this.



When I first saw him, one thought ran through my mind.

He looks like his mother.

I was one of his mother's college professors. Even now that I've changed to teaching Kindergarten for a few years, all my students call me Professor.

Holly said it's because I'm too strict on them. Maybe she's right. Then again, she usually is.

But so am I.

When I saw him, I knew he was special, probably more so than his mother. When I found out who his father had left him with, I was appalled.

That man couldn't take care of himself if his life depended on it. He called himself a teacher, but he was really a leech. He 'took care' of people to get government benefits, and let the children he 'cared' for fend for themselves. He had been caught long before the poor boy arrived. It took me only a few days to get him out of that bum's house.

Surprisingly enough, he ended up under my roof. Holly's idea, but it worked out wonderfully for all of us. I told him a few stories about his mother, and he opened up like a book in a way. We had our secrets, but we became close.

Because of that, while I could never call myself his father (I will always be Sensei or Professor to him), I do feel that I can call Shinji Ikari my son.

From the Diary of Artemis Fowl the Second, Disk 51, Encrypted.

A brilliant, loving, and talented person, not to mention exceptionally intelligent; that's how I would describe Shinji. While he never called Artemis 'Father' or 'Dad', or any of the others, he calls me 'Kaa-san'. It has stuck between the two of us for a while.

Sometimes, I think Artemis is jealous.

With our help, Shinji has grown a great deal. Artemis and I have always wished for a child of our own, but even with his magic, fertility between the two of us will always be a problem.

Shinji was an answer: a chance to raise someone that we could almost call our own.

Besides, Yui would have never forgiven either of us if we hadn't taken him in. I just hope that whatever happens, he'll always remember her as his real mother.

From the Diary of Captain Holly Short Fowl, formally of LEPRecon, Disk 60, Encrypted.