Moving was never easy.

Especially not when your transferring to a new place in the middle of the year, with new people and places. No old friends to cheer you up on your first day when your nervous, no old friends to be nervous with, no old friends period!

You had to make new friends and enemies, and if you were shy, that could be rather hard to do and you might be alone until someone is brave enough to approach you. You sighed as all thoughts of your new school and life ran through your head. You place your head against the glass window of your mother's green Mercury. She glanced back at you, giving you a stern glare before turning back towards the road.

"(Name)..." She murmured, "Relax will ya? Your making me antsy. This town is beautiful and the high school Uncle Bookman suggested is wonderful as well." You rolled your eyes.

"Mom, he's your uncle. He's my great, great uncle ... or however that goes," you grumbled, straightening yourself out and stretching. "I don't know why we had to leave..."

An uncomfortable silence over came the car as you both remembered why you had left. Your mother's grip on the steering wheel tightened and she gritted her teeth in annoyance. She glared at the road angirly and unfortunately for you she pressed the gas pedal hard and the car sped up immediately. You gripped onto the back of her seat, leaning forward and wincing as she sharply turned a corner. She smirked as two cars honked there horns and yelled at her, it wasn's like she hadn't been insulted before.

"Mom, I know your mad but-" You squeaked as she turned again, shivering as you realized just how upset she was. "Stop sign, stop sign!"

"It's all your stupid cheating father's fault," She finally growled, her knuckles turning whiter as she gripped the steering wheel tighter. "If he hadn't met the insufferable blonde hussy then we would still be together, you would still have friends and-"

You leaned forward and gripped onto your mother's seat. "Okay mom I understand why your angry, but you should kill him not us." The car screeched to halt and made another turn into a small patch of dirt on the side of the road. As soon as she pulled over and stopped, she unbuckled her seatbelt and jumped out of the car, slamming the door behind her. You watched the frustrated woman run her hands through her hair as she paced back and forth, muttering to herself.

A loud ringing sound caused you to jump in surprise and you reached into the front seat and grabbed your mother's cellphone.

"Yo, this is (Name), what do you want?" You answered, pushing your hair out of your eyes and crossing your legs.

"(Name)," came the stern reply and instantly you knew who it was. You twirled your hair with your finger as you laughed childishly.

"Ah, Uncle Bookman!" You exclaimed, "Hi"

"(Name), where is your mother?"

"She's outside, pacing. She's pretty upset right now, so I doubt I should let her drive again."

"Hmm, I see. Where are you?"

"We're at some intersection..." -you looked around, not seeing any sign to verify where you were- "We're parked in a dirt patch somewhere."

"I'll come to get you." Well, since Bookman was the history teacher, and he had lived in this town for about two hundred years, he peobably memorized where everything was by now

"Alright! I'll see ya soon, Uncle" You pressed a red button, ending the call, "I can't wait for that." You opened the door to the car, slipping out and walking over to you mother. She sighed in frustration, stopping to look at you.

"Who was that?" She asked.

"It was Uncle, he's coming to pick us up,"


"I dunno," you shrugged, "Maybe he's worried about you. You do have some problems."

"Hmph," She scowled, turning away and heading back towards the car, slamming the door as she entered.

"Yeah, I'm the childish one," you grumbled, crossing your arms across your chest and pouting. A few minutes later, Bookman came around and parked beside your mother. He climbed out of the passenger side, walking over to your mother, who had gotten out of the car. They both got into in a short conversation before Bookman turns to you.

"You will be going with Lavi," Bookman said, "I've already warned him not to touch you."

"Warned who?" you asked, tilting your head to the side.

"That would be me!" A cheerful voice exclaimed from behind you, and you let out a surprised noise and turned. A young boy, around eighteen or so, with dark red hair and bright green eyes smiled at you and waved. "I'm Lavi, nice to meet you." Bookman, without being seen, raised his fist and promptly smacked Lavi on his head. The latter grumbled, rubbing his head and glaring at the old man.

"I'm (Name)," You smiled, "Nice to meet you." He smiled flirtatiously, winking before getting another smack from Bookman.

"Behave, pup!" Bookman snapped, glaring at the red head and pushing your mother off towards her car. You waved as they left, and turned to Lavi who had opened the door.

"Nice car," You giggled, patting the old car and Lavi grinned.

"Yep. That old panda refuses to buy a new one," He shook his head, opening the door and slipping into the driver's side. "Come on, let's get going." You smiled, opening the door and jumping into the car, buckling your seatbelt. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad, I mean you just met a cute guy who lives with your uncle of whom you live with as well.

At Bookman's House

"It's as old and dusty as I remember it," You muttered, looking up at the rows of books Bookman had on his shelf. "I mean really..."

"Yup," Lavi laughed, "he hasn't changed much has he?"

"Nope. He sure does have a lot on history," You stopped, eyeing a book that had 'Holocaust: The Memory of the Jewish', "He's the teacher at D. Gray High though..."

"I am too!" Lavi exclaimed cheerfully.

"Ehhh?" You gave him a confused look, "W-what? Your a teacher, but-"

"I'm not old like the rest of 'em?" Lavi smiled proudly.

"I wouldn't say that," Lavi facefaulted, "but I guess your better looking then most teachers."

"Oh ho," Lavi placed a hand in front of you, leaning to one side a smiling, "I see. So you think I'm handsome, eh?"

"Well, yeah." You started, ignoring his growing smile, "I mean compared to Bookman..." Lavi's hand dropped and he facefaulted again.

"You sure know how to ruin a man's ego in less then ten words," Lavi muttered, straightening himself out, "Anyway, Bookman always has chores for me to do and to teach you some responsibility, we're going to split the-" Lavi never got to complete his sentence, for he had just been kicked in the face.

"Ah! Lavi!" You squeaked, and turning towards your angry uncle and you scowled, "What did you do that for?" Bookman 'Hmphed' glaring at the red haired boy before looking back at you.

"Get situated in your room, and then you will meet others your age going to D. Gray High," Bookman pointed up the stairs, "Third door on the left." Bookman turned, probably to scold Lavi for some unknown reason, and you started up the stairs.

"More new people huh? And he is kinda young to be a teacher..."

Few Hours Later

"(Name)!" A certain loud, red headed male burst into your room, "C'mon! We're going to the Library to meet Lenalee and Allen." Lavi tugged on your arm, pulling you out of your new room.

"Owwww" You whined, "Stop pulling on me!" Of course he didn't listen, and he continued to pull you off into the unknown territory that was your new home.

On the Streets (Dawg)

"So, you've been here before but never actually left the house?"

"For the hundredth time, YES!" You snapped, causing Lavi to chuckle and wiggle his finger at you.

"Don't be like that around Allen and Lenalee, their both too nice to tell you your being a brat, but I'm not," Lavi smiled and ruffled your hair. "Now get a smile on your face and get walking will you?"

At the Library

"And I thought Uncle bookman had a lot of books..." You muttered, nearly gasping at the large rows and columns of books the small building held. Lavi grinned, rubbing his head sheepishly. "Jeez, the people who work here have no life at all. Wow, I wonder if they have ghost stories." You were about to head off to a random section, but Laiv grabbed onto your arm and pulled you closer to him.

"Hmm, Allen and Lenalee will be near the back, I'll go find them, so don't wander off," Lavi walked away, leaving you in the middle of a very dusty, very big library.

"Hmph. I know where I'm going." You grumbled, walking in the opposite direction Lavi had gone, "Maybe I can see something interesting while he finds his friends." It didn't take long for you to find a good book to start reading and you very happily did so. You don;t know how long it had been since you had started reading, all you noticed was a gorgeous man, dressed in what seems to be a suit walk over to you. He has longish brown hair, golden eyes and dark skin. He seemed like a higher up, one of the rich kids living up in the mansion that was towering over the small town. The man glanced at you, seeming to question himself before walking closer to you.

"I'm sorry, Madam, but I don't believe we've meant," The man smiled as you turned pink, "Who might you be?"

"Ah, I'm (First Name) (Last Name),nice to meet you," You murmured, and he smiled, causing you to turn a darker shade of red. He offered his hand to help you up, and you took it, sweating as you realized how warm his hands were.

"Sir Tyki Mikk, at your service," he let go bowed slightly, giving you another charming smile. "Your new around here?"

"Um, yeah. I'm going to the high school..." You murmured, slightly frustrated with yourself. You hadn't been this shy around lavi, in fact, you had told the red haired male just about everything that was going on in your head with a second thought. But this man just seemed so... distant. It was like he was from a completely different place, not some rundown town, maybe he was prince, or a reoyal knight. This guy had to be royalty. 'No, scratch that,' You thought, 'He is definetly from a royal family. Kind of like a fairy tale of some sort.'

"Oh ho, my niece goes to that school aswell," You couldn't help but feel a little disappointed at this, the man was old enough to have a niece and you were only fifteen.You almost squeaked in embarrassment as Tyki chuckled at your ever so obvious thoughts.

"I'm still young, she's my niece by adoption." He chuckled, "And you, my lady, are a very pretty girl." He leaned forward, placing his left hand on your cheek and the other under your chin. It took you a moment to realize how close he was to an dwhat kind of position you were in.

"I-I'm not really-" You squeaked as a book went flying by your head, almost hitting Tyki, but he gracefully avoided it.

"Get your hands off her stupid Noah!" Lavi emerged from behind a shelf of books, two people following him suit. The shorter white haired boy on Lavi's right seemed to be as annoyed as Lavi sounded, and the green haired girl looked worried. Tyki no longer had that calm look to him, but he had a very anoyed, maybe even hateful one.

"Stupid Exoricists," Tyki hissed, "I know you can't control yourself, but at least try to in the presence of young ladies." Tyki's eye flitted over to you, then to Lenalee then back to Lavi.

"It doesn't matter. She's an Exorcist like we are, so you can sod off!" You tilted your head to the side at Lavi's exclamation.


"Quiet (Name), we're arguing." Lavi snapped and you twitched with anger, ready to shout back, but Tyki interrupted.

"Well, you sure treat your friends well don't you, you annoying rabbit." Tyki smirked, turning so his back was facing Lavi but he could still see you. "I really must be going now, no reason to stay, you might embarrass yourselves..." Tyki smiled at you. "I shall see you in the highschool Miss (Name)."

"Eh? Oh, yeah. Goodybye..."

"(Name)." You turned towards Lavi, your eyes blazing with anger.

"Who the HELL do you think you are?" You shouted, "I sure can talk for myself, and even if you have something to pick with that gu, why make him hate me, too? Am I not allowed to make friends at all? And what the hell does he mean by Exorcists and Noahs. I'm already sick and tired of this town, I wanna go home, go to bed, and never wake up ever again. You are the most annoying jerk I have ever met!" Lavi looked nervous, maybe even guilty while you were yelling at him, but right now you couldn't give a damn. He just ruined a chance for you to make a new friend, and then you realized you didn't have a good chance of making friends with Allen or Lenalee now either.

"I'm going home!" You growled, turning and heading towards the door that lead to the streets.

"But, you'll get lost!" Lavi called out.

"I don't give a damn." You stomped out, slamming the door and not caring whether you had slightl pissed off the librarian.

'I just ruined my chances of ever actually meeting friends. Tyki probably won't come near me now because of Lavi, Lavi must feel annoyed, Lenalee and Allen must think I'm obnoxious... God. Why did we have to leave? I never want to see my father again. NEVER.' You choked back tears as you continued walking, er, stomping down the sidewalk, innocent by-standers moving out of the way of your wrath. "Hmph, I guess I'm lucky to hav a good mom and uncle..."

Loud, obnoxius laughter sounded from behind you and you turned to face two boys.

"Looks like your luck's run out, hii."