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Summary: Tony gets kidnapped from a crime scene, and while the team fights to find him, they wonder just what condition he'll be in if and when they get him back.

Prologue: Taken

It happened faster than they could've expected.

Gibbs told Tony to take pictures of the scene, which included a set of footprints leading away from the body. The impressions were in deep, slippery mud, and Tony had to work hard not to fall over. As he took pictures, the crime scene disappeared behind him into the trees, along with any help he needed. Which, normally, wasn't a problem.

As Tony kept walking, he made it to a clearing with a dirt road, where he found tire tracks. Smirking at his discovery, he called Gibbs. "Yeah, Gibbs," the older man said.

"Boss, I've got tire tracks here," Tony said.

"Where are you?"

"Follow the footprints." Gibbs hung up without another word, and Tony smirked as he went back to taking pictures. As soon as Gibbs got there, Tony would be complimented on a job well done.

The mud of the dirt road squished as a vehicle rapidly approached, and Tony looked up. The black van stopped as it reached Tony, and a door opened. Gloved hands reached out and grabbed him, and Tony quickly threw away his camera and kit for Gibbs to find. After dragging Tony into the van, the two men, dressed in head to black and wearing masks, took his cell phone and threw it out the window as the van began to drive off again. They knocked Tony out with a blow to the head, and smirked to themselves at their own job well done.

Gibbs followed the footsteps as Tony had asked, and got to the clearing in time to see the tail end of the van disappearing into the woods. He looked around and noticed immediately that Tony was gone. He grabbed his phone and dialed a number as he ran to the road.

"Officer David," Ziva answered.

"Ziva," Gibbs said, picking up Tony's camera.

"Our crime scene's a fake, Gibbs."

"Yeah, I figured that, Ziva."


"Tony's missing, and a van was just leaving the area."

"Where are you?"

"Follow the footsteps." He hung up, looking around at Tony's gear on the ground. He walked away a bit as Ziva and McGee ran down the path to him. Gibbs found Tony's cell as Ziva and McGee reached Gibbs. "Someone took Tony," he told them gravely.

"I'll start taking pictures," McGee said quietly.

"I'll collect his gear," Ziva said. Gibbs watched them get to work quickly and quietly, and he felt anger rising in him. Not at his team, but at the dirt bags who took his senior field agent.

"We'll find you, Tony," Gibbs said under his breath, standing with Tony's phone in his hand and watching his team get their job done.