Bella and I sat in the hospital, holding hands as she lied on the table, waiting for the doctor to come in. It was the day of the ultrasound, and we were unbelievably excited to find out the sex of our baby.

The door opened and Dr. Brunner walked in and smiled at us. "Are we ready?"

Bella nodded and smiled at her. "Yes."

Dr. Brunner got everything set up and started rubbing a clear gel on her stomach. Being 2 months already, she had a small bump protruding from her body. Her little baby bump looked so cute, and I just loved to look at it.

Dr. Brunner started moving the scanner across her stomach and looked at the screen; she smiled at pointed to a spot on the screen. "Congratulations Isabella and Jacob, you're having a baby boy."

Bella immediately squealed and looked over at me, with a giant smile on her face. "Issac."

Dr. Brunner printed off a couple copies of the ultrasound and handed them to us. We walked out of the hospital hand-in-hand, bouncing to the Rabbit.

As we drove back to our house, Bella couldn't stop babbling about baby clothes, and all kind of stuff for the baby's room, but I was barely listening. I just kept imagining a little dark haired boy running around our front yard.

With the pack's help, we had managed to fix up the house the way we wanted it. The outside was now painted a bright white, with dark blue shutters, and a dark blue door. The living room was now painted a light brown, with our original furniture, which we had washed and cleaned up. The kitchen was painted a light blue, with white curtains. I had re-painted and stained the dining room table and chairs, so they were now a dark mahogany, per Bella's request.

The laundry room, which was just off the kitchen, was also a light blue. The downstairs bathroom was a crème color, with dark brown curtains. The upstairs bathroom was a dark brown with crème curtains. Bella was really good at matching fabrics and colors. I couldn't really care less. The baby's room was a light minty green with white curtains.

My favorite room, however, was our bedroom. Our bedroom was a dark green, with white curtains, our bedspread was a forest green color, and all of our furniture was a light brown wood.

Our house was perfect, and we even had a large back yard that connected into the forest. From our back porch, we could see a lot of La Push, since we lived on a hill. I could see plenty of places that the pack could have meetings, and even a new route we could take on the boundary line.

To say I was content with life would be an understatement. Bella snapped me out of my thoughts as we pulled up to the house.

"Hello? You weren't even listening were you?" Bella glared at me.

I smiled sheepishly at her, "Sorry, I was just thinking about how perfect our life is right now. The house is amazing, you're amazing, and this baby is amazing. I'm just so excited."

Bella smiled brightly at me, "Me too Jake. Everything is just wonderful."

Bella sat down on the couch and opened up her notebook she made for our wedding details. It was only 2 weeks away from our wedding and we were ready for the most part.

It had been decided that we were going to get married on First Beach on July 28th at sunset. We had invited the whole pack, and their imprints, my dad, and Bella's parents and her step-dad. Since Angela and Bella had gotten closer, Bella decided that Angela would be her maid of honor. I had yet to choose my best man, I was torn between Quil and Embry, but I knew I'd have to make a decision soon. Our reception would follow on the beach. The guys were having a bunch of tables and chairs set up, and a layed out wood dance floor. Emily and the other girls would be cooking our food, and Sue Clearwater was making our cake.

The thought of finally being married to my Bella was amazing. We had decided not to do rings, it wasn't really our style. I was creating a new wood carving for Bella's bracelet instead. I wasn't sure what Bella was doing for me, but I didn't really care. Just the thought of finally being married made me smile.

Bella poked my chest with her pencil, "Whatcha thinking about?"

"The wedding, our baby, just everything." I smiled at her and kissed her forehead.

She just smiled back at me and started bouncing up and down, "I'm so excited to go baby shopping. We already have the crib and rocking chair in the room, and a diaper station. Now all we need to get is bedding, and clothes, blankets, diapers, baby wipes, toys…" Her voice trailed off as she started writing a list down in her notebook.

I just shook my head and smiled at her, "We have 7 months Bella. We have time."

Then there was a knock on the door, and Bella hopped up to answer it. Her shocked voice caused me to get up and follow her, "Uh, Jake?"

As soon as I rounded the corner I smelled it, leech. I started snarling until I realized it was the pixie.

Alice wrapped her arms carefully around Bella, "Oh my god! You're getting married in 2 weeks AND having a baby! Eeek!" She squealed and lightly touched Bella's stomach.

Bella just giggled at Alice and gave her a hug, "What are you doing here? I thought you guys were in Alaska?"

Alice just skipped in, shutting the door behind her. "Everyone else is, but I had to come see you. Ever since you called last week, I knew I couldn't stay away. And I brought you this." Alice held out a large envelope with Bella and I's name on it.

Bella looked at the envelope and then back at Alice, confused. "What's this?"

Alice just giggled, "Open it silly. It's your wedding present. And before you ask, yes you have to keep it. Our family owes you."

Bella tore the envelope open, and I peered over her shoulder as she pulled out its contents. The envelope contained a check and a black credit card, and also an additional piece of paper.

Looking at the check, Bella began shaking her head, "Alice, no. This is way too much. You don't owe me anything. Take it back."

However, Alice shook her head, "This is a fund we set up when we first met you, I had a vision that you might need it one day, but I wasn't sure why. Let's just say it's a birthday slash wedding slash baby present. Also, we owe Jacob." My head cocked to the side, but before I could speak, she continued, "If it wasn't for us, you wouldn't be a werewolf. We owe you our apologies for that."

Bella grabbed Alice in a huge hug, "Thank you Alice. So much."

I nodded, "Thank you. This means a lot." Although I still wasn't sure what we received, I'd thank her anyway.

Alice hugged Bella again and gave me a quick hug, shocking me. "I have to go, Jazz wants to hunt. Bye guys! Congrats! And Bella, I better get regular phone calls from you." She glared at Bella.

Bella nodded and smiled, waving at Alice. "Bye!"

Alice peeled off in her bright yellow Porshe, throwing dust up behind her.

Bella headed off to the living room, leaving me standing there in the door, mouth agape.

I followed her and sat next to her on the couch, "Um Bells, is there something I need to know?"

Bella handed me the check and my mouth dropped as I saw the amount of money. $150 million dollars. I almost passed out.

"And the credit card?" I asked, gulping.

Shrugging, Bella handed it to me as well. "It has an unlimited amount. I don't wanna use it unless we have to, but it's really gonna help us Jake. You know I HATE accepting money from anyone, especially them, but we do need it."

It was true, we were really low on funds, and I was going to need a new car for when the baby came. Also, this enabled us to buy completely new furniture for the baby, and maybe even some stuff for us. I just kept shaking my head in disbelief.


Bella took a deep breath, "I know. And they wrote me a congratulations letter. It's really sweet."

I couldn't believe this, the leeches were actually being nice to us. Wow. They were really generous with the money though, and it really helped us.

Things just keep getting better and better.

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