Chapter one: Let your soul be cursed and your heart be lone

"I curse you". It was night, and it was pitch black. A slender figure in an ironical white dress stood in front of a boy, cursing.

"Why?" The boy asked

"For not loving me, for breaking me" How obvious, he thought, how predictable.

"If I had loved you, you wouldn't curse me?"

"No, I would have cursed you all the same" He arched his eye brow at the unexpected answer.

"Why?" he inquired once again,

"For leaving me one day…" The boy passed his hand through his white hair and sighed. It was true… Now he wondered how she could damn him more than he already was.

"If you cannot love me, I'll have you hate me so I never leave your mind. I'll taunt you.." The girl's light hair shone under the moonlight and when the night wind blew, she didn't shiver. She was already cold.

" You are just being selfish." He stated looking at the ground. He wouldn't face her.

"You are right. It's not because I love you but because this is what my love left. Because I loved you once, I want you to not forget me. I'll accomplish that through your hate." The boy really wanted to laugh

"Then please tell me meister, how shall you accomplish such feat?" The child said with a mocking voice, smirking only at himself. The girl paused for a moment before announcing her curse.

"One thing that you will come to love most, you will not able to touch while in your human form." The guy snorted. heh. So no physical contact, was it? how insignificant. Then he lifted his head to finally see the girl swaying in front of him and glared, only to say

"I will not love again", It was the girls turn to smirk.

"Wrong." She said defiantly, disappearing little by little, leaving little trails of dim lights. "You have yet not loved". And the body finally faded emitting last a despicable smile of hate and revulsion.

Soul was left alone only to stare the lonely night.


His meister had been gone for a year. He didn't miss her. What was her name? he thought passing the empty street. Oh yeah, Halle… He laughed at himself at the thought that he hadn't forgotten her.

Soul had transferred into a new school since then. There had been no point to stay somewhere that had lost its purpose. The purpose of suppressing the monster within him. Soul had paired up with Halle only because both of their wavelengths had synchronized perfectly; which was a very rare occurrence. Yet he had only done so, to repress the demon. To not become insane, like his father. At the memory of the gigantic black, ominous and crazy figure, he felt like vomiting. He would not become like him. But Halle had been weak. He said to himself. She had wanted worthless love from him that he couldn't give. For him, she was only a tool. A tool which use was to prevent him from becoming a monster. Although he knew he already was.

And then one day, in one of the battles, he had gotten out of hand. Overwhelming her soul completely and taking possession of her to only end up destroying totally her wavelength. Her soul. Her love ended up in hate. Hate was what made one stronger but it had been too late for her.

As Soul recalled what had happened in the past he realized he had already stepped in the unknown and to him, new building. Shibusen.. huh? What a weird name. The slim boy tucked his hands into the baggy pockets of his jacket after pinning his "weapon" tag on his hair band. Finding a new weapon technician was the only thing in his mind now.

He strolled down the ample hallway and saw various weapons and meisters walking around and chatting. It was probably their first day of matching up and partnering. They looked lively and excitedly talked to each other, with small giggles and laughs from here to there. Soul eyed the technicians and discarded every one of them as they passed by his side as he only labeled them as trash. Weak. Weak. Weak. He sighed. Were kids here really that worthless? Suddenly he felt a slight potential power, he turned around eagerly to see whose it belonged to and only found a really noisy guy hanging and swinging high on the red curtains that adorned the large glass windows. What was the kid saying? Something about star… stage.. food.. gloriousness.. and.. hya hoo? Nope that thing was not his type.

He kept on with his search and after saying the same boring word more than enough, he slipped away from the main hall and slumped himself on a chair. Then he noticed something. A piano. He stared at it absent mindlessly for a while and then decided to give the old black thing a try. He rested his hands on the white heavy keys and by closing his eyes he entered into some kind of sweet trance; he let his fingers fall and make music.


The music was heart breaking. Maka's ear prickled at a sudden sound and turned her head into the direction that the music flowed from. Dumbfounded and surprised, she stopped walking towards the main hall where everyone was gathered up and listened. After a while of hearing the piano sing, the brunette concluded that the song was not heart breaking. It was soul tearing. Another girl passed next to her and she heard her mutter in a low frightened voice to her friend

"Scary.. that sound is freaky! "

Maka's green deep eyes tilted. Was it? For her, the melody sounded beautiful. Maka felt strangely attracted at the sound, and unhesitating, she walked towards the origin of that mourning. Before she knew it, she found herself standing by the door, listening. The boy with the white hair stopped his playing abruptly and turned around with obvious annoyance plastered on his face to glare the curious little girl dressed up straight in her uniform.

"What are you staring at?" He snapped at the newcomer

"Wha… I.. I was just.. listening " She managed to explain. The boy sighed.

"So how was it?" Soul asked. He was not the type to start a conversation but he decided he would when he noticed the technician tag on her blouse. He should have closed the door... He regretted, as he waited for her answer.

"Beautiful…" The guy froze. He had expected something like Cool, dark, scary, frightening… or monstrous.. but beautiful? Was there even the slightest bit of beauty in what he had played? ".. and painful" she finished off her sentence. And Soul felt even more perplexed. As a moment of silence followed the statement he quickly tried to change the topic.

"So what are you doing here?"

"Trying to find a weapon of course. Duh !" She chuckled. Was it his imagination or was she not scared of him nor his hostility? He decided it was worth a try

"Give me your hand then" The girl looked at him with momentary confusion and then understood what he referred to and offered her hand.

Once they touched, they felt a connection. Not because their wavelengths matched but because they were totally different from each other's. They broke the link and looked each other confused. This is totally unmatched. She will die if we make even the slightest error… This wont work. Soul frowned as he stared at his own hand. Yet, it had felt good, for some reason…

"So wanna try pairing up with me?" At the sudden cheery comment and the sight of her satisfied smile, Soul returned to reality from his thoughts.

"Are you nuts? You'll end up dead!" Did she have beans instead of brain or what?

"I won't." Maka replied seriously with unfounded confidence. "Anyways, it felt nice, right?" She finished saying with another bright smile.

Soul couldn't believe it. Was she seriously ill? Yet after recovering from the slight shock he gave off his traditional smirk. This is gonna get interesting. He extended his firm arm once more to offer her a handshake and she responded with hers.

"Soul Eater Evans"

"Maka Albarn" She answered back with a nod.

And their fates met