Epilogue: The System

"Hello Senor Diablo,"

"Hello Todd,"

"… am I in your basement?"

"You are."

"Oh… where's Pepito?"

"With his mother,"



"Why am I in Hell?"

"You died."

"… what have I done to be placed in Hell?"

"You're simply here for a moment while The System figures out what to do with you."

"What is The System?"

"Your guess would be as true as my own,"



"So, what does this, uh, System have to do with me?"

"You're a waste-lock,"

"A what?"


"I don't follow,"

"There is waste in the world. Without someone to pick it up, the world would overflow with bad. And that's just a pain to deal with. So The System created a way to clean up without interruption. It designated key points in space to collect waste. It's more like a figurative box than anything else. To keep the 'waste' inside, the 'box' needs a lock. That's you, Todd."

"… what's the key?"

"Death. But before the box is full, the lock must be kept alive. When the box does fill all the way, the lock is allowed to die and the waste is eradicated from every plane of existence."

"Where do I go now?"

"The System is not as cruel as it seems. The last lock of that house was allowed to continue his life as a normal person… well, as normal as he could possibly be. I can't say for sure, Todd, but you might get that as well."


"Is there something troubling you?"

"No, no, I'm just thinking. It's all so very quiet now. I don't hear anything inside me anymore."

"The figments have been erased."



"… even Shmee?"





"It seems The System has decided where you'll go. Good-bye Todd."