Disclaimer: Rogue, Bobby, and any other (hinted at) Marvel characters belong to Marvel. I claim only the writing itself.

Note: Story is based on the song Just a Dream by the very talented Carrie Underwood. Yet again, I tried another style that just sort of came to me. (Please note that this has already been posted on LJ.)

-Just a Dream-

The gloves are tighter than she's used to, and pinch at her skin as she tucks a platinum strand of hair behind her ear. The white satin looks bright compared to the soft paleness of her own skin.

She'd always wanted white- a true southern wedding.

Everyone watches her as she walks down the aisle, between the two groups that are separated by only a few feet. But, her eyes are focused on the dark eyes that meet hers so fiercely that emotion causes her breath to catch in her chest.

She could almost hear the music over the sound of her own heart pounding.

Tears sing in her eyes as she lifts a hesitant hand to brush her fingers over that familiar stubbled chin. In the back of her mind she wonders who managed to actually capture a picture, and she silently thanks them for it.

She'd planned to file it all away in her scrapbook.

Someone hands something to her and she blinks rapidly, suddenly aware of the tears that are streaming down her porcelain cheeks. Their face is blurred as she glances down at the blood red rose clenched in her left hand. She can feel the thorns prickling her skin through the thin satin, but she doesn't care. It will stain, no doubt.

She knew it was destiny the first time she'd looked into his eyes.

Stumbling forward in her heels, she lifts a shaky hand and drops the rose. It falls from her grasp like a soft whisper of wind, as if it were virtually weightless. The rose doesn't make a sound as it falls upon the marble slab next to the others.

She'd loved him from day one.

"I'm so sorry about your loss, Marie," a familiar voice greets her ears as she glances down at the hand upon her arm. Her eyes glisten with tears as she glances at the marble headstone and then back at the hand on her arm.

She'd always craved touch- his touch.

Abruptly, she shakes his hand off of her arm and gathers every ounce of strength inside of her. Grief-stricken eyes meet his as she purses her lips. "Ah ain't Marie no more, Bobby. Ah ain't been her for a long time." She pauses as the realization settles on her like a heavy weight upon her chest. "Ah'm a Rogue."

She'd always known it would come to this.

Pain clenches her heart as she turns away from him and walks back down the aisle, every step shakier than the one before. Her heels sink into the wet grass and she's vaguely aware of the rain brushing against her tear-stained cheeks. But, she doesn't slow her pace, doesn't even bother to look back until it's almost too late.

She'd really had nowhere else to go.

Those striking eyes meet hers again and pure agony rips through her shaking body. The rain streaks down the glass of the frame and she hopes it ruins the photograph. She hopes that the rain washes away all of the evidence and takes the pain away with it.

She'd never felt alone with him.

A few photos, memories, and his tags- they're all that she has left. She's left with a shattered heart and red-rimmed eyes. He left her with a truckload of broken promises.

She knew it had all been just a dream.