Rising Sun



I hated having to only work at night and just pretend to sleep during the day, the advantages and disadvantages of being a vampire. As I walked to the hospital I thought about my two patents that were very close to me for some odd reason, Elizabeth Mason and her son Edward, Edward Sr. has already died. They were both suffering from the Spanish influenza. Elizabeth was a very dedicated and loving mother even now when she is very sick she is tending to her Edward, though Edward was much sicker than her, he would pry go first, poor boy, he is only 17,so young. I would check on them first.

When I got to the hospital, to relive the dayshift doctor, I signed in and went straight though all the pandemonium to the Masons room. Elizabeth took a turn for the worst, Edward was only a bit worse. "Carlisle?" a weak whisper said, it was Elizabeth. "Yes?" I answered and moved to the side of her bed, she took my hard cold had and it didn't even faze her, she was so weak, "How is he?" "He's better than you, you should really get some rest, Mrs. Mason." " Dr. Cullen, can you do me a favor?" she asked in barley a whisper, her heart was so weak she only had a few moments left. "Yes anything," " Promise me" she said "Please promise me you will do everything in your power to save him, my Edward." She demanded I was so shocked did she know what I was; did she know what I could do? But she was so dear and such a giver I would grant her dying wish any way I could. So I answered "Yes, yes I will do everything in my power to save your Edward, Mrs. Mason." I whispered barely loud enough for her to hear." "Thank you so much Dr. Cullen, and when he lives make sure you tell him I loved him very much and that I am watching him everyday of his long life, and that I am waiting for him and expect to be waiting a long time." She said. "I will," I whispered. Her breathing slowed with her heart and her hand loosened and they stopped all together her hand slipped off of mine she was gone.

I put the sheet over her head, and thought there for a moment would I really turn Edward, I looked over at the young green-eyed boy so frail he didn't have much time left, and I promised his dear mother that I would do everything in my power to save him. But I was not sure how to do it, but I will try. I would take him home at the end of my shift, he would last that long.

So later I put a sheet over his head too, and wheeled him to the morgue, no one would notice he was still alive no one really cared. When I got there I left Elizabeth there, pulled Edward into my arms and ran across the roof tops of Chicago, to my home on the out skirts. I set Edward on the couch he was unconscious at the moment. I didn't know how to do it. So I made the same injuries on him as I had over 200 years ago, I felt so bad, to put him in pain like this, but I promised his mother. After I made the injuries I bid him in both wrists and his neck to get he venom well in there. He was screaming in pain after a few moments. I sat by him and soothed him the whole three days.

Then his heart beat three more times and then it stopped it was done he stopped screaming. "Edward?" I said.