Chapter 1

JJ stared out the window, not seeing a thing as his thoughts wandered to the dark-haired god that had just left the room. Why didn't Dee want him? He was intelligent, good looking, dressed to the nines, had perfect penmanship – what more could he want? JJ continued to daydream while absently doodling on the paperwork he was supposed to be filling out for his and Drake's latest case, an arsonist targeting apartment buildings.

JJ sighed. Lately Dee had been even more aggressive towards him than normal, yelling at him almost every time he managed to get in a quick glomp or hug. He even slammed him into the wall one morning, threatening to do so on a regular basis if he didn't leave him alone. In fact, Dee was quite different lately, in many ways. More focused, subdued, quiet, except when it came to him. Dammit.

Oh, he still tormented Ryo, but even that had a different feel to it - like it was more for show. Maybe Dee had given up on his foolish notion of making Ryo his. Maybe he found someone that would return his advances willingly. No, he didn't want to think that. There had to be a chance Dee would be his. Someday. Surely he would eventually see what a catch JJ was.

Ryo. Now that man was an enigma. He came across as sexless. He showed very little interest in women, none at all in men. Maybe that's why he acted the way he did – he'd forgotten what sex was and he needed to be reminded. Or did he even care about sex? What the hell did Dee see in him anyway? Pretty face yes, so-so bod from what he could tell through the dress clothes, but that was about as far as it went. He was all work and no play, career to the core. He did have good clothes sense though, not like Drake.

And he still reacted to Dee's advances the same way, maybe even worse, damned near taking Dee's head off when he tried to hug or kiss him. The fireworks in their office this morning still had everybody running for cover. No one wanted to be on Ryo's wrong side today. Even Rose was pointedly avoiding him. For such a calm person he had one hell of a temper, and although he rarely allowed it to show it was fully in charge right now. He wondered what Ryo thought Dee had done to trigger this blowup. His Dee couldn't have done anything that horrible to cause that type of reaction. It was probably Ryo's fault anyway. Well, Ryo wasn't his problem. It wasn't his partner that was breathing fire. And he'd never treat his Dee like that.

The ringing phone pulled JJ from his thoughts and back to the reality of police work. After a short conversation, JJ hung up the phone, smiling. Looked like one of his sources had come through with some good information. He'd have to find Drake and check out this lead. Their firebug may have just tripped up!

After grabbing his coat and Drake, JJ stopped to let the Chief know they were heading out for a while and why. The snitch had given a local address not far from the station, but it was about a half hour drive this time of day. Sometimes he swore it would be easier to walk.

Both Drake and JJ were in good moods by the time they returned. The information had panned out and the evidence they needed had been found. Now to set the trap and wait. They met in the Chief's office to let him in on the good news and set up what they needed for the evening's activities.

That night the collar was a good one; it would stick. They had caught him red-handed, ready to torch the apartment building. They had everything but pictures. Well, maybe even them if the security cameras were still working. He and Drake were due for a celebration drink. Sometimes life was good.