Heh heh. I was watching I Am Legend on Tv. So I wrote this on the laptop while watching. I don't own the movie, the book, or anything related to those, except this story. I don't own San Francisco or Oakland either.

Sixteen year old Zachary Conner sped down the deserted street on the red motorcycle. He loved the rush of air on his face, the power he held as he turned sharp corners. His jacket, partly un-zipped as to let air run over his frame, flapped in the warm air.

He turned one last corner, and screeched to a stop in front of a house. It looked like all the other houses up and down the street, except it was surrounded by a three foot wall made of barbed wire. Grabbing two packs from the side bags, he entered through a metal gate. Opening the door, he dropped the packs by the coat rack, and headed into the kitchen.

Standing at the stove was a fifteen year old girl, with long black hair tied up in a neat ponytail. Her name was Madison Barnett, and she was one of only three un-infected survivors of the Krippen Virus attack in San Francisco, California.

Three years earlier, the genetically enhanced measles virus, designed to cure cancer, mutated. It became the Krippen Virus, or KV, a disease that made the infected very aggressive and primitive. The cities of San Francisco and Oakland were sealed off, leaving behind thousands of infected and immune citizens.

Out of all the immune citizens, only three survived. Zachary Conner, a now sixteen year old boy, who still had nightmares of what happened on that Christmas Night of 2009.

Madison Barnett, now fifteen, who still harbors a hope that someday the virus will be cured, and she can rescue her little sister.

And Momo, a calico cat, the only domesticated cat left in San Francisco unharmed by the virus.

It's short, but oh well. Hopefully the next will be longer. Review if you like, review if you don't. Either way, say something.

If you can't tell already, I live in California.